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The Soxasox Mining system claims to provide investors with absolutely massive returns through various Bitcoin investment schemes. Apparently, if you deposit some BTC with these guys, they will provide you with a 10% investment bonus, as well as a daily ROI of 10% for the rest of your living life. Yes, of course this sounds awesome. Who wouldn’t want to be able to live off on an investment like this and never have to work again. If it is true, it would certainly be a great deal.

However, we do have a bone to pick with this Soxasox Mining app, or many bones to be precise. While the offer definitely seems awesome, if you take a closer look at this whole thing, it all quickly starts to fall apart. is absolutely full of false claims and exaggerations. However, what is not present on the website is any kind of info or evidence which would prove that this Soxasox Mining system is in any way legit. This is our Soxasox Mining scam review and we are here to find out exactly what is going on with this suspicious cryptocurrency investment program.

Soxasox Mining Scam Warning

Who Owns The Soxasox Mining App?

The first red flag which came to our attention here is that this Soxasox Mining HYIP has no leadership, or at least none that we can see. If we are expected to trust our BTC and money with these guys, we want to know who they actually are. Not telling us who the leaders or owners of this Soxasox Mining app are does not sit right with us.

Guys, the only reason why these crooks would keep their identities a secret is because they do not want us knowing who they are. Why do they not want us knowing who they are? Because they are stealing from people and committing fraud, that’s why! You just cannot ever trust an anonymous investment program like this Soxasox Mining HYIP. There is always a reason why the leaders refuse to divulge their true identities.

Soxasox Mining Scam Warning

The Company Behind The Soxasox Mining HYIP

The next scam factor which came to our attention here has to do with the company behind the Soxasox Mining app, or we should say, the lack of a visible company. Just like with Soxasox Mining leadership, there is absolutely no information provided to us in regards to the business entity behind this crypto investment scheme.

Yes, the website features a bunch of email addresses which we are supposed to be able to contact. Of course, we sent a few emails, but never heard anything back, which is already suspicious enough. However, when it comes to the company, there is no information about where it is registered, where the HQ is, if it is licensed, or anything else of the sort.

Yes, the Soxasox Mining site does literally say “we are fully licensed”, which of course is 100% meaningless without actual evidence to confirm this. What we have gathered here is that this Soxasox Mining HYIP is not legal in any way, shape, or form. This is a totally illegal entity that has exactly zero authority to perform any of the so called investment activities which it claims to perform.



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How Does The Soxasox Mining Investment Program Generate Returns?

The Soxasox Mining system claims to engage in multiple practices in order to put money into the pockets of investors. First off, the biggest and most ridiculous claim here is that this HYIP invests money into territories around the world which are rich in precious stone deposits.

Soxasox Mining Scam Warning

This is totally random and it really does not make any sense. As we have already figured out, this is not even a real business entity, so we doubt that world governments would ever accept investments from these crooks.

Soxasox Mining Scam Warning

Next, the Soxasox Mining HYIP claims to engage in cryptocurrency trading, as well as cryptocurrency mining, plus it also funds new cryptocurrencies, as well as Bitcoin startup companies. Yeah, it definitely sounds like a whole lot, almost like these crooks are just trying to lure people in. Folks, there is absolutely zero evidence that any of these revenue streams are real or that any of these claims are true. There is just nothing at all.

Is The Soxasox Mining System Profitable?

Of course, the most important thing to take into consideration here is whether or not this Soxasox Mining is profitable. Folks, based on everything that we have discussed so far, do you really think that this crypto investment program will put money in your pocket. For one, the claim of a daily 10% ROI for life is just totally ridiculous.

Soxasox Mining Scam Warning

Even the most profitable and legit investment programs could not do this. Heck, you would not have been able to achieve these results if you invested in both Apple and Microsoft 30 years ago. The point here is that no matter what the profits are claimed to be, there just aren’t any whatsoever! Nobody has ever seen a single cent in profits from this Soxasox Mining scam. Oh, and let’s not forget that this is Ponzi scheme with a bogus referral program too!

Soxasox Mining Scam Warning

Soxasox Mining Review – Conclusion

Folks, other than the fact that this Soxasox Mining HYIP is a complete scam and total rip off, there is not much else left to say about it at all. There is no leadership in sight, the company is not registered, and it is not licensed to perform any of the investment activities claimed.

Moreover, there is just no evidence present, besides phony and falsified graphics, that this Soxasox Mining app performs as it says it does. There are no profits to speak of, and to top it all off, this whole thing is one massive Ponzi scheme! Whatever you do, please stay as far away from this application as humanly possible. It is nothing more than a dirty and shady cryptocurrency scam!

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