WinMax Miner Scam Review: SCAM?


If you want to make good money through cryptocurrency mining, you might have considered the WinMax Miner app. Yes, it is true, Bitcoin mining, and the mining of other cryptocurrencies is a real thing. Moreover, if you use the right program and have the right tools, it can indeed be quite profitable. The WinMax Miner system would have you think that it is the world’s best BTC miner out there right now.

The website claims that you will become filthy rich if you use this app, which is definitely not true. One of the problems here is that there is a total lack of transparency and information in general. If there is an important piece of info that we need to know about the WinMax Miner app, we are not told it. These guys do their best to sound awesome, but do not actually provide us with any valuable details. Talk about being super suspicious.

These guys literally do not present a single shred of evidence to back up any of their claims. However, on the other hand, we here have found tons of facts which prove that this is a shady operation. We are here today doing this WinMax Miner review for your benefit. We’re here to provide you with fair warning about the very real danger which this Bitcoin mining scam poses to your financial security.


WinMax Miner


WinMax Miner System – Free?

Now, one of the first things that we noticed about this system is that it is advertised as being totally free. Folks, have you ever heard of anything in this world being free? We sure have not. It would be downright stupid to think that these crooks would ever give us free Bitcoin and money for nothing at all. Nothing is free in the world and that is a fact.

Don’t worry though, because WinMax Miner software is not actually free. These guys use some slick tricks no doubt. Sure, you can download the primary software for free, but it is just a total scam. The free software does not perform any Bitcoin mining at all. Although, it does show mining happening, but it is just a program meant to fool you, a trick, a scam, nothing more than visual illusions.

Once you see just how profitable this WinMax Miner app is, if you want to make money, you will be forced to invest hundreds of dollars for the real software. The claim is that if you actually want to make a profit, you have to pay for the upgraded version of the WinMax Miner app. Of course, this is a scam. The basic version just tricks you into thinking that this BTC miner works. Once you pay for the full version, you will quickly discover that it is not profitable at all.

WinMax Miner Program – What Mining?

Another thing that came to our attention here is that there is no solid evidence which would prove that any mining actually happens here. Sure, the basic version of the software displays some results, but this is not nearly enough to convince us. We know of people who bought the full version. By chance, the internet turned off, but WinMax Miner software still claimed to be mining.

This is more than enough proof to show that not such Bitcoin mining ever takes place here. Besides that, we are also not provided with any solid information about the mining. What are the capabilities? What are the hash rates? Where are the mining facilities located? These are all questions that go unanswered, leaving us wondering what exactly this WinMax Miner mining app is doing. The bottom line is that no BTC mining actually takes place here at all.

Anything you see is just a well-orchestrated trick to make you think that something is in the works. We have talked to many people out there and they have all said the same thing. Once you buy the full version of WinMax Miner software, you will be out a huge amount of money, but there is no mining, so you will never get anything in return. The whole thing is just one giant rip off and you are the target. To repeat, not a single person has ever managed to make a profit here, which is enough evidence to say that the WinMax Miner system is definitely a scam.

WinMax Miner App – Totally Anonymous

The other thing that needs mentioning here is that the WinMax Miner system is 100% anonymous. It is completely faceless. At no point on the website are we ever informed of any kind of ownership or leadership. Of course, this is a huge issue for us, one that we cannot look past by any means. If we are going to trust our hard earned money with WinMax Miner software, we want to know who is running the show behind the scenes.

Since these crooks refuse to divulge their real identities to us, we have no choice but to label this as an untrustworthy BTC mining scam. Folks, unless there is something illegal going on, there is just no good reason as to why these clowns would choose to remain anonymous. They are afraid of spending time behind bars, so they won’t tell us who they are. We also know for a fact that this WinMax Miner scam is not registered as a real company. Moreover, it is also obvious that this mining system is not licensed to accept investments from people at all.


WinMax Miner


WinMax Miner Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that this WinMax Miner mining app is a total rip off. It does not actually mine BTC at all, and it surely does not provide any profits whatsoever. The leadership team is nowhere to be found, as is also the case for any kind of licensing or registration. From everything that we have gathered, it is glaringly obvious the WinMax Miner software is a scam. It is meant to rip you off, and if you invest money with it, it will do just that.



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