MeProfits Scam Review: BTC MINING SCAM!


There is a new cryptocurrency initial coin offering called the MeProfits ICO, which was released just a couple of days ago. This new ICO claims to be the big time, a highly profitable and reliable Bitcoin mining ICO that will provide people with tons of profits. We are informed that this MeProfits ICO is supposed to mine BTC and do a whole lot of other things that really don’t make any sense.

Besides that, even though this BTC mining app has only been out for a couple of days, we have already received a large volume of complaints about it. People everywhere are really angry and upset with this bogus crypto initial coin offering and the totally fake Bitcoin mining money that they promise. Sure, the MeProfits scam site might look legit and like the real deal.

However, all that means is that these crooks did a good job at making something fake and fraudulent look convincing. However, these fools did not manage to convince us here at the Cryptocurrency Army. We have plenty of experience with scams and we definitely know how to spot one. This is our own MeProfits review and we are here to protect you from this malicious attack on your financial well being.


Meprofits scam


Who Is In Charge Of The MeProfits ICO?

We actually do not know who is in charge here. Trust us when we say that this is not due to a lack of trying to find out, but because these criminals have gone out of theur way to keep their identities a secret. We are not told who created this MeProfits system, who runs it, who operates it, or who the CEO is. We are just supposed to blindly trust this ICO with our money even though we have no idea who we are handing that money over to.

This is completely ridiculous and is just way too much for us to handle. How are we expected to trust in this MeProfits ICO when the owners won’t tell us who they are? From what our experience has told us, you can never trust any kind of anonymous BTC or crypto mining or investment program. There is never a good reason as to why the owners try to keep their identities hidden except if they are doing something illegal, which in this case is stealing your money.

MeProfits System Is Unregistered & Unlicensed

Something else that shows the MeProfits ICO for what it really is, is that the company itself is not genuine, legit, or real in any way, shape, or form, not at all. We are told that this company has a CEO and that it is a real and official business entity with a physical HQ and all. However, none of this is true at all. First off, the leadership team is anonymous.

Second, the address for the HQ provided on the website is not real at all. Next, the incorporation and business registry documents displayed on the web page are not real at all. Heck, they don’t even contain the actual name of this business on them.

Finally, the MeProfits system is supposed to provide financial advice and take investments from people. These are both activities which cannot be done at will. A business requires a license to do these things. However, no licensing agency would ever give this non-transparent and bogus company a license to perform these financial activities. The bottom line is that this business is totally fake and fraudulent.


Meprofits scam



MeProfits ICO Scam – UNREAL ROI

We are told that we can make up to 5,000% in profits every 60 days of using this program. Sure, that would be totally awesome, but it is also a total lie. There is no way, not even in a frozen over hell, that this level of return could ever be achieved. The MeProfits app claims to be able to do something that no other software can do, not to mention that there is not even any kind of decent explanation given to us. Making as much as a single percentage point in profits per day is highly unlikely, let alone something like 20% per hour.

When it comes to the profits that we are supposed to receive from this BTC mining software, they simply don’t exist. We know this for a fact because we have spoken to many people around the world who have unfortunately already fallen for this scam in the short time that it has been active. Everybody has had the same terrible experience with this MeProfits scam system. Anybody who has invested money in this scam has had it disappear before their very eyes.


Meprofits scam


Other MeProfits Scam Factors

There are a few other dead giveaways that this MeProfits ICO is a scam, so let’s just go over those real quick.

  • Making withdrawals from your MeProfits account is not possible. The websites makes it seem easy and straightforward. However, when it comes down to it, nobody has ever been able to make a withdrawal of profits.


Meprofits scam

  • The MeProfits system is a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme. These crooks claim to provide people with referral bonuses for getting others to invest. However, from what we have gathered, no such referral bonus has ever been handed out. This scam looks exactly like a Ponzi scheme and like a pyramid scheme. You know what they say, if it walks like a scam and talks like a scam, then it is probably a scam!


Meprofits scam


MeProfits Review – Conclusion

The only thing that you really need to know about this Bitcoin mining system and ICO is that it is a scam. The MeProfits mining system is specifically designed to steal money from everybody that it comes into contact with. This horribly bogus BTC mining scam has already taken many people to the cleaners, but with any luck, and if you have read our review, you will be able to avoid being the next victim! There are way better things to spend your time and money on than this junk!



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