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The OK Bit Hour initial coin offering is supposedly a great HYIP that generate a ton of money on an hourly basis. It is supposed to be a cryptocurrency investment program that focuses on crypto trading and investing on our behalf. Apparently it can multiply your money by several times in just a few hours. Of course, it would be totally awesome if we could send these guys some cash and walk away with a huge profit.

However, we are always weary of these kinds of get rich quick schemes, especially where cryptocurrencies are concerned. More often than not, it is just way too good to be true. This definitely seems to be the case with this OK Bit Hour ICO. The problem here is that we came across a lot of OK Bit Hour scam factors which point in a very bad direction. There are many different red flags which indicate that something very shady is going on here.

On the other hand, there is literally no evidence present on the site, or any that we could find, which would indicate that this OK Bit Hour system is the real deal. There is just way too much going on here. We are doing this OK Bit Hour scam review for your benefit. We want to keep your financial security in top condition and we do not want you to get ripped off by scams like this.


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The first scam factor that came to our attention here has to do with the OK Bit Hour LTD company itself. First and foremost, we are never informed of who leads or owns this ICO, nor are we told who created it. There is not a single speck of information regarding company ownership or leadership. This is very suspicious to say the least. Guys, unless there is something illegal going on here, there is just no good reason for the owners to remain anonymous. The only reason why the crooks behind the OK Bit Hour ICO would want to stay hidden from sight is because they are stealing money from people.

Next, we also know for a fact that OK Bit Hour LTD is not a real company. The only place where it exists is on this website. However, it does not exist in real life, not on paper, and definitely not in any real legal sense. This initial coin offering business is supposed to be registered in the UK, as is indicated on the about us page. Yet, this is simply not true. You can look this business up online and you will find that is registered neither in the UK or anywhere else in the world. This is not a real company, which should be more than enough to send you running for the hills.


OK Bit Hour


On that same note, the OK Bit Hour system is supposed to be a legit cryptocurrency investment program. Well, to be legit, it would require the proper licensing and authorization, which of course it does not have. To get the right licensing to perform these financial activities within the bounds of the law, a company needs to be real, on paper, and registered as a proper business entity. Seeing as none of these things apply to the OK Bit Hour ICO, you can rest assured that it has no legal authority to accept investments from anybody. Yes, they will still take your cash, but they are not doing so legally, and they surely are not using it to generate a profit for you.

OK Bit Hour ICO Scam – NO PROFITS!

If you think that you will ever get any kind of returns after investing your hard earned money with this OK Bit Hour ICO, you are sorely mistaken. First off, it is never really made clear exactly how any profits are supposed to be generated. There is some talk about investing into other cryptocurrency systems. There is also some talk of trading cryptocurrencies for a profit. However, there is no real explanation of what is going on here, which is a big problem. If we are expected to invest any money with this OK Bit Hour app, we want to know exactly how the returns are to be generated.


OK Bit Hour


Next, if you do the math here, it becomes obvious that the ROI which these crooks profit is simply not possible. The story goes that you can earn 25% hourly for 30 hours with a minimum investment of $5,000. Folks, that would equal close to $40,000 in profits after just a little more than a day after your initial investment. This is a joke. It is totally ludicrous, ridiculous, and it simply cannot be done at all. If making this kind of cash were possible, there would be not be rampant poverty on this earth.


OK Bit Hour


The other thing that we need to mention about this OK Bit Hour system is that it is clearly a pyramid scheme as well. The claim here is that if you go through the referral system, or in other words, you get other people to invest, you will get a 10% cut of the action. Well, this is also not true in the least. Yes, these criminals will happily steal money from your friends and family, but you will never get any kind of referral cash for it, not a single percentage point. It is all one big lie, a wide cast net to get as much cash out of unsuspecting hands as possible.


OK Bit Hour


OK Bit Hour Review – The Verdict

Well, the final verdict her is that the OK Bit Hour system is obviously a total scam. As you can see from all of the evidence we have provided, there is literally not even the slimmest chance that you will walk away a winner. This OK Bit Hour ICO has been designed specifically to take money from innocent people like you, and never provide anything in return. It’s blatant thievery, nothing more than blatant highway robbery.

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