BitAeon Investment Platform Review


The Bitaeon HYIP claims to be the most diverse and profitable cryptocurrency and Forex investment system worldwide. Supposedly it engages in everything from crypto mining and trading, to Bitcoin mining, Forex trading, P2P lending and more. It sure is a diverse and varied investment program. It almost seems like these guys just want to throw a bunch of information against the wall in the hopes that some of it sticks.

Yes, the website does look pretty decent, but looks can be deceiving. The claims made on the website, while totally awesome, are pretty unrealistic too. From what we can tell, the Bitaeon system is pretty shady and suspicious.




The claims made are not backed up by any solid evidence. Heck, it seems like these guys are lying about a few things. We did an ample amount of research into the Bitaeon HYIP, and the signs are not good. We are here today doing this Bitaeon scam review to get to the bottom of what is going on here. Can you actually make profits of 3% per day for the rest of your life, simply by sending these guys some cash?

Bitaeon HYIP – Company & Its Leadership

When it comes to Bitaeon Limited, we are quite honestly not the least bit confident in it. First and foremost, who is in charge here? There is absolutely no transparency to speak of. Nowhere on the website is there a section detailing leadership or ownership. We are left completely in the dark in terms of whose hands our money is going to be in, if we were to actually invest.

This is huge red flag. Guys, always ask yourself, why don’t these people want us to know who they are? Well, the reason for this is because they are most likely doing something underhanded and illegal which they don’t want to get caught for. Sure, prison does equate to a free bed and 3 square meals per day, but it’s still prison.




When it comes to the Bitaeon Limited company, it also does not seem to be the real deal. On the website,, there is a UK Companies House registration form displayed. However, this is totally bogus. It is not real at all. We looked the company up in the database, and sure enough, it does not exist, at least not in any legal sense. The registration document shown is a forgery, a good forgery, but a forgery none the less.

Also, the address and contact info provided on the website is all totally bogus as well. We tried looking up the address, and we tried contacting the people behind the Bitaeon system, and we came up empty both times. By all means, the fact of the matter is that this company has to be fraudulent. It’s not registered, licensed, and it absolutely lacks transparency. It’s just a little too suspicious for us.

Is The Bitaeon Investment Program Profitable?

We are told that this Bitaeon system has the ability to provide us with profits of 3% per day for the rest of our lives. Profits on weekend days are said to be 1.5%. Does this really sound reasonable to you? For one, it is impossible to guarantee returns no matter what. It really does not matter what kind of business model the Bitaeon HYIP claims to have. Making that kind of cash cannot be guaranteed. That is the bottom line. Heck, even if it were possible to guarantee returns, even 1% per day would be highly unrealistic. The world just does not work that way.




Moreover, we are informed that this Bitaeon system does a whole lot of things. It is claimed that this application will mine for Bitcoin, trade Forex and crypto, do P2P lending, and so much more. Yes, it sure does sound very diverse. However, doing all of these things properly would require a herculean amount of resources and manpower. Even though there would have to be a team of several hundred people involved here, there’s no evidence to show for any of it.




We have a ton of questions about this Bitaeon system which remain unanswered. Whether it be in relation to the Bitcoin mining, crypto trading, Forex trading, or anything else, there is simply no valuable or useful information provided. In other words, there is no proof that the Bitaeon HYIP actually does any of these things at all. This is a surefire way to tell that there is a scam afoot here.

Bitaeon System – A Pyramid Scheme?

Another thing that we absolutely have to mention about the Bitaeon investment program is that it is a pyramid scheme. The reason we say this is because there is a ludicrous affiliate program in place. Apparently we can make as much as 10% off an investment made by someone else who goes through the referral program.




In other words, if you get your best friend to invest and he or she drops your name, you are supposed to receive a 10% cut of the action. Even if this were real, nobody would ever give away a full 10% of any investment just for a referral bonus. It’s just unrealistic, to say the very least. The bottom line is that we have been contacted by dozens of people who have gone through the referral program, only to find out that it’s totally phony.

Bitaeon Review – Final Thoughts

After all of the evidence we have found which indicates that there is a scam going on here, there is just no way that we can trust this Bitaeon HYIP. There are just too many scam factors for us to feel comfortable sending these guys any kind of cash or Bitcoin. It’s pretty obvious that this is both a pyramid scheme and a Ponzi scheme. It’s one massive scam rolled into one little neat looking package. Once again, don’t let the gentle manner of the Bitaeon system fool you. If given the chance, it will go for your throat like a cheetah for its dinner.

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