Bet Earn Scam Review: BOGUS ICO!


Do you like investing in new crypto initial coin offerings? Well, if you do, please don’t get your hopes up for this Bet Earn ICO. Yes, at a glance, it might look like the real deal. After all, these crooks clearly put some time into making a nice looking website. However, they did not take enough time and care to fool us. Busting scams is what we do and this Bet Earn ICO system is definitely a scam.

While it may look nice, it is anything but altruistic in nature. We have talked to several people who have already been scammed by this terrible crypto high yield investment scam. None of those people were happy in the least and they all had a ton of money stolen from them. These crooks promise absolutely ridiculous returns on minimal investments and expect us to believe that they are not trying to play us for fools.

Make no mistake folks, these guys know exactly what they are doing and they have created this Bet Earn ICO scam with the express intent of screwing you out of as much cash as possible. We are here today doing this Bet Earn review to give you fair warning. This cryptocurrency HYIP is dangerous, it will steal money from you, and it will leave you in financial ruin if you are not careful.


Bet Earn Scam



The first thing that we want to mention about this Bet Earn system is that it is quite clearly both a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme. First off, these guys promise absolutely massive profits on really small investments. However, as far as we can tell, no profits have ever materialized for anybody involved with this scam. Next, these crooks don’t even tell us how the money is to be generated, which is classic vagueness exhibited by all Ponzi schemes out there.

At the same time, the Bet Earn scam system is also a pyramid scheme. This means that the promise some extra cash to you in the form of affiliate bonuses if you manage to get your friends to invest money as well. Now, while this is not actually illegal per say, it is a sign that there is something shady going on. Moreover, the fact that these crooks do not actually pay out any commission bonuses is actually illegal and telling of a scam.


Bet Earn Scam ICO – Totally Fake Company!

Perhaps the most telling scam factor here is the fact that this whole operation is completely bogus, illegal, and every other bad adjective we can throw at this thing. First and foremost, the Bet Earn system is 100% totally anonymous. In other words, we are never told who is leading the charge here. Who is the CEO, CFO, CMO, and who are the programmers?

The point we are making here is that the owners of this fraudulent cryptocurrency initial coin offering have gone out of their way to keep themselves hidden from the preying eyes of the public.


Bet Earn Scam


Rest assured folks, unless there is something shifty and illegal going on, there is never a good reason for the leaders of an investment venture to remain anonymous. We really cannot stress enough that you should never ever invest any amount of money with a program like this Bet Earn program. Who are you going to point the finger at when your money inevitably goes missing?

On that same note, the company itself is also not real at all. Yes, we are provided with both an address for the HQ as well as an email address people can contact. We looked up the address and surely there is no Bet Earn business located there. The address is a fake. At the same time, we tried contacting these crooks with the provided email address and have never gotten a response. These are both clear indications that the company is not real at all.

Next, the incorporation documents shown on the website are about as real as a Gucci handbag you find in a street market in China. The documents are clearly fabricated, and to prove this, we did some research. Sure enough, as it turns out, this Bet Earn ICO is not registered anywhere in the UK as the documents would lead us to believe. This is yet another lie which proves that this crypto initial coin offering is a scam.

Finally, we also know that the Bet Earn ICO is not licensed to take investments from anybody. We looked them up and they are not licensed anywhere on this whole planet. These crooks cannot just go around taking investments without the proper licensing, which they seem to be doing anyway. However, they are not really taking investments per say. All they are doing is scooping up as much money from as many unsuspecting victims as humanly possible. No sane licensing agency would ever give this opaque, illegitimate, and clearly fraudulent ICO the legal right to steal money from you!


Bet Earn System – NO PROFITS EVER!

The worst part about this Bet Earn scam is that you will never make any money with it. These bogus crooks try and fool us into thinking that we can earn 625% ROI every 12 hours that this program is active. Hmm, does this sound way too good to be true? It certainly sounds that way to us. Moreover, we have talked to many people who have made investments.


Bet Earn Scam


None of them have every gotten any kind of money back. Even if they did get some money, there is no way that you can multiply your money by a factor of 6 in under 1 day. Heck, doing that in a whole month is barely doable. Also, we are never actually told how this money is generated, which is quite the issue if you ask us.


Bet Earn Scam



Bet Earn Review – The Verdict

The bottom line is that the Bet Earn ICO scam is a rip off that is meant to steal money from innocent people, so just stay away from it!



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