The BTC2Double system is indeed very intriguing, very suspicious, and just way too good to be true. More or less, these guys claim to provide you with free money. The claim is that for every Bitcoin you deposit, or even a fraction of one, you will get a 200% ROI within 6 hours. Just imagine the amount of money that you could make doing this?

Well, that is exactly what these BTC2Double app criminals want. They want you to imagine a big pile of money. That is how they trick people into handing over their Bitcoins. Sure, it would be totally awesome to make that much money every 6 hours. Who wouldn’t want to double their investment every 6 hours?

We certainly would, but unfortunately, this is virtually impossible in every way, shape, and form. The BTC2Double system is clearly designed to steal Bitcoin from anybody it comes into contact with. The reality here is that the BTC2Double system will not lead to huge profits as promised. We are here today doing this BTC2Double scam review to provide you with a headsup about this cryptocurrency trading scam.


BTC2Double Scam



The BTC2Double leadership is non-existent as far as we can tell. There is a complete lack of transparency here. We are never told who the leaders or owners are. Folks, you just cannot ever trust any kind of anonymous crypto trading or investment system. If you do not know whose hands your money is in, how can you possibly trust that it will return to you, especially with a big return?


BTC2Double Scam App – FAKE COMPANY!

Something else that we noticed about the BTC2Double system is that it is clearly a totally fake and fraudulent company. The address provided on the website is totally fake, as are the contact details. Moreover, this company claims to be registered in the UK.

However, there is no evidence to be found of registration far and wide. As far as legalities go, this is a non-existent company and is therefore not legally allowed to do anything which it claims to do. We suppose that a company does not need to be registered to steal money from people.


BTC2Double Scam



BTC2Double App – The Inner Workings

We are told that this BTC2Double software doubles our Bitcoin investment every 6 hours through automated crypto trading. Apparently, there is some super fantastic algorithm and trading strategy in place here. However, what the details are, we know not. We are not provided with any coherent information about how this automated Bitcoin trading system works.

We are just supposed to trust that it does work. Well, based on all of the facts we have gathered and the people we have talked to, it does not work at all. It is glaringly obvious that no trades ever get placed here. It is just an account for you to deposit your Bitcoin, which is then promptly stolen from you.


BTC2Double Scam




Without a doubt, the most ridiculous part about this BTC2Double scam is the fact that it claims to provide a 200% return in just 6 hours, every 6 hours. This has to be a total joke. Only people that don’t even know what cryptocurrencies are would ever fall for this. Just think about it.

If you invest $100, you would be at $1,600 by the end of the first 24 hour window. The investment would get doubled every 6 hours, so 4 times in a whole day. Sure, these profits would be awesome if they were real, but of course this is totally impossible.

We are never told how the BTC2Double app works to double Bitcoin with such efficiency. Even if we were told some fairytale about the inner workings of it, it would be nothing more than lies. Whatever these criminals promise is just stupid.


BTC2Double Scam




Ok, so we have already established that the BTC2Double system is both anonymous and technically non-existent. It does not have clear leadership, nor it is a real registered company. This also means that it cannot possibly be licensed, something which it requires for what it claims to do.

The website claims that this BTC2Double app offers solid financial investment advice, which we really doubt either way. You cannot just go out and start offering financial advice to people.

That is a closely monitored and strictly regulated activity that cannot be done without the proper licensing. Seeing as the BTC2Double app is clearly not licensed or real at all, any advice it provides is fraudulent and illegal. This whole operation is completely outside the boundaries of the law and that is a huge problem no doubt.


BTC2Double Scam



BTC Double System – A Pyramid Scheme!

It is also painfully obvious that the BTC2Double system is a pyramid scheme. They offer up to 10% affiliate commission bonuses for anyone that gets their friends to sign up as well. Of course, this inspires people to do their best to get their family and friends to deposit Bitcoin with this scam.

It is an easy way for this group of criminals to widen their reach and get their hands on as many Bitcoins as they humanly can. This is called a pyramid scheme. While in itself a pyramid scheme is not technically illegal, what is going on here is definitely illegal.

We have talked to a few people who have tried to get their affiliate bonuses, but none ever materialize. The BTC2Double program never pays out the bonuses, which is definitely illegal. The whole thing is a scam intended to rob everybody of their Bitcoin holdings.


BTC2Double Scam



BTC2Double Scam Review – Conclusion

There is not a single chance that the BTC2Double system is legit. There is tons of proof that we have found which proves that it is not the real deal. It is an illegitimate, unreliable, and thieving Bitcoin scam. Anybody and everybody that has come into contact with it has been left in a state of disbelief and total financial ruin.





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