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If you are itching to get involved in the cryptocurrency world, you might want to take a closer look at this new Plancoin cryptocurrency. The ICO is happening right now, so if you want to buy tokens for a low price, and thus make a healthy profit, you should do so ASAP. Let’s do a Plancoin review right now so you know exactly what this neat new cryptocurrency can do for you.



What Is Plancoin?

Plancoin is a brand new cryptocurrency that is yet to be released for purchasing and trading to the greater public. At this point, this new digital currency is in its initial coin offering stage, which means that this is your chance to buy tokens for a very low price. The Plancoin value is expected to rise a whole lot in the next few months after its release, so the ability for you to make a profit is very real.

This is an awesome digital currency project with lots of different facets and methods which you can utilize to make a very healthy profit. Between the rising value, mining, trading, staking, lending, and the affiliate program, there are so many ways to make money with the Plancoin currency that we almost don’t know where to start!




The Plancoin Initial Coin Offering

The Plancoin cryptocurrency is currently in its ICO stage, or in other words, the initial coin offering. At this point, the tokens are on sale for as cheap as they will ever be. In other words, if you want to scoop Plancoin up for as low a price as possible, you need to get onboard with the ICO right now. In fact, the Plancoin ICO is happening at this very moment. The third round of the initial coin offering is in the midst of happening right now. It has not been completely sold out yet, so you still have a chance to scoop up as many as you can for as little money as possible.



Right now, for the third round, the Plancoin price is at 80 cents per token, which is not very bad at all. The Plancoin price will be rising for the next and final 2 rounds of the initial coin offering, from 80 cents per token to 90 cents, and finally to $1.00 per Plancoin token. The point is that if you want to invest as little money as possible and see the best returns, the time to invest in this new cryptocurrency is right now at this very moment.

All in all, there are 6.1 million Plancoin tokens up for grabs, with already half of them being sold out. In case you were wondering, the symbol or call sign for this particular cryptocurrency is PLAN. Also, you have to buy a minimum of 50 tokens per day during the rounds, and you can buy a maximum of 3000 coins per day until the ICO has been completed. The third ICO round will last until February 10, the fourth round will go from February 11 until February 16, and the fifth and final round will go from the 17th until the 23rd of February. This means that you only have a limited time to scoop up these tokens before the ICO ends.



The Plancoin Roadmap

There are a lot of different events on the horizon for the Plancoin cryptocurrency. Many experts are saying that this new cryptocurrency is going to be one of the biggest of 2018, with massive potential for you to make money. The crypto gurus of the world are saying that the Plancoin value is going to rise drastically in the coming months and years after its official release. Let’s take a closer look at the Plancoin roadmap to see what is in store for the coming days.

  • January 2018 – presale & ICO.
  • February 2018 – completion of the ICO and the publicity of lending.
  • March 2018 – The internal exchange market will be opened.
  • April 2018 – Launch of the Android and iOS mobile apps.
  • May 2018 – Plancoin will be put on the most popular and largest crypto sites.
  • June 2018 – Staking of PLAN will be publicized.
  • July 2018 – The system will be upgraded and tested.
  • August 2018 – Mining will be made public.
  • September – December 2018 – Plancoin will be listed on exchanges like Bittrex, Binance, and HitBTC.
  • January – May 2019 – Lots of research and development for solutions and ideas based on blockchain tech for future payments.
  • July – September 2019 – Payment gateways for enterprises to do business will be launched.
  • September – December 2019 – There will lots of cooperation with business, ecommerce, and payment gateways.

Making Money With The Plancoin Currency

The really neat part about this particular cryptocurrency project is that it will allow you to make a profit through many different methods. Let’s look at how you can use Plancoin to make a profit.



  • Simply investing in the ICO will allow for huge profits. As the value rises over time, you will make a profit simply because you invested in the ICO while the PLAN price was really low.
  • Plancoin will allow for mining, both on the computer and through mobile apps. You will literally be able to mine PLAN and make a profit that way. Each coin mined is added value in your wallet.


  • There will be an internal and external exchange platform where you will be able to buy, sell, and trade this crypto coin to make a profit.
  • A PLAN staking wallet is going to be created. This means that you put your coins in your wallet, you promise not to use them, and you will get monthly interest payments simply for having them there.
  • The lending program is also going to be launched. You will be able to make ridiculous amounts of money through monthly interest payments simply by lending this cryptocurrency.
  • The final way of making money with this new cryptocurrency is through the affiliate bonus program. There are several tiers to this program, and for each person you get to sign up, you will be given an affiliate commission bonus.


Plancoin Review – Conclusion

You should definitely consider investing in Plancoin if you want to make a serious profit in this new world of digital currencies. The opportunities to make a profit afforded to you here are virtually unrivalled.

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