Crypto Formula Review: BEWARE OF SCAM!


The Crypto Formula trading app might seem like a good choice upon first glance. However, if you look at it a little more closely, you will quickly realize that it is a complete scam. Apparently, this is some kind of really powerful, accurate, and profitable cryptocurrency trading formula that makes money for us while we sit on our butts and do nothing at all.

Supposedly, the Crypto Formula app can generate over $7,000 per day, at the minimum, totally guaranteed. Does this sound way too good to be true to you? It certainly sounds very unrealistic and unbelievable to us.

Yet, that is not the only indication here that this whole thing is just an exercise in thievery. There are tons of factors which prove that this particular automated cryptocurrency trading bot is a scam beyond a shadow of a doubt. We are here today doing a Crypto Formula scam review for your benefit. We feel the need to warn you about this dangerous cryptocurrency trading system and the very real threat that it poses to your financial well-being.


Crypto Formula Scam


Phony Crypto Formula App News Endorsements

One of the first scam factors that stood out to us here is that the Crypto Formula website is covered with a bunch of endorsements from famous news outlets. We are led to believe that this particular cryptocurrency trading software has been featured on various prominent news outlets such as Traders EXPO, Huffington Post, TEDX, BBC, Chat with Traders, The Sun, and CNBC.

Yet, there is absolutely zero evidence to support this claim, none whatsoever. We searched the databases of each and every one of these news outlets. Not a single one of them has ever written a single word about this Crypto Formula software. It is just a big ruse, a lie meant to lend some false credibility to this scam system where none is due.


Crypto Formula Scam


Crypto Formula Software – FAKE COMPANY & TESTIMONIALS

Something else that is totally evident about this Crypto Formula system is the fact that the company itself is not real at all. We already know that the CEO is totally fake, but having a CEO implies that this is a registered business. Yet, when we looked up this Crypto Formula app in various business registries, we could not find any evidence of its existence. At the same time, the address provided is completely fake too. In other words, this is not a real business entity and it has no business taking your money.

Also, don’t be fooled by the Crypto Formula user testimonials featured during the presentation video on the main website. All of the people you see in that video are paid actors and they have been hired to do nothing more than read a script. These people may say that they have made X amounts of money in a very short period of time, but they are being paid to tell you that. These phony actors and fictitious characters have never used this Crypto Formula trading scam software!


Crypto Formula Scam



Crypto Formula System Leadership – FAKE

Another thing that quickly came to our attention has to do with the anonymous leadership which this cryptocurrency trading system is under. Yes, we are told that a man named Max Eaton is the CEO and founder of this Crypto Formula software. However, that just is not true in any way, shape, or form.


Crypto Formula Scam


Sure, we are shown a picture of him, but it is nothing more than a stolen stock image from another site. Moreover, the CEO of a big cryptocurrency trading company should have some kind of online presence, but Max does not, which is a really bad sign. Furthermore, his picture has been used for many other sales and marketing campaigns for various products.


Crypto Formula Scam


Also, his picture used here is the same one that was used for the Dubai Lifestyle scam app, yet another trading scam. The bottom line is that this Max Eaton guy is just a fictitious character and we do not actually know who is in charge of this Crypto Formula scam system. It is an anonymous trading app with no clear leadership, which leaves you, the trader, extremely vulnerable to theft and fraud.

Crypto Formula Trading Software DOES NOT WORK!

The next big red flag that came to our attention here is that this Crypto Formula app does not really work, not at all. We are told that it uses some special formula and algorithm to execute highly successful trades with near 100% accuracy. Yet, we are never actually provided with any pertinent info regarding the inner workings of this formula. We are simply expected to believe that it can generate $7,000 per day without fail, without any evidence to back up this claim.

First of all, seeing as this is a fake and unlicensed company, it is safe to assume that no trades are ever made at all. This would explain why there is a severe lack of information regarding the inner workings of this Crypto Formula system. However, even if it did make fully automated cryptocurrency trades, achieving a near 100% accuracy rate, combined with $7,000 daily profits, simply cannot be done no matter which universe you live in.


Crypto Formula Scam


We have talked to quite a few people who have already been scammed by this Crypto Formula app. You can rest assured that you will never make a profit if you make the dire mistake of getting mixed up with this totally bogus automated cryptocurrency trading program. Don’t believe anything that these crooks tell you!

Crypto Formula Scam Review – Conclusion

The only important thing that you need to know about this Crypto Formula system is that it is a scam. It is a total rip off that has been specially engineered to steal your money while displaying losing trades.

Make no mistake about it folks, this automated cryptocurrency trading app is nothing more than an easy way for a bunch of criminals to get their dirty little fingers on your hard earned money. Just do yourself a favor and stay as far away from this Crypto Formula trading scam as you possibly can!




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