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The Topworth Investment Limited miner claims to be mine Bitcoin with profits of 75% monthly. There are a lot of suspicious aspects to cover here, so let’s get on with our Topworth Investment Limited review.


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Topworth Investment Limited Miner – ANONYMOUS!

One telltale sign that something shady is going on here is that the Topworth Investment Limited program is totally anonymous. It is anonymous and it is faceless. There is not a single section on the website where we are informed of who is in charge here. We don’t know who the CEO is or who funded it. There is just absolutely no information in regards to company ownership or leadership. Why people would ever invest in this is beyond us.

Just think of it this way. Would you ever buy stocks from a company if the CEO and board of directors refused to tell you their names? Yeah, we didn’t think so. SO, why would ever invest in a BTC mining app like this that is equally as shady.

Think about it guys, there’s a reason why these people are staying hidden within a shroud of anonymity. No, it’s not because they are altruistic philanthropists that don’t require praise. It’s because the Topworth Investment Limited mining app is shady and most likely illegal. The biggest likelihood here is that this BTC mining system is illegal and that it steals money from people. Whoever created this scam just doesn’t want to end up in prison for stealing your BTC and cash. It really is as simple as that.

Topworth Investment Limited – The Company

When it comes to the company itself, it is also very suspicious and shrouded in mystery. The website for Topworth Investment Limited software never informs us of where it is based. We have no idea where the HQ is, or which country this Bitcoin miner is based in. We also are not told out of which country the mining actual happens. The whole thing is super shady if you ask us. Seriously, in which country is this located?

Whenever we come across a Bitcoin investment system like this, we automatically become suspicious. Why won’t they tell us where they are? We looked up the Topworth Investment Limited company in all of the most likely countries where it would be registered. We came up totally empty. From what we can tell, this company is not registered at all, not in any country whatsoever.

This means that not only is the Topworth Investment Limited system unregistered, but also unlicensed. It appears as though it has absolutely no legal authority to accept investments from people. It has no official standing as a company. It’s not a legal business entity. By all means, it really should not exist at all. Oh, and the phone number provided on the website, it doesn’t go anywhere. We tried.

Topworth Investment Limited System – What Mining?

The next red flag that came to our attention is in regards to the mining process itself. Yes, we are told that Topworth Investment Limited software is a BTC cloud mining system. However, past that, we are not provided with any useful or legit information at all. If we are expected to invest money into a Bitcoin mining app, there are some things that we absolutely want to know.

What is the hash rate? What are the BTC mining capabilities like? Where are the mining facilities located on this planet? What are the overhead costs associated with it? How much of the Bitcoin we invest is actually used for mining, and how much is taken for costs? There are tons of questions that remain completely unanswered here. This is definitely not a good sign at all.

Topworth Investment Limited Miner – Unreal Profits

Yet another aspect of the Topworth Investment Limited system which does not sit right with us is that it promises really big profits. Sure, it would be nice if you could nearly double your money per month. Yet, does this sound reasonable to you? The claim here is that you can make up to 75% in profits per month. Yeah, this is actually a pretty big number.

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With any real Bitcoin mining program, you would be lucky to make a monthly ROI of 5%. 5% is already pushing the boundaries of realism, but 75% is just totally bologna. Just like bologna is made of garbage meat, the Topworth Investment Limited miner consists of garbage claims. You are better off literally burning your money to keep warm, rather than investing it with these crooks.

We have gotten complaints from quite a few people. Everybody who has invested money with this Topworth Investment Limited BTC miner has been left with a sour taste in their mouths. The payouts page shown on the website is totally bogus too. As far as we can tell, no payouts ever happen here.

Bogus Topworth Investment Limited User Testimonials

The Topworth Investment Limited website has a bunch of user testimonials, well, 3 to be exact. These are obviously made up out of thin air. The people you see are completely fictitious characters that do not exist in real life. Do you really think that some 80 year old grandma, one with white skin, is named Hasan?

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Guys, this has nothing to do with racism or anything like that at all. How often have you heard of an old white lady being named Hasan? For one, it’s a man’s name, not a woman’s name. Also, her appearance definitely does not coincide with a “Hasan”. We actually find it pretty funny how bad these guys messed up. Jokes aside, this does indicate that there is a scam afoot here.

Topworth Investment Limited Mining App – The Pyramid Scheme

The Topworth Investment Limited app is also a pyramid scheme. It promises a huge referral bonus of 10%, yet it never pays them out. This is something we know for a fact. It’s false advertising and it is a dirty trick.

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Topworth Investment Limited Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the Topworth Investment Limited BTC miner is a dirty scam. It is not worth your time. You will lose everything you invest in it. Please stay away from this cryptocurrency mining scam!



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