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OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: walletplus.pro

Wallet Plus Investment is a high yielding investment program that generates profits through various methods, or at least this is the claim. According to walletplus.pro, all you have to do is invest a bit of money and watch as the profits roll in.

Allegedly, your investments are used to trade Forex and stocks, to mine cryptocurrencies, and more. Yes, it’s definitely a multi-faceted investment program, one that makes a whole lot of big claims.

According to these guys, you can make something like 400% ROI between breakfast and lunch. Yes, trading Forex and stocks, as well as crypto mining, can all be quite profitable. However, the level of profit promised here does seem very high, too good to be true.

Besides the huge returns promised by walletpro.plus, there are also some other really suspicious aspects to it, such as a complete lack of transparency and legitimacy. There is a reason we are here to do this Wallet Plus Investment review, and it’s not because we have any amount of confidence in it.

Wallet Plus Investment

Wallet Plus Investment Leadership

One thing we noticed about walletplus.pro is that there is no clearly defined leadership or ownership. We have absolutely no idea who is in charge here. This is because whoever is running this show is doing their best to stay hidden from sight.

This complete lack of transparency definitely indicates that this faceless and anonymous investment program is not the real deal. If Wallet Plus Investment were legit, the people behind it should have no problems showing their faces. The fact that these people don’t want us knowing who they are is a clear indication that there is something shady and illegal going on here.

Wallet Plus Investment Contact Info

The next thing that came to our attention here is that the contact info for Wallet Plus Investment is not real. We are provided with both a phone number and an email address for contact.

We tried contacting these people using both methods, and we came up empty on both fronts. Nobody returned our emails or our phone calls. This silence and total lack of communication indicates that walletplus.pro has something to hide. Why won’t they talk to us?

Company Location & Registration

Next, we are told that this company is located in the UK, and we are even provided with a specific address for the company HQ. Well, a quick search on the map revealed that although this address does technically exist, it does not belong to Wallet Plus Investment. This is a lie meant to make it seem like this company has a real physical address.

Also worth addressing is the company’s registration. Walletplus.pro does provide a document from the UK Companies House, complete with a registration number and all. However, this is completely made up. It’s a forged document and it’s not legitimate in the least. This company is not officially registered as a business or in any other country.

Wallet Plus Investment

Wallet Plus Investment Licensing

This is supposed to be a company which provides financial investment services to investors. Therefore, it needs to be authorized and licensed to do this. You can’t just wake up one day and decide to start investing money for other people.

This company is said to operate out of the UK, and also to provide its services to customers worldwide. This means that in order for it to be a legal operation, it would have to be officially licensed by a multitude of agencies, with the FCA being the most important one. Well, of course, Wallet Plus Investment has no such licensing whatsoever. These crooks are not operating legally at all. It’s all a huge lie.


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Walletplus.pro Accounts

Perhaps one of the biggest scam factors present here has to do with the accounts and the promised returns which Wallet Plus Investment guarantees to its investors. The best investment package here states that you will earn an ROI 0f 80% hourly for a total of 5 hours. This would equal a total ROI of 400% in less than a quarter of a single day.

People, does this sound right to you? Yes, it sounds good, but it’s too good to be true. There is no way, not in any universe, that you could ever make these gains in so little time. Forex trading and crypto mining just doesn’t work that way. These promises about phenomenal profits are nothing more than total boldfaced lies.

The Referral Program

Wallet Plus Investment also features this referral program which promises to provide up to 8% in deposit bonuses if you refer others to invest. Sure, this sounds like a great deal and a really easy way to make some extra money, but it’s also not true in the least. To get one thing out of the way, you won’t ever get any percentage points in bonus.

It’s confirmed that walletplus.pro does not actually pay out these bonuses. Moreover, this is nothing more than a way for these crooks to get you to do the heavy lifting. By getting your friends and family to invest money here, you are actively helping these crooks scam others out of their money.

Wallet Plus Investment

Wallet Plus Investment Withdrawals

The other thing that definitely needs mentioning here is how Wallet Plus Investment simply does not allow people to make withdrawals. We have received more than a few reports of people not being able to make any sort of withdrawals. Simply put, the people behind walletplus.pro are draining accounts of their funds and then shutting them down.

Wallet Plus Investment Scam Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the Wallet Plus Investment HYIP is undoubtedly a scam. There is not a single honest bone in the whole body of this investment program. Literally everything you see on the website is either a lie or just wildly inaccurate. Walletplus.pro is not to be trusted in the least. The one and only purpose it serves is to steal money from innocent and hard working people such as yourselves.


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