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Just yesterday, the awesome The Calloway Software app was released. If you do not already know, this is a highly accurate and reliable autotrader for cryptocurrency pairs, fiat currencies, stocks, and everything in between. All of the beta testing we have done over the last 2 weeks has indicated that this application is indeed the real deal. Even better than that, our beta testing sessions were all very positive and highly profitable too.

The Calloway Software autotrader is by all means the world’s best automated trading platform at this time. Speaking of the platform, we are here today doing this The Calloway Software review so we can tell you all about the various platform features which you get here. There are a whole lot of super useful features that will help maximize your win rate and your profits. Let’s get to it and talk about the various beneficial features present with this revolutionary new automated crypto trading tool.


The Calloway Software Platform


The Calloway Software App – Automated!

First and foremost, what you need to know about The Calloway Software app is that it is indeed automated. Now, it is not fully automated in the sense that you can just turn it on and let it make all kinds of trades for you. This is not actually a good thing because you really do not want random trades being placed. This removes way too much control from you.

Instead, this system is semi-automated, which means that it automatically generates signals for you. It also tells you the exact chances of a specific trade being won. You can select the assets you want to trade with, and then just hit the trade button. In other words, The Calloway Software system comes with a great mix of control and a user friendly design. It is super easy to use, but you still get to have a lot of control over the proceedings. Therefore, you can really maximize your chances of trades being won.


The Calloway Software System – Financial News Feature

We do like how The Calloway Software app comes with a financial news section integrated into the platform. This is quite useful for judging the direction of various assets throughout the day. It gives you up to date news stories about anything and everything which could affect the value of any assets that can be traded here. It is a really useful platform feature no doubt.


The Calloway Software Platform



The Calloway Software Program – A Useful Economic Calendar

Yet another great The Calloway Software platform feature is the integrated economic calendar. This calendar lets you know about big news stories. It also lets you know about various factors which will affect the price and trading direction of assets. It’s all about looking out for 3 bull news and staying away from assets that are experiencing 3 bull news. This is something that we will talk about in greater detail in further The Calloway Software reviews to come.


The Calloway Software Platform



The Calloway Software Trading App – A Good Confidence Factor

You may have already seen this so called confidence factor with other automated trading apps. However, it has never been so useful or accurate as it is with The Calloway Software trading system. The confidence factor is a percentage which is displayed for you, and it is displayed for each trade. This percentage tells you the chances of a trade being won. For instance, the EUR/BTC pair may display a confidence factor of 70%, and the BTC/USD pair could have a factor of 85%.

Based on this, if you were to pick between those two pairings, the one with the higher confidence factor is the one that stands a better chance of turning out a winner. The point here is that the confidence factor is a supremely accurate indicator of how likely a certain position is to put money in your pocket. This is something that should definitely not be ignored.


The Calloway Software Platform



The Calloway Software Autotrader – Awesome Support

Something that always comes in handy is good support. You might not know everything about cryptocurrency trading, or might not know much about online trading in general. Moreover, you might experience a bit of confusion when using The Calloway Software system, although it is super easy to use. The point here is that this automated trader provides you with an awesome customer support team.

This customer support can be reached through the provided email address. Also, the customer support is available 24/7, which is of course a big bonus. Even better is the fact that this app also provides a members chat room. In other words, you can take and give advice to other traders using The Calloway Software automated trader. It is always helpful when you can gleam from insights from other people who may have some more experience.


The Calloway Software Trading System – TONS OF ASSETS!

Something that we really like about The Calloway Software trading app is the fact that it has tons of assets to choose from all the time. Some autotraders only have a few dozen assets and pairings that you can choose from at any given time, but this is not the case here. At all times, there are anywhere from 32 to 45 pages of assets and pairings that you can choose to trade with.

In other words, this automated trading device offers you a better and wider selection of trading assets than any other piece of trading technology in the world today. This is of course highly beneficial, because the more choice you have, the better the chances of finding profitable positions. It’s all about the numbers and the selection.


The Calloway Software Platform



The Calloway Software Platform Features – Final Thoughts

As you can see, The Calloway Software autotrader has a plethora of useful and beneficial features. There is simply no doubt about the fact that this is the real deal. Seeing as this cryptocurrency trading system is so user friendly, even the most inexperienced of traders can use it and still make a healthy profit. If you have not yet signed up and given it a try, we would absolutely recommend investing a few bucks into your own The Calloway Software trading account.

The Calloway Software

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