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When it comes to cryptocurrency investment and trading programs, the Wealthfund.io system claims to the most profitable in the world. As far as these guys are concerned, you can turn a few thousand dollars into a few hundred thousand dollars in a matter of days. Seriously, the Wealthfund.io app claims to provide absolutely massive returns on an hourly and daily basis. If what these people say is true, you can invest a bit of money here and let the profits roll in, never having to work another day in your life.

Yes, the promised made by Wealthfund.io software definitely sound very attractive. However, through our research and snooping around, we have come across some pretty shady and suspicious facts. When it comes down to it, we actually found quite a few scam factors which indicate that there is something illegal going on here.

However, the anonymous folks behind this Wealthfund.io app have not bothered to provide us with any solid proof or evidence that this cryptocurrency investment system actual works. Even worse, there is nothing to show here and no proof that this is the real deal. It’s just way too suspicious. This is our Wealthfund.io scam review and we are here to keep your financial security intact. There is a lot going on here, so hold onto you hats guys.


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Wealthfund.io System – Who Is In Charge?

First off, the Wealthfund.io app appears to be completely anonymous. We are never told who is in charge of it. Not a single part on the website informs us of the leadership here. Yes, there is a picture which is supposed to link to an about us page, but it does not actually lead anywhere.

Guys, whenever we come across a crypto investment system like this, one that is anonymous, we automatically become really suspicious. Simply put, unless there is something illegal going on here, there is no reason for the owners to purposely hide their identities. The fact that the Wealthfund.io leadership team is choosing to stay anonymous is a bad omen indeed.

The Wealthfund.io Company

Another red flag that came to our attention here has to do with the Wealthfund.io company itself. This is a financial investment firm, one that supposedly provides advice, takes investments, and trades on our behalf. This means that it needs to be a real and officially registered company. Well, we did some digging around, and as far as we can tell, this is not a real company at all. It is not registered in the UK, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. This is not a good sign.

Furthermore, this also means that the Wealthfund.io app is not licensed in any way, shape, or form. In other words, it is not legally allowed to accept investments from anybody or to trade on the behalf of anybody. We doubt that there is any actual trading happening here, but if there is, it is happening outside of the boundaries of the law. This whole thing is a big illegal operation that has no business doing any of the things which it claims to be doing.

Wealthfund.io App – Is It Profitable?

Something else that needs to be mentioned here is that the Wealthfund.io system does not appear to be profitable at all. For one, we are told that this app is designed to trade Forex and cryptocurrencies on our behalf. Well, we are never actually told anything about the trading software itself.

There are certain things we want to know, including what assets are being traded, what the underlying algorithm is like, what trading strategies are being followed, and more. The fact that the Wealthfund.io app is so vague in terms of its inner workings does not sit right with us. It is fair to assume that no such crypto or Forex trading ever occurs here. If there was trading going on, we would expect to see some more evidence of it.


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Furthermore, the profits which we are promised are very unrealistic, if not just downright impossible. We are told that this Wealthfund.io system will provide a 5% hourly profit for 50 hours on end, and that we can keep investing over and over again. The best investment package has a $150,000 investment cap, which at 5% hourly for 50 hours would result in profits of $375,000. Guys, this is not possible.

For one, seeing as we are never told how it works, it is hard to imagine this kind of profit level. Next, guaranteeing profits in crypto trading is not possible. The crypto market is very volatile and it just is not possible to guarantee profits whatsoever. Heck, even if it were possible to guarantee profits, the level which is promised here just cannot be achieved. This is beside the point that we have been contacted by hundreds of people who have already been taken to the cleaners by Wealthfund.io software.


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Wealthfund.io – The Pyramid Scheme

The final thing you need to be aware of about this Wealthfund.io system is that it is undoubtedly an epic pyramid scheme. We are promised a 7% referral bonus whenever we get other people to invest money here. Yet, we have it on good authority that no such referral bonuses are ever paid out. We know a few people who have been screwed through this referral system. In other words, these crooks will take money from anybody, but they will not pay out any kind of referral bonuses ever.


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Wealthfund.io Review – The Final Verdict

At the end of the day, the only reasonable thing to say about this Wealthfund.io system is that it is indeed a scam. The company itself is totally unregistered and unlicensed, not to mention that it totally lacks transparency. The inner workings here are also very unclear, plus the promised profits are impossible to achieve. Nobody who has invested money with the Wealthfund.io app has ever received a profit, and to top it all off, it is a Ponzi scheme too. Guys, please just stay away from this crypto scam altogether.

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