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Ok, so The Calloway Software was released literally just yesterday and it as already managed to impress thousands of people. There is just no denying the fact that this is a premier cryptocurrency automated trading bot. People might have had some doubts about it in the first place, but after you see how amazing the trading results are, you will probably change your tune. If you did not already know, The Calloway Software trading system is an online autotrader that can be used to trade cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, stocks, and more.

Sure, there have been other autotraders released in the past, ones that worked alright. However, we are not here to use an autotrader that works just alright. We want something that can pull in the big dollars on a consistent basis. Well, when it comes to The Calloway Software autotrader, it is definitely consistent and profitable. We did some beta testing on it for about 2 weeks before its initial release, a great privilege we got. Now that it has been officially released, we can show you the first live trading session performed with it by our friend.

Quite honestly, we did not expect this automated cryptocurrency trading program to perform as well as it has. Obviously this is a very pleasant surprise to say the least. Up until now, it has met and exceeded expectations by a whole lot. Today’s The Calloway Software review is all about the results achieved in the first official live trading session. We are also going to say a word on the brokers here, as well as provide you with a few tips to increase profitability and the ITM rate.



The Calloway Software – The First Live Trading Session

So, seeing as this is a brand new automated trading app, you probably want to know what kind of results you can expect from it. To put it simply, from what we can see, the results that can be achieved with The Calloway Software system are absolutely outstanding. As you can see in the trading video we have included here, the trader in the video was able to make a killing. It did not even take him very long to rack of the big dollars.

So, for his trades, the expert trader in the video placed 3 trades. In each trade, he invested $100. In other words, he invested $300 into 3 separate trades. In terms of his results, yes, they are fantastic and they are very real. When it comes to the ITM or winning trade rate, for this first live session, it sits at 100%. Simply put, all 3 trades that were placed ended up winning and being profitable.

This trader ended his day with a total of $555 in his trading account. This means that he started out with $300 as initial investments, and made a total of $255 in profits. In terms of ROI this translates to a profit ratio of 85%. Folks, this trader nearly doubled his money with The Calloway Software system. This is truly impressive, and if you trade smart and take advantage of all of the cool features which you get with this platform, this could be you.


The Calloway Software Results


The Calloway Software Trading Tips

As you may have noticed from the live trading session video, the trader does follow some specific rules in order to maximize profits and minimize the occurrence of losing positions. These are tips that you definitely want to follow if you want to stand a chance at walking away with as much money as he did.

  • Always pay attention to the included confidence factor. If you did not already know, The Calloway Software app comes with a confidence factor. This is a percentage rating of the exact chances of a trade being won. So, if one trade has an 85% confidence factor, and another has a 65% confidence factor, the position with the higher factor is more likely to turn out profitable. The higher this confidence factor is, the better the chances of a trade being won, so always pay attention to it. For The Calloway Software app, you want the confidence factor to be at least 65%. Although, we personally prefer it to be a bit higher to ensure winning trades, somewhere around 75% at least.


The Calloway Software Confidence Factor

  • Always set a stop loss level. Yes, The Calloway Software system is known for winning trades the majority of the time. However, you never know when things might go south, so setting a stop loss level will prevent you from losing an entire investment in the even that things go wrong. The particular trader here set his stop loss level at $25, from an initial investment of $100. This means that even if a trade does end up losing, if it hits $25, down from the original $100, the position will close. Therefore, if a trade goes south, at least you can recoup some of your initial investment.
  • Folks, you definitely want to take advantage of all of the awesome resources that come with The Calloway Software platform. For one, you definitely want to look at the financial news section before you get started with trading for the day. Even more important is the integrated economic calendar. Guys, we have said this so many times before, but it always rings true. Stay away from trading cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies that are experiencing 3 bull news. Just don’t do it.


The Calloway Software Trading Results – Final Thoughts

As you have probably gathered by now, The Calloway Software system is definitely the best autotrader in the business right now. Heck, in the trading video, the featured trader was able to almost double his money in just a few minutes of trading.

If this is not impressive, then we don’t know what impressive is. The point here is that if you like trading cryptocurrencies and making money doing so, you definitely want to check out The Calloway Software application. It’s the best option to take home money on a daily basis.

The Calloway Software

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