Bitclub Advantage Review: Crypto Scam!


The Bitclub Advantage system is this mining, trading, and investment scam that will steal all of your money. There is simply no doubt about that. Yes, mining and trading cryptocurrencies can be very profitable indeed. However, that is simply not the case if you make the horrible mistake of using this terrible Bitclub Advantage scam app. There is not a single legit or honest bone in the whole body of this Bitclub Advantage scam. It is nothing more than a rip off. We are here today doing a Bitclub Advantage to give you fair warning about this ridiculously malicious cryptocurrency system.



Bitclub Advantage Program: Anonymous

One of the first and most obvious signs that the Bitclub Advantage system is a scam is the fact that it is anonymous. Nowhere on the website or during the presentation video are we ever told who is in charge of this whole thing. We also don’t know what company backs the Bitclub Advantage program. Heck, we literally have no clue who runs it, who created it, or anything else about somebody who might be involved with it.

This is a surefire way of telling that this crypto system is a scam. Whenever you see a cryptocurrency trading or investment service without a visible figure who runs it, you can rest assured that it is a scam. The only reason for these crooks to stay anonymous is because they know that what they are doing is illegal. The criminals running the Bitclub Advantage system know darn well that they are stealing from innocent people like you. They choose to remain hidden in the shadows in order to avoid criminal prosecution and going to prison for fraud and theft.



How Does The Bitclub Advantage System Work?

Yet another telltale sign that a scam is afoot here has to do with the way the Bitclub Advantage program works to make money for you. In fact, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that you will never profit by a single penny if you make the mistake of investing any amount of money with the Bitclub Advantage system. We are lead to believe that this is supposed to be some kind of awesome cryptocurrency trading program, one that can put thousands of dollars in our pocket on a daily basis. Furthermore, we are also told that the Bitclub Advantage program takes our investment and uses it to fund the mining capabilities and processes of other companies.

Well, this is all very suspicious to us. Our first question would be this: how much of the investment is allocated to the mining side of things and how much is allocated towards trading. When it comes to the mining side of things, we are never told in which companies the money will be invested in. We are also never told which cryptocurrencies our investment will help to mine. This is very suspicious indeed. If we are to invest money into a mining pool, we want to know exactly what is being mined.

In terms of the trading side of things, we are never told anything about the trading program. We are never informed of any coherent trading strategies, algorithms, market analysis tools, or anything else of value. We are just supposed to believe that the Bitclub Advantage program can make a whole lot of money through trading without actually knowing what the heck is going on. Heck, these crooks never even tell us what the accuracy rate or profit margins are for the Bitclub Advantage system.

Bitclub Advantage System & Worthless Education

A big aspect of this Bitclub Advantage system is supposed to be educational. Apparently there are a bunch of different books and course provided by this scam. They are supposed to teach you all about cryptocurrencies and trading with them. However, we have taken a pretty close look at all of the educational materials provided by the Bitclub Advantage system.

Let us tell you that all of the so called educational material provided is totally worthless. Learning anything about cryptocurrencies from these clowns is like learning how to paint from a mathematics expert. In other words, there is not a single relevant thing that the Bitclub Advantage system will teach you. Anything taught here can be learned online from YouTube, Google, or right here from the Cryptocurrency Army.



Bitclub Advantage Software – Unregulated & Unlicensed

Yet another aspect of the Bitclub Advantage program which reveals that it is a total scam is the fact that it is 100% unregulated and unlicensed. You see, providing trading signals, education, financial advice, trading, and mining are all financial activities that require different licenses and forms of regulation. Well, only the most reliable, genuine, and transparent of people and companies can acquire these licenses.

Seeing as the Bitclub Advantage system is the exact opposite, being totally anonymous, opaque, and definitely a scam, it definitely does not have a license to do any of the things it claims to do. No regulatory or licensing board on the face of the planet earth would ever give these crooks a license to trade, mine, or take investments. Simply put, that would be like giving this system a license to steal money from you.  


Bitclub Advantage Program – The Ponzi Scheme

The final thing that we need to mention about the Bitclub Advantage program is that it is obviously a Ponzi scheme. We are told that this is supposed to be some kind of high yield investment program. If you did not already know, high yield investment programs are usually always scams, Ponzi schemes to be exact. These guys simply take your investment with the promise of massively unrealistic returns. Of course, you never get a single penny in terms of profits and you will have your initial investment stolen from you too.

Bitclub Advantage Scam Review – Conclusion

All you need to know about the Bitclub Advantage system is that it is a rip off and it will steal every penny that you fork over to it.




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