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Crypto Zilla is allegedly a high yield investment platform with earns passive returns for investors. The story here is that you deposit money into your account, and the expert team behind it will then trade Forex, stocks, crypto, and more, to provide you with returns. Not only does claim to provide solid returns, but very massive ones too. Apparently, investors can receive a near 200% ROI on their investments in just a few short days.

Sure, the website looks good enough, and it definitely appears as though the people behind it put some serious work into it. However, a good looking website is meaningless nowadays. This could just mean that whoever is behind this Crypto Zilla HYIP is working hard to scam people out of their money.

The reason we say this is because we did come across some red flags and factors which strongly indicate that is a scam. There are just way too many inconsistencies and grandiose claims for us to have any confidence in it. This is our Crypto Zilla scam review, and we are here to keep your finances intact and safe from theft.

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Crypto Zilla Scam Factors

As mentioned above, there are quite a few scam factors and red flags which came to our attention here, all of which indicate that there is something shady going on with this investment program. Let’s take a closer look.

Company Information

First off, what we found right away is that there is absolutely no company information available here, and yes, this is very suspicious. This is what we like to call an anonymous and faceless scam. This shows a complete lack of transparency.

Where are the owners? We don’t know, do you? The fact of the matter is that whenever you are faced with this kind of anonymous investment program, you can be fairly sure that something shady is in the world. If this were a legit investment system, why would the owners purposely remain hidden?

Next, there is also no contact information listed anywhere on Ok, so there is an email address, one which we tried to email, but go no response too. Moreover, there is also no contact phone number provided, and not even so much as a company address or location.

How can we possibly trust Crypto Zilla with our money when they won’t even tell us where they are based? From what we have gathered, this investment scam is no based in any one country and it certainly is not officially registered as a real company anywhere on planet earth. Talk about suspicious!


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A Lack of Licensing

The Crypto Zilla HYIP is reportedly a company which deals with financial investments. They claim to take your money and then use it to trade cryptocurrencies, Forex, stocks, and more. This means that they require licensing. Any such company which engages in financial activities on the behalf of investors needs to have the proper kind of licensing. Through our research, we found that the Crypto Zilla investment program has no such licensing.

Neither the FCA nor the SEC, nor any other major financial regulator in the world has ever granted these crooks a license. This means that is operating outside of the law. It’s not legal and it’s certainly not authorized to perform any sort of financial investment activities.


Grandiose Claims

One of the most ridiculous aspects about this Crypto Zilla HYIP is that they claim to be able to provide investors with returns of nearly 170% in 18 days, or about 10% per day.

Sure, this would of course be fantastic if it were true, but obviously it cannot be true. There is no way that this is possible, not in any universe. Sure, making a couple of percentage points in profits per day might be possible, but this level of return is not possible. It’s a lie.

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Bogus Payouts

The website does display alleged payouts to satisfied investors. However, the problem here is that there is really no way to prove that these are true or accurate. Really, it’s just a chart with random numbers on it.

We have personally spoken to quite a few people who invested money with the Crypto Zilla HYIP, and they all say the same thing. One way or another, their money disappeared. Some people had their accounts shut down, some people were denied withdrawals, and some people’s accounts were just drained at a moment’s notice. Whatever the case, it appears as though is stealing money from its investors.


Company Associations

On the main site,, the claim is that this investment company is trusted by and works in association with some major institutions such as Binance, Bittrex, AVAtrade, and about a dozen others too. Well, it did not take much research to confirm that this is a lie. None of these companies are in any way associated with this Crypto Zilla investment scam.

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A Shady Referral Program

The other aspect of this Crypto Zilla investment program which is shady is the referral program. The claim here is that through 7 levels of referrals, you can earn up to 20% in commissions on deposits made by people whom you refer. This is not true. You won’t ever get any sort of commission, but these crooks will happily steal from whomever you refer.

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Crypto Zilla Review – The Verdict

The verdict on is very clear and obvious. In all reality, this is nothing more than another investment scam. It claims to provide investors with huge passive returns through stock, cryptocurrency, and Forex trading, yet it does nothing of the sort.

Whether we are talking about the unrealistic promises of huge returns or the bogus referral program, one way or another, these people steal money from innocent investors. This is a faceless, anonymous, unregistered, unregulated, illegal, unlicensed, and unsanctioned investment platform. Crypto Zilla is a scam and you need to keep away from it, or else you will lose every single last penny you invest.


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