Bitex Trading LTD Review – CRYPTO SCAM!


The Bitex Trading LTD app is supposed to be this awesome high yield investment platform for cryptocurrencies with up to 220% daily ROI. As is implied by the name, if you invest money, these guys will trade cryptocurrencies for you in order to make a profit. As the story goes, Bitex Trading LTD software can generate something like 200% profits or more per day.

Supposedly, you can keep making as many investments as you want in order to double your money day after day. Sure, it definitely sounds like a really good deal. However, things that look and sound way too good to be true are often totally bogus. The Bitex Trading LTD system has not done much in the way of convincing us that it is a legit investment platform.

Bitex Trading LTD

This cryptocurrency investment program offers no proof to back up its claims. There’s really nothing to show here. Although, through our investigation, we found plenty of evidence which indicates that there is something shady going on here. This is our Bitex Trading LTD scam review and we are here to find out exactly what is going on. Can you really make as much money as these people claim?

Bitex Trading LTD Leadership

One thing which makes us very suspicious of this Bitex Trading LTD investment platform is that it does not display any clear leadership. There is nowhere on the website where we are told who owns or leads this program. This is a big indication that something shady is going on here. Why don’t these people want us to know their true identities?

Guys, we have said it before and will say it again. You just can’t ever trust any kind of anonymous trading or investment system like this. Theirs is always a reason why the owners want to remain anonymous, and it’s nothing good. Chances are huge that the crooks behind this Bitex Trading LTD program are doing illegal stuff. They are probably stealing from people, which is why they want to remain hidden from sight. They just don’t want to end up in prison for stealing your money!


Bitex Trading LTD – Company Status

Yet another aspect of that caught our attention is in regards to the company itself. It claims to be official registered and located in the UK. Well, we can tell you that the provided address and contact details are both totally bogus. What we can also tell you is that the company registration number provided on the site is phony.

Bitex Trading LTD

As well, the UK Companies House incorporation document provided is a forgery too. The Bitex Trading LTD company does not actually exist, at least not in any legal sense. It has no official standing as a legit company in the UK, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. This is not a legal company and it really should not exist at all. Although it is not legally allowed to accept investments from people due to this, it is still more than happy to rob you blind.

Bitex Trading LTD Software – Is It Profitable?

So, first off, we aren’t really told how this Bitex Trading LTD investment program is supposed to generate profits. Yes, the name of the system implies that it is a cryptocurrency trading app. In other words, if you invest your money, these guys will trade for you, thus making profits. However, there is no evidence to show here. We never actually see the trading platform, nor are we told which cryptocurrencies are being traded.

Bitex Trading LTD

This is all besides the fact that the returns and the webpage make it seem like this is a Bitcoin mining operation. Although it is never possible to guarantee returns, it’s easier to promise returns for crypto mining than for trading. There is always a risk in crypto trading. You never know if your money is going to be lost.

At any rate, whether this is a crypto mining or trading app, the promises profits are very unrealistic. Apparently, if you take full advantage of this Bitex Trading LTD investment system, you could make up to 220% in returns per day. This is not only unrealistic, but also totally impossible. Those numbers are just way too high to be real. This is all beside the point that we know for a fact that this Bitex Trading LTD system never pays out any kind of profits. The website displays fake payouts to random people. They are not real at all.

Bitex Trading LTD

Bitex Trading LTD System – A Pyramid & Ponzi Scheme!

So, the Bitex Trading LTD system is quite clearly also a pyramid scheme. There is an affiliate program in place here. If you get your precious granny to invest $1,000, you will get $80 for your troubles. In other words, if you get other people to invest here using your affiliate link, you will receive a cool 8% of the action. At least this is the claim made. However, we know for a fact that the Bitex Trading LTD program does not actually pay out this 8% affiliate bonus. It’s just a ruse, a trap, a way for these crooks to widen their cast and get more people to hand over their money.

Bitex Trading LTD

The Bitex Trading LTD investment program is clearly also a Ponzi scheme too. A Ponzi scheme promises huge returns through some supposed surefire investment technique. They always guarantee huge returns, but don’t really specify how these returns are to be made. At the end of the day, they simply steal investments from people, but don’t provide any kind of return. This is exactly what a Ponzi scheme is, and this is what the Bitex Trading LTD system is doing to people.

Bitex Trading LTD Review – The Verdict

After all has been said and done, it’s pretty obvious that the Bitex Trading LTD investment platform is a complete rip off. The owners are nowhere to be found. The company itself is not actually registered in the UK as claimed. The profits that are promised are totally unrealistic. displays a bunch of fake payouts. To top it all off, the whole thing seems to be a monumental Ponzi scheme, and a pyramid scheme too. The only thing left to say here is that you need to stay away from this bogus cryptocurrency investment app. It’s nothing more than a complete and utter scam. It’s highway robber at its finest.



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