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Here it is, the world’s first trading tech that completely eliminates scams and scammers. There are just way too many crypto, BO, and FX trading scams out there, not to mention lots of scam brokers too. Well, the Spectre.AI app eliminates broker fraud, plus it itself is also the real deal. We are here to explain to you exactly how this app eliminates theft and fraud with this Spectre.AI review.

Spectre.AI App – A Wide Range Of Assets

One of the things that we really like about this particular piece of trading software is that it allows for a really wide range of trading choices. Generally speaking, most apps focus on a specific asset type, which can be good, but it can also be bad. Instead of just being for BO, fiat currency, crypto, stocks, or something else, the Spectre.AI program can be used for all of the above.




We are not kidding around when we say that this particular system has the widest range of assets to trade with out of any app on the market today. Whether you want to trade cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, stocks, or anything else, plus binary options, FX, CFD, and other kinds of trading, it is all possible with this one revolutionary trading system.





Spectre.AI Software – Good Accuracy Rate

Something else that we personally love about this Spectre.AI app is the fact that it is actually quite accurate. Of course, this system is a signals provision app and a trading platform all rolled into one neat little package, which is something that we already like. Obviously, the main point of an application like this one is to be accurate and profitable in terms of the signals you are given. This means that you would probably like to know just how accurate this app is.




Well, the Spectre.AI trading app is quite accurate indeed. At this point, the average ITM rate, or the percentage of trades won vs lost, sits at around 73%. Now, this is not that great per say, because there are other systems out there that can do a lot better than that, up to 95% in fact. However, the big difference here is that there is no chance of you being scammed out of your money by a broker or by the system itself.




In the grand scheme of things, a 7 out of 10 winning trade rate is really not all that bad. We have already made quite a bit of ROI with this particular system, as have many others out there. It might not be the number one most accurate system on the market today, but it certainly is the safest. Not to mention the fact that it does put money in your pocket at the end of the day.


Spectre.AI Trading App – A New Special Way Of Trading

Yet another thing that stands out about the Spectre.AI trading app is the new way of trading that it has developed. Before, you could trade in a couple of different ways. Many people like to trade FX, but that is a little difficult. Well, this new application has come out with something called Smart Options trading.

In essence, this means that you can trade FX positions against other asset types like fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and several other asset types too. While this kind of trading is a little risky in terms of the win loss rate, if you do win, you stand to make a heck of a lot of cash. If you engage in Smart Options trading, you can make over 200% in ROI in just a few minutes of trading, and you can do this all day long.




Spectre.AI Trading Software – No Broker Fraud!

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best aspect of Spectre.AI software is the fact that there is literally zero chance of you being scammed by a broker. This is the very first trading software of its kind that does not require a broker to trade with. Maybe you don’t realize just how impressive or valuable this really is. The main point here is that there are way too many scam brokers out there that do nothing but steal money from people. Thousands of people get robbed every single day by scam brokers that have the sole purpose of screwing people out of money.




Well, the Spectre.AI system lets you trade against other traders or against a liquidity pool of Ethereum. While this might be a little hard to understand at first, the takeaway here is that there is absolutely no broker involved. Therefore, there is not a single chance that you can be robbed by a broker. The fact that Spectre.AI software provides you with a broker free, risk free, and scam free way of trading is simply astounding, something that we just cannot get past.


Spectre.AI System – Only You Can Touch Your Money!

The other thing about the Spectre.AI trading app that is so neat is the fact that only you have access to your funds. Usually, trading programs have access to your money, mainly through the broker, which is how these scammers end up stealing your money. Well, with this particular trading system allows you to place your trades and fund them directly through your Ethereum wallet.




Yes, this does mean that you need to have bought Ethereum and have an Ethereum wallet to use Spectre.AI software. However, this makes it far safer for you to trade. In other words, this Spectre.AI software never has access to your money, and therefore it cannot steal it from you, thus proving once and for all that this is indeed the real deal, not just another scam.

Spectre.AI Software – Conclusion

In our personal opinion, we think that the Spectre.AI system is currently the number one trading tool in the world. While it might not be the most profitable or accurate system right now, it certainly is the safest. If you are tired of wanting to trade crypto, BO, FX, or anything else of the sort, and being scammed out of your money all of the time, you should definitely see what this Spectre.AI software has to offer you.




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