10K App Scam Review: FRAUDULENT!


If you think that using the 10K App system is a good idea, you definitely want to read this review. We guarantee that after your read our 10K App review, you will never want to come near this horrible trading system ever again. Of course, as the name implies, we are supposed to be able to generate over $10,000 every single day using this system.

It is supposed to be an automated trading app, but we are never actually told what it trades or how it works. Not to mention the fact that raking in 10K per day with a simple trading system seems totally impossible. There are also many other scam factors to speak of here. When combined, all of these factors are more than enough evidence to prove once and for all that this whole thing is just a monumental exercise in thievery.

These crooks might lead you to believe that this 10K App software is the best trading solution in the world. However, these guys are criminals, they are lying, and they just want to get their grubby little fingers on your hard earned money. Keep reading this 10K App review because there is a lot going on here and a lot that you need to know. We here at the Cryptocurrency Army are here to keep you safe from bogus trading systems like this one, which is exactly what we are doing right now.


10K app scam


How Does 10K App Software Work?

Something that is very suspicious about this particular trading system is that we are never actually told anything about it, besides the alternative fact that it will make you filthy rich. First and foremost, we are never told what kind of automated trading it engages in.

For all we know, this could be a Forex, Binary Options, or Crypto trading app. When it comes to online trading of assets, we definitely want to know exactly what is being traded. This is probably one of the most important things to know about any trader software, something that these crooks have conveniently left out.

Furthermore, even if we did know what kind of assets this 10K App software traded in, we still would not know how it works. The website makes a mention of some awesome super powered algorithm that always executes successful trades.

However, we are never told any details about this algorithm or how the software actually functions. This is a really big problem for us, one that we simply cannot get over by any means. If we are to trust our hard earned money with some automated trading system, we need to know how it works. That is the bottom line.


10K app scam


10K App System – NOT PROFITABLE!

Of course, the name of this trading system implies that you can make around $10,000 every single day that you use it. However, this is obviously a really huge lie. If this system worked as advertised, everybody would use it, nobody would have to work, and most likely the stock markets and global economy would implode like a supernova.

Making ten thousand dollars per day without fail is just not doable no matter what universe you live in, especially with some bogus trading platform. Ok, so maybe if you get extremely lucky, and are using the very best trading software, you might stand a chance at making a few thousand bucks on a daily basis.

Yet, we know for a fact that this whole thing is one giant scam, so you are not going to be making any money with it whatsoever. We have talked to dozens of people who have already been taken for suckers by this 10K App trading scam. They all claim that no real trading takes place and that any and all money invested simply gets drained out of the account by the crooks on the other end.

10K App Trading Software – PLENTY OF SCAM FACTORS!

There are plenty of other scam factors to speak of here, so let’s just cover all of them real quick.

  • The 10K App looks exactly like a couple of other scams that we have already busted before. It is completely identical to the 10K Per Day app, as well as the 10K A Day app. They may have slightly altered the name of it, but it is still the same scam.
  • The 10K App is completely anonymous. We have no idea who is in charge of it. This is a really big problem to say the least. You can never trust any kind of anonymous trading system with your money, never.
  • The 10K App company is non-existent. We could find absolutely no evidence that this business exists. There is no physical location for it, there are no records of it, and it is certainly not registered in any business registry. At the same time, it is also not licensed to perform any of the financially related tasks it advertises.
  • The 10K App uses some cheap pressure tactics to get people to sign up. While it may be advertised as a limited time offer, it is in fact not a limited time offer. These guys want to steal as much money from as many people as possible, so they are not about to create a limit to their theft.


10K app scam

  • The 10K App website is chalked full of fake user testimonials. None of the people you see leaving testimonials are in any way real.


10K app scam

10K App Review – Conclusion

The final verdict for the 10K App system is that it is indeed a scam. It is an epic rip off that is specifically designed to steal as much money from innocent traders as possible. This scam is anonymous, it is a fake company, it is not licensed, it used low down pressure tactics, and features fake user testimonials too.

Literally not a single thing about this 10K App trading software is real, genuine, legitimate, or honest. Please guys, keep your distance from this epic monumental trading scam because it will undoubtedly destroy your financial security.



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