Banking on Blockchain Scam Review


Banking on Blockchain software is a very suspicious Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading app. It is said to be highly accurate, legit, and that it can help us make loads of money on a daily basis. Yes, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are currently skyrocketing in value. However, this does not mean that using a scam app like Banking on Blockchain software will help you take advantage of this. We are here doing a Banking on Blockchain scam review to tell you all about it. You need to know about the very real danger posed to you by this horrible malicious and fraudulent piece of BTC trading software.



Banking on Blockchain App – Cutting Edge Tech

One of the highly questionable aspects of Banking on Blockchain software is this claim using cut edge tech. Apparently, this crypto trading service uses ground breaking strategies to provide you with great trading signals. The problem we have here is that we are expected to believe that Banking on Blockchain software is highly accurate and profitable due to advanced trading strategies and tech. However, we are never informed what these strategies, algorithms, or anything else are. Supposedly this app is very profitable, but how that profit gets into our pocket, we are never told. This is a huge problem.



Banking on Blockchain Trading App – Safe & Secure

The Banking on Blockchain app claims to be highly secure and safe to use. They claim to use some of the best security measures around to keep your identity and financial info safe. However, we have already gotten tons of complaints from people who have been scammed by this software. People have had fraudulent and unauthorized transactions on their bank accounts and credit cards, ones which stemmed from this Banking on Blockchain scam. People have also been receiving tons of spam mail. This goes to show that this system is definitely not safe or secure. In fact, the whole point of it is to rip you off and steal your money.


Banking on Blockchain Software – So Called Guidance

Apparently, the Banking on Blockchain app comes with free guidance in the form of an EBook and tutorials. This is supposed to teach us all about BTC and crypto trading. It is said to turn any newbie into an expert in a matter of mere hours. Well, this is simply not true in any way, shape, or form. We took a close look at this Banking on Blockchain guidance and it is nothing short of terrible. Anything you see here can be learned from us right here at the cryptocurrency army for free, or even on Google or YouTube for that matter. The point here is that the guidance provided by this BTC trading app is worth about as much as a stick of gum.



Banking on Blockchain Trading Software – Falsified Results

Yet another aspect of the Banking on Blockchain trading app which a calls everything into question is how they display false results. On the main website, we are shown a table with all winning trades. First of all, placing 10 trades and having all of them be winners is very highly unlikely. At the same time, the amount of ROI achieved for each trade is way too high to be real. The bottom line here is that these so called Banking on Blockchain trading results are totally false, fabricated, and falsified.



Banking on Blockchain System – Fake User Testimonials

The next clear indication that Banking on Blockchain scam software is a rip off has to do with the user testimonials featured on the website. The main page displays a bunch of reviews and testimonials from so called happy and successful traders. They claim that this crypto system is the very best in the world. Their reviews are so overly positive that they are hard to believe. Moreover, we know for a fact that they are not real or genuine in any way. The people who wrote them simply do not exist. The pictures displayed are stolen stock images and they are combined with totally fictitious names. These Banking on Blockchain user testimonials are not authentic. They were written by the same scumbags selling is this Banking on Blockchain scam.



Banking on Blockchain App – Lifetime Upgrades

The next suspicious aspect is that we are told that we get free lifetime upgrades with this particular BTC trading system. Well, put it this way, anything worth using and anything that can generate as much money as claimed here is not free. Nobody gives away anything for free. So, either the upgrades really are not free or they don’t exist at all.

Banking on Blockchain Trading App – An Ominous Disclaimer

Furthermore, there is a very ominous disclaimer at the bottom of the Banking on Blockchain software website. This disclaimer more or less says that this system is not intended to help you make money or provide you with any kind of financial service. This is very odd seeing as cryptocurrency trading and signals provision is definitely a financial service. This disclaimer also states that Banking on Blockchain is not licensed or operated by any agency in the whole world. This pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin.



Banking on Blockchain Software – A Fake Company

The simple fact of the matter is that the Banking on Blockchain LTD company just does not exist. The company cannot be found in any business registry around the world and is therefore totally bogus. There are also no names of people in charge included with this app. The bottom line is that this app is owned by a totally fake company and is completely anonymous. You just cannot trust a trading app like this that has no reputable and transparent person or company at the helm.





Banking on Blockchain Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only thing that can be said about Banking on Blockchain software is that it is a total rip off. The sole purpose of it is to steal money from you and nothing else.



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