Smart Money System Scam Review: BEWARE!


The Smart Money System app is supposed to be this super profitable cryptocurrency trading app. We are told that it is fully automated, uses awesome algorithms, and can provide tens of thousands of dollars in profits per day. Sure, this all sounds awesome, a little too good to be true if you ask us.

While it may look like an attractive crypto trading solution upon first glance, it is anything but legit or reliable. It did not take very much research for us to figure out that this Smart Money System software is not at all what it appears to be.

We came up with tons of solid evidence that there is a scam afoot here. There are literally tons of scam factors to take into account. However, when it comes to showing that this Smart Money System program is profitable, we came up empty.

With lots of evidence to condemn this app as  trading scam, and none to show that it is the real deal, we have no choice but to shut it down once and for all. This is our Smart Money System review and you definitely need to read it. We are here to provide you with fair warning about this malicious and dangerous crypto trading scam that will take you to the cleaners.

Smart Money System Scam App – ANONYMOUS!

The first thing that is painfully apparent about this Smart Money System scam software is that it is anonymous, faceless, and totally lacking of transparency. We are never informed of who the leaders are here. They do their best to remain anonymous and stay hidden from sight.

The only reason why these crooks would choose to remain anonymous is because they are doing something illegal. Their aim is to steal money from you, so they obviously are not about to tell you who they are and where they live!


Anonymous Smart Money System


FAKE Smart Money System User Testimonials

The Smart Money System user testimonials which are featured on the main website are completely bogus. There are a bunch of testimonials from various people who claim that they have been able to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few days.

However, for one, here is absolutely no proof that any of this is true. There are no records to back up these claims. Furthermore, we know for a fact that these people are not at all associated with this cryptocurrency trading app, they have never used it, and have never profited from it. They probably don’t know that their faces are being featured on the website.

These are nothing more than stolen stock images from other websites, combined with fictitious names. We have seen many of these faces being used for other crypto scams and marketing campaigns. There is no question about the fact that all of these Smart Money System user testimonials are totally bogus.

Smart Money System Software – Unregulated Brokers

Perhaps the most damning evidence that we found about this Smart Money System app is that the broker used here is an unreliable and illegitimate scam artist. The broker used here is called FX Leader and it is one of the biggest scam brokers that we have come into contact with for quite some time. This broker is the way in which these crooks steal money from you.


When you sign up with this automated crypto signals provider, you will be asked to sign up with FX Leader. You will then have to deposit at least $250 with it. For every person that deposit money, this broker pays a commission to the anonymous crooks behind the Smart Money System trading scam. This is why this crypto trading system exists at all. They get paid to help this FX Leader broker screw you out of your money.

We have talked to tons of people that have come into contact with this cryptocurrency trading scheme. They all say the exact same thing. What will happen here is that you will deposit your money after activating your account, and then all of a sudden, your account will become inactive and be shut down. This is clear evidence that the Smart Money System app steals money from people. You never even get to place any trades at all.





Smart Money System App – Unsecured Payment

Even worse than the broker issue and losing $250, is the fact that these scammers actively try to get your credit card and banking details. The form where you have to enter your banking info and CC details is not secure in the least. It is designed to register your information so it can be used at a later date, thus stealing money from you.

We’ve talked to several people that were defrauded after signing up and depositing money with this Smart Money System scam system. People have had thousands of dollars stolen from their bank accounts. They have also had huge charges racked up on their credit cards. This is solid and empirical proof that this software serves the purpose of getting your banking info and stealing everything that you own.

Smart Money System Scam Disclaimer

What is actually pretty interesting here, almost kind of funny, is that there is disclaimer at the bottom of the Smart Money System website. This disclaimer states that all of the claims made on the website and in the presentation video are not true.

This disclaimer even says that all of the user testimonials and the leadership consist of nothing more than paid actors. These guys actually admit that everything about this crypto trading scam is totally fake and fabricated out of thin air.

Smart Money System Review – Conclusion

Please folks, just stay away from this Smart Money System trading scam. It has the sole purpose of stealing money from people, as it has done to everyone that has come into contact with it. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest crypto trading scams that we have seen all year, so do yourself a favor and just steer clear of it altogether.




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