If you are looking for a new cryptocurrency initial coin offering to invest in, look no further than Monetize Coin. The presale has already ended, plus the ICO itself is actually almost done, but there is still an opportunity for you to invest in it. The Monetize Coin initial coin offering is going to last until next week, until February 14th to be exact. The point here is that this Coin is set to be one of the best cryptocurrencies of 2018, with lots of ROI available for all investors, especially those who scoop up tokens during the ICO.

You know what they say. You want to buy low and sell high, which is exactly what the Monetize Coin ICO allows you to do. We are here today doing a Monetize Coin review to tell you about the awesome opportunity which is being presented to you right here and right now. With the cryptocurrency market in flux, the big boys have had to take a step back, thus making room for the little guys, this little guy right here.



What Is Monetize Coin?

To put it in simple terms, Monetize Coin is set to be the world’s most advanced monetization and lead generation system for online marketers and affiliate marketing programs. Back in 2008, the Monetize Bot automated traffic arbitrage system was invented for a casino. It all started with just a couple of developers, but has since exploded into a world of its own. This is a real time and totally transparent traffic trading system with some very real potential to make a healthy profit.



The whole arbitrage system thing is a little complicated, but that is really only a small part of it. What you need to know is that this is a big cryptocurrency, or at least one that will be big, one with many different ways of allowing you to make healthy returns on your investments.

Monetize Coin is of course its own cryptocurrency that is currently in the initial coin offering stage, plus it is also going to consist of a lending, and staking platform. There are going to be many different money making opportunities with Monetize Coin, such as lending, staking, affiliate bonuses, and simply by investing in the Monetize Coin ICO as well. The Team now consists of hundreds of scientists, investment experts, programmers, developers, and so much more.



The Monetize Coin ICO

Like we said, the token presale has already been concluded, as well, a large part of the ICO has already been finished too. However, there are still 2 rounds of the initial coin offering left. The Monetize Coin price started out at 37 cents per token, with each round of the ICO seeing a 10 cent rise in the price. Even though the initial coin offering is almost over and the Monetize Coin token price has risen incrementally, the price is still not nearly as high as it will be when the official Monetize Coin is launched after the initial coin offering is over.

The last day of the ICO is on February 14th and there are only a couple rounds left to go, so you really want to scoop up as many tokens as you can before it all ends. Being able to buy them for really cheap and then having them increase in value as you hold onto them, trade them, lend, or stake them, will allow you to make a whole lot of money indeed. Just to be clear, the Monetize Coin was developed with the Ethereum blockchain, making it very reliable and safe. There is a total supply of 7 million coins for the ICO, with the majority of them already having been bought.



Investing In The Monetize Coin ICO – How To Buy

Buying tokens during this ICO is fairly easy. All you need to do is register with a Monetize Coin account. If you register with Google or Facebook, you even get instant access. You will need an existing stash of Bitcoin or Ethereum in order to invest in this ICO, but purchasing those from a secure site is easily done. After you have invested in the ICO, engage in staking, lending, and trading in order to start making a profit.



Monetize Coin Roadmap

To be totally honest, there is not that much information about the Monetize Coin roadmap at this point, but what little info there is, is definitely worth mentioning. What we do know is that the internal and external exchanges for Monetize Coin are going to open in February, plus lending and staking will also begin in February 2018. Past that, there is not too much info available at this time.



How To Make Money With Monetize Coin

There are several different ways in which you will be able to profit through Monetize Coin, so let us tell you how.



Lending – Without a doubt, the biggest and most profitable aspect of Monetize Coin is the lending program. The money you allocate to lending is used for the Monetize Bot in order to provide you with high interest daily dividend returns. The leverage created by the bot allows for great returns on your investment. There are 4 different lending packages, each of which requires a certain amount of money to be invested, and will provide you with a great ROI, plus some daily interest bonuses too.

Staking – Another way in which the this system can help you make a profit is through the staking system. Simply by butting your coins into a staking wallet, you can earn great interest on a monthly basis, up to 11% per month in fact.

Affiliate Program – The next way you can make a profit with Monetize Coin is through the affiliate program. You will get a percentage of the lending capital and the dividend which the capital generates for up to 20% bonus in affiliate commission money.

Monetize Coin Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the Monetize Coin is a great investment opportunity no matter which way you look at it. The ICO is happening right now, so your chance to scoop up tokens for as cheap as possible is now.

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