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The Spectre.AI app is a brand new trading app, a broker-free trading app, that is quickly taking the world by storm. This is the first trading system for BO, FX, crypto, and other assets of its kind. The fact that no broker is used here helps to eliminate broker fraud while trading.


If you are just sick and tired of being scammed by scam brokers and fraudulent trading apps, you definitely need to take a closer look at this new software. We are here today doing a Spectre.AI review, and if you like making money, you will read every word of it!

What Is The Spectre.AI System?

In a nutshell, the Spectre.AI trading system is a signals provider and trading platform that does not require any kind of broker. This is something that has not been seen anywhere before. It is totally revolutionary, groundbreaking, and we are honestly super excited about it, like little kids in a candy store. Now, the way this app functions is generally not that different from others, at least in terms of trading.




However, the fact that you do not need a broker is a really big deal. The Spectre.AI app uses the Ethereum blockchain and a liquidity pool for trading. This means that you can trade directly against other traders and against the liquidity pool. This totally removes the need for brokers, which is something that we definitely like a whole lot. As far as we can tell, this is currently the safest program to use for all kinds of trading.


What Can You Trade With Spectre.AI Software?

To be clear, this Spectre.AI system is meant to allow users to trade all kinds of assets. It allows for binary options, cryptocurrency, Forex, fiat currency, stock, commodity, bond, and ETF trading, plus a couple of other things too. Being able to trade so many different assets with a single trading system is something that we always love.





Eliminating Broker Fraud With Spectre.AI App!

We really feel the need to stress the fact that the Spectre.AI app itself is not a scam. However, the main point we want to drive home today is that there is no broker involved here. First off, this means that you do not need to go through the trouble of opening or funding a broker account. Second, this means that you also don’t have to pay ridiculous broker fees.




Yet, the best part here is that you never have to worry about scam brokers again. Yes, there are tons of scamming brokers out there that steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from people on a daily basis. Seeing as there is not broker involved here, there is not even a fraction of a chance of being scammed by one. We love how the Spectre.AI system has come up with a way to eliminate broker fraud while still allowing for a full range of trading options.


No Deposits Required With Spectre.AI Trading Software!

At the same time, we also can verify that the Spectre.AI system itself is not a scam. There is no way that it can steal money from you because it does not actually have access to your funds. You never deposit any money at all into this system.




The money you use to trade comes directly from your Ethereum wallet. If it is not already clear, you do need to have Ethereum and an Ethereum wallet to use Spectre.AI trading software, but that is easy enough to accomplish. The main point here is that the only person who has access to your funds is you.


Spectre.AI System – Profitable Trading!

As far as trading with the Spectre.AI app is concerned, you can count on it being quite profitable. Now, as we have already said, this system allows you to trade all kinds of assets like crypto, BO, FX, commodities, and some other things too. What is really cool about this new software is that it allows you to trade in a new way called Smart Options trading.




This allows the user to trade Forex positions against traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and other assets too. It is a really unique and new way of trading that can result in profits of up to 200% in just a couple of minutes. Now, this kind of trading is a bit risky, more so than normally, but it also comes with a whole lot of profit potential. If you trade smart, you can make a serious amount of cash on a daily basis with the Spectre.AI trading system.

In terms of the ITM rate, or the percentage of trades won vs lost, the current rate sits at around 73%. This means that slightly more than every 7 out of 10 trades are usually won. While this is not the best ITM rate we have ever seen, it is still fairly high. The point here is that this trading app definitely has a lot of potential to put a whole lot of cash in your pocket.


Spectre.AI App – Positive Third Party Reviews & News Coverage

One very positive sign about this whole thing is the fact that this new Spectre.AI app has garnered a whole lot of media attention. Unlike scam trading platforms that claim to have gotten media attention, when that is actually not the case, this new software has real media coverage. We can verify this for a fact and so can you if you go to the sites.


Spectre.AI News


Various media outlets such as TNW, Yahoo Finance, Investing.com, Huffington Post, and Finance Magnates have all had really good things to say about this revolutionary trading app. Take a look for yourself if you don’t believe us. As far as we are concerned, this is yet another piece of solid proof that this is indeed legit, honest, and definitely not the scam. This is the real deal.


Spectre.AI Review – Conclusion

If you are tired of being scammed by bad trading apps and scam brokers, you should give the Spectre.AI system a serious look. We know for a fact that it is not a scam, plus it does everything in its power to prevent you from being scammed and defrauded. It is literally nearly impossible for you to be scammed and stolen from if you use this brand new trading system. It is highly profitable, it is trusted, and we are going to have a lot more to say about it as the days go on.


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