Zemusoft Review: Crypto Trading Scam?

OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: zemusoft.com

When it comes to automated cryptocurrency trading, sure, there are some really good programs out there. The Zemusoft app claims to be one of these really profitable cryptocurrency trading tools. It promises really big results, superb accuracy, and daily profits that will knock your socks off. Yet, we are never actually shown any proof that this is true.

Yes, these guys talk a really big game and they try to make their crypto trading software sound legit, but they definitely failed to convince us of its merit and legitimacy. These crooks have absolutely no solid evidence which would back up any of the claims which they make. However, we here have found tons of different scam factors and pieces of evidence which prove that this Zemusoft trading system is not trustworthy or legitimate.

All of the scam factors we have found leave us wondering what the heck these crooks are trying to do. It seems pretty obvious that these guys just want to get their hands on your money and the cash of anyone else out there. This is why we are here today doing this Zemusoft scam review, to provide you with a heads up about this sneaky, slimy, lowdown cryptocurrency trading scam. Stick around folks, because we have a lot to say about this terrible Bitcoin trading scam system.




Zemusoft Trading Scam – A BUNCH OF FAKE PEOPLE!

Perhaps the first thing that came to our attention about this Zemusoft trading system is that it is loaded with fake people that cannot be trusted in the least. First off, the so called owner and creator of this BTC trading system is totally fake. He calls himself Rhys Lakem, but we know that he is just a fictitious character, not the real deal. This guy never shows us his face and only graces us through the not-so-big miracle of voice narration.

Guys, the reason why these Zemusoft scammers use a voice narrator is that so we cannot confirm whether or not it is a paid actor. However, we are not tricked by this and we can see right through these clowns. In other words, the Zemusoft system is totally anonymous and faceless. Guys, do you really want to trust some terrible crypto trading system with your hard earned money when you do not even know who the people behind it are?

Speaking of fake people, the Zemusoft user testimonials are also totally fake, bogus, and made up out of thin air. They have absolutely no credibility, less than none as far as we are concerned. The faces used her are just stolen stock images from other websites and the names are completely bogus too. These Zemusoft user testimonials were written by the exact same crooks trying to screw us out of our money. Literally every single name and face seen on the website and in the presentation video is either fake or stolen from somewhere else.





Zemusoft App – NOT PROFITABLE!

Perhaps the most glaring red flag that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the inner workings and the so called awesome profits which this system can provide you with. For one, these crooks claim that the Zemusoft app uses the world’s fastest and best algorithms and state of the art tech to win trades. The claim is that this tech is so advanced that it never loses trades at all. However, besides being told how awesome this software is, we are never actually told how it works.




Folks, when we are wondering how a crypto trading system works, we want real details, not just some convoluted rhetoric that boils down to less than nothing. The reason why the criminals behind this Zemusoft system do not really tell us how this system works is because it most likely does not work at all.

Next, guaranteeing that Bitcoin and crypto trades will always be won 100% of the time is simply not possible. Markets go up and down, the fluctuate, and things change last minute all of the time. There simply is not a single piece of software in the world which can accurately predict trades all of the time. Life just does not work this way.

Furthermore, even if his Zemusoft system could win a lot of trades, which it does not, raking in over $4,300 per day with an automated Bitcoin trading app is unheard of, especially one that claims that you do not have to do any work at all. Folks, if it were this easy to make money by doing nothing, world poverty would be totally eradicated. We know for a fact that not a single person has ever made a single penny in profits using this software. This is more than enough to scare us away from this Zemusoft trading scam once and for all.




Zemusoft Software Scam Tactics

One final thing that we need to mention about this Zemusoft system is that it uses classic scam pressure tactics to try and lure in unsuspecting victims. If you go to leave the site, some banner pops up that tells you it is your final chance to make money and that if you leave now, your opportunity to use the Zemusoft app will be gone forever. This is a classic and well known pressure tactic. It simply is not true. You can keep refreshing the site and the message still reads the same. Don’t believe these scare tactics because they are just complete BS.




Zemusoft Scam Review – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it is painfully obvious that this Zemusoft trading app is nothing more than a crypto and Bitcoin scam. It promises huge results, but delivers nothing at all. At the same time, it is totally anonymous and features fictitious user testimonials. There is literally nothing here that convinces us of its merit, not even slightly. The Zemusoft system is a Bitcoin trading scam and you need to stay away from it at all costs!




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