CMECoins Scam Review: LEGIT ICO?


If you are interested in initial coin offerings for cryptocurrencies, the CMECoins ICO is definitely quite interesting. The website looks legit enough and these guys clearly spent a good deal of time making it. While it does look real enough if you only look at it quickly, if you look closer, it quickly becomes apparent that something very shady is going on here. Yes, this CMECoins initial coin offering promises huge returns, but does it actually deliver on its claims? As far as we are concerned, there really is not a single shred of evidence to prove that this crypto ICO is legit in the least.

However, from all of our research and snooping around, we have discovered many scam factors which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this whole thing is just a huge rip off. All of the facts we have gathered totally condemn this CMECoins ICO scam. It is totally obvious that this is not the real deal, just a shady crypto scam meant to steal money from you. We are here today doing this CMECoins review with the purpose of providing you with fair warning. We need to warn you about the very real threat which this CMECoins scam poses to your financial security.





One thing that we know for sure about this CMECoins ICO is that it is totally anonymous, faceless, and just all around bogus. For one, the about us page which displays the supposed leadership team is anything but honest. We are shown people like Bryan Simon, the alleged founder and CEO of this initial coin offering, among a few other team leaders. Well, these people do not actually exist in real life.

Sure, the pictures are of real people, but these are nothing more than stolen stock images. These people probably do not even know that their faces have been used to represent a phony CMECoins leadership team. Also, the names used here are made up out of thin air. Guys, you can never trust an anonymous cryptocurrency investment system like this. You cannot possibly trust it because once you invest money, you have no idea whose hands it is in. As we know from the CMECoins system, this makes it very easy for these crooks to steal your money.




Another point to be made here is that the whole CMECoins company is completely bogus too. It simply does not exist at all. Yes, we are shown a bunch of documents which are supposed to be UK registration documents, but these are nothing more than pure BS. This company is not registered in the UK or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Besides its presence on the website itself, this company does not exist at all. Are you really going to trust your hard earned money with anonymous criminals running a totally fake company?

Furthermore, it is also totally apparent that this CMECoins ICO is not actually licensed to accept investments from people at all. A company cannot just start taking investments from people. This is a financial activity which requires strict regulation and special licensing. Notice how we said that company needs to be licensed? This is just amusing because as far as we can tell, there is no company to speak of at all here, which means that there is obviously no licensing to speak of either. This whole CMECoins initial coin offering is an unregistered, anonymous, unlicensed, and illegal cryptocurrency investment scam.




CMECoins System – NO PROFITS!

Something that is glaringly obvious about this CMECoins initial coin offering is that it does not provide any returns or profits whatsoever. It has of course been specifically designed this way. After all, it is a scam by design and its purpose is to screw you out of your cash. We are told that all of the revenue will be generated through a highly specialized crypto trading system that never loses trades. Of course, this is way too good to be true. Crypto trades cannot all be won and they never are. Sure, some systems are better than others, but this one is downright horrible.




Seriously, these crooks promise up to 210% in hourly returns for 10 hours after each investment. It is not clear if the returns are only on the base investment, or if the hourly profits get factored into the equation. At any rate, this would mean that you could turn the minimal $10,000 investment into literally millions of dollars in a single day. People, do you really think that this is possible? The fact that we are even asking should be more than enough to tell you everything that you need to know.

Besides the returns being totally unrealistic and completely impossible to achieve to matter how good the CMECoins trading system is, we also know that no one has ever received anything here. We have gotten dozens of complaints from people who have invested money into this CMECoins scam, only to have it disappear right in front of their very eyes. There is also the point that this is a total Ponzi scheme at the same time. These criminals promise big referral bonuses, but of course, do not deliver squat. The only thing you will accomplish by getting your friends to invest money here is actively screwing your friends and family out of their money.




CMECoins Scam Review – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the only reasonable thing that we can say about this CMECoins crypto ICO is that it is indeed a scam. There is simply no doubt about this fact. It is 100% anonymous, the company is fake, it lies about instant withdrawals, and most important of all, it does not provide you with any returns at all. Folks, please stay away from this CMECoins scam at all costs because the only thing you will accomplish by getting mixed up with it is a huge headache and total financial ruin.




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