Triera Group Scam Review – BIG MONEY?


The Triera Group Investment Platform is supposed to be highly profitable HYIP focused around Forex trading. Yes, it sounds reasonable enough as long as you don’t look too deep into it. However, we here are never ones to leave well enough alone. We had to do some research in regards to this Triera Group Forex HYIP. There are some claims here which are just way too good to be true.

Yeah, these guys promise that simply by sending them some cash, you can make a 3,000% ROI in just over 3 weeks. Sure, it definitely sounds like an awesome offer for any investor. However, like we always say, things that sound way too good to be true are usually always totally bogus.

Triera Group

Besides these grandiose claims of massive profits through Forex trading, there is just a general lack of information available to us. It’s not like the Triera Group website got lazy and just forgot to list important info.

These people purposely did not list various pieces of information due to the likely fact that it is a rip off. This whole thing is just a little too shady and suspicious for our liking. We are here today doing this Triera Group review to get to the bottom of things. Is this a legit FX investment opportunity, or is it a total rip off?

Triera Group Investment App – The Company

First and foremost, we always want to know who is running any investment program like this Triera Group HYIP. Well, the website is suspiciously void of any information regarding company leadership. In fact, there is not a single name, not a single mention of any person that could potentially be in charge here.

Why do the people behind this Triera Group investment platform not want us knowing who they are? It’s always really shady when the owners of an alleged legit and profitable HYIP choose to remain hidden from sight. The reason for their absence is of course because this Triera Group app is not legit or legal. It’s a giant exercise in highway robbery, and robbers never want to end up in prison, hence why they cover their faces.

Triera Group

The company itself, Triera Group Limited, is no better off than the faceless owners themselves. There are some documents shown on the website, incorporation documents along with a registration number.

Well, it only took a couple of minutes, and digging into the UK Companies House, as well as the databases of other countries, to find out that this company is not in fact the real deal. The information displayed on is bogus, it is fake, made up out of thin air. The documents and the registration number are both phony. In other words, this Triera Group company has no official or legal standing anywhere. It’s not registered or licensed, and it certainly has no authority to take investments from people.

Is The Triera Group Investment Platform Profitable?

Of course, the anonymous folks behind the Triera Group HYIP would have you believe that it is profitable to invest in. The claim here is that you can make up to 3,000% in ROI within just 25 days after investing. Yes, this sounds super awesome no doubt, but it also sounds like a huge pile of bologna.

For one, this is supposed to be an automated Forex trading system. Well, we are never shown the FX trading platform in use. We are also not told whether trading is automated or controlled by humans. When it comes down to it, there is exactly zero evidence to confirm that any FX trading happens here at all. This is already more than enough to send us running to the hills.

Next, sure, Forex trading can be quite lucrative, but there is never a guarantee of profits. Forex trading involves quite a bit of risk, where losing an investment is more than possible. The Triera Group system guarantees returns, even though it is simply impossible to guarantee the trades will be won at all. Moreover, it is impossible to guarantee such ludicrously high returns.  

Triera Group

This is all beside the fact that we have already received complaints from dozens of people out there. Disgruntled members have invested their hard earned money with the Triera Group program, but have never received any kind of returns whatsoever. This totally cements the reputation of this Forex investment platform as a scam.

Triera Group HYIP – A Ponzi Scheme?

What we can say with absolute certainty about the Triera Group HYIP is that it is both a Ponzi and a pyramid scheme. For one, it guarantees huge returns through Forex trading, which is impossible to guarantee returns on. It doesn’t actually provide any returns at all, thus confirming the fact that it is indeed a Ponzi scheme.

Second, it is most definitely a pyramid scheme too. There is an affiliate referral program in place here. If you get someone else to invest in the Triera Group HYIP through you, you are supposed to get a 3% cut of the action. Well, this simply is not true. Yes, the crooks will gladly take everybody’s cash, but they do not pay out the 3% to people as promised.

Triera Group

Triera Group Review – The Verdict

After all the facts have been taken into account, there is just no way that you can trust this Triera Group HYIP. It is totally anonymous and leaders are purposely staying hidden. The company itself is not registered or licensed, nor does it have the legal right to accept investments from people.

The alleged Forex trading platform does not actually seem to exist, which is also true for the profits. Nothing here is the real deal and you need to keep your distance from this Triera Group scam. Certainly do not invest any cash into it, because you will lose it all without warning.

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