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We are here today to review the brand new Income Mentor Box Academy, a day trading academy that will teach you how to trade and profit. As far as we can tell, this seems to be one of the very best day trading schools in the world. These guys provide reliable trading signals for you to copy, and you better believe that they are profitable. Today’s Income Mentor Box Academy review is about the free EBook, copying signals, and the first profits made.

Income Mentor Box Academy – The Free EBook & More!

Something that we can definitely appreciate about the Income Mentor Box Academy, is the fact that you get access to a free day trading EBook. Here, before you even sign up or pay to join this day trading school, you get access to a free EBook. The Income Mentor Box Academy is not too long or complicated, as it is not meant to be.

This day trading EBook is meant to be light, an introduction to Forex and trading in general. It covers some important trading aspects, such as the fear of losing and the fear of risk. It also goes over some important strategies, and other FX trading tips as well. It is not a very long read, but it certainly is useful. This Income Mentor Box Academy EBook is a great introduction to the world of day trading and it will get your read for the plethora of materials that are available here.

Once you sign up for this trading academy, you will get access to many trading modules with nearly 60 tutorial videos, all taught by Andrew himself. Here you will learn the ins and outs of day trading, both the basic and more complex stuff. By all means, as far as we are concerned, the material included in the Income Mentor Box Academy is as good as it gets. There does not seem to be a better place right now to learn to trade Forex, indices, stocks, and more.

Income Mentor Box Academy – Copying Accurate Signals!

What we personally think is one of the very best aspects of this new Income Mentor Box Academy, is the fact that it is a premier signals provider. The fact of the matter is that doing research and complex analysis is very hard. Whether it is for Forex, CFD, indices, or stock trading, finding the right signals and pairings as a newbie is extremely hard. Heck, finding the best trading signals is something which even many experts cannot do too well.

However, Andrew A, the leader of the Income Mentor Box Academy, knows what he is talking about, and the signals which he provides members of the academy to trade with, are indeed very accurate and profitable. You see, when you join the academy, you will access to the exclusive Income Mentor Box Academy Facebook page. This is where all of the signals are being posted.

Simply open up Facebook, go to the page, and copy the signals as soon as they come out. The signals are totally complete, so you do not have to do any research whatsoever. Simply copy the signals as listed, set the take profit and stop loss as indicated by Andrew, and you can then sit back and watch the profits accumulate. As far as trading and copying signals goes, there is really no easer or better way to get it done than with the Income Mentor Box Academy.

Income Mentor Box Academy – First Live Profits!

You might think that this Income Mentor Box Academy is full of hot air when it comes to copying signals and the profitability of those signals. Well, as a third party reviewer and user of these signals, we can tell you that the signals are indeed very accurate and profitable. If you do not believe us, just take a look at the live trading video which Andrew A, the teacher, posted. As can be seen from the video, all of the signals provided are accurate, they are new and up to date, and they do end up being quite profitable too.

As can be seen in the Income Mentor Box Academy’s first live trading video, the signals provided ended up being super profitable. Andrew placed a total of 8 trades, which is a good amount for a single day. Out of those 8 trades, 6 of them turned out to be winning trades. In terms of the overall ITM rate for this particular trading session, it sits at 75%. A 75% win rate is actually quite high and is nothing to look down your nose at. It is more than most traders can ever accomplish.

So, if you were to ask us how reliable the signals to copy are, the Income Mentor Box Academy signals are simply some of the best in the world. Heck, using these signals, Andrew made well over 3,100 Euros in pure profits in a single day of trading. If you join the Income Mentor Box Academy, you can use these very same signals and make just as much profit too. So, if you like make money on a daily basis, big money, we see no reason to not join this awesome Income Mentor Box Academy.

Income Mentor Box Academy Review – Final Thoughts

Folks, we really never thought that the Income Mentor Box Academy would turn out to be quite this successful. Yes, we knew that it was going to be a top notch day trading academy, but we did not expect results quite as good as this, especially not this early on in the game.

As far as we are concerned, at this time, if you are a day trading newbie, and want to become an expert, there is no better place to learn than the Income Mentor Box Academy. The signals are accurate, constantly updated, and highly profitable too. There’s also the fact that for a very low price, you get access to a multitude of educational materials that will change your day trading life forever.

Income Mentor Box Academy

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