We have a really exciting new cryptocurrency ICO for you to take a look at. This is the Sapien ICO and there is a whole lot going on here that you need to know about. This Sapien news network and initial coin offering might just be the biggest of the year. So, let’s not waste any more time and get right into this Sapien ICO review.



What Is Sapien?

In case you were wondering, Sapien is said to be a very highly customizable and decentralized social news platform. It has the ability to financially reward millions and millions of content creators and curators with no central intermediaries needing to be involved. It is powered by a cryptocurrency that is ERC20 compliant which is known as SPN.

This network is meant to evolve very quickly with a whole market place, different integrations, and many third party applications. These will all allow users to make a profit in one way or another. SPN is aimed at incentivizing users and curators to contribute quality content and powering all platform actions. SPN is meant to derive its value from the ability to distinguish quality content in a collaborative manner. One of the main goals of this Sapien ICO is to stop fake news in its tracks.    



Objectives Of Sapien

This new Sapien ICO and social news platform comes with 4 main objectives which the creators are hoping to accomplish, ones that they hope you will help them accomplish. Let’s talk about the 4 main objectives right now.

  1. Proof Of Value – Sapien is sick of fake news and thus one of the main objectives is to allow SPN to derive its value through the ability to establish high quality content in a collaborative manner. This proof of value mechanism, concerning the content, will promote high quality contributions from users and award them accordingly with SPN. The more users contribute, the more they are rewarded, thus establishing a reputation for providing good info and real news. This proof of value system and reputation system is integral to the value and success of SPN.


  1. A Democratized Autonomous Platform – Another main goal of this social news network is to create a truly autonomous social news platform. The point here is for users to have actual power over the direction which the Sapien platform takes. The SPN token will allow users to submit proposals and give people a voice to share their opinions and news. The cool part here is that users will be able to participate in marketplace rewards, the structure and organization of the platform, and much more. What is also cool is that SPN stakeholders will be able to set milestones in the roadmap which can be voted on in a democratic manner. The real point here is that Sapien members actually have a say over what is going on.


  1. A Marketplace With Incentives – Yet another goal of this Sapien social news platform is to fairly reward content creators for their time, efforts, and good contributions. For people who create Sapien posts that are quantifiable in value, they will be rewarded with SPN tokens. People will also be able to pay other users using SPN for various things. The plan in the long run is to create a marketplace where users can utilize SPN to buy premium content, buy services, merchandise, virtual goods, and much more using this new token.


  1. Future Apps On The Sapien Network – The fourth and final main objective here is to establish a global reputation with the aim of fighting fake news. The plan is to create and/or integrate many other apps which will successfully turn the Sapien social news network into a multi-faceted virtual marketplace for all kinds of goods and services.



The Sapien Ecosystem

Let’s quickly talk about the ecosystem which will be the Sapien world. What we really want to talk about here is the opportunities various people and groups will have within this Sapien social news network and how those people can make money doing so.

  • Creators who submit original, real, and valuable content to the platform will be rewarded with SPN tokens. These contributions can take the form of posts, media, comments, video, and all kinds of stuff.
  • Curators who discover new and valuable stories, and bring them to the forefront will be awarded SPN tokens to pay them for their efforts.
  • This Sapien network will allow individuals to pay freelancers in SPN for creating original and valuable content.
  • It allow for third party developers and contributors to build the eco-system, which will also be rewarded with SPN tokens.
  • Media companies will definitely be interested here because Sapien will allow them to partner with this news network to set up publishing, pricing for content, create sustainable business models, and much more.


The Sapien Roadmap

Let’s quickly go over the plan for Sapien for the coming months and years. This is the Sapien Roadmap at its most basic.

  • 2018 Q1 – Phase 1 of token sale, implementation of payouts to curators and contributors
  • 2018 Q2 – Begin porting the Sapien platform to DApp, increase brand awareness
  • 2018 Q3 – Revamp UI/UX for crypto newbies, incentivize the network
  • 2018 Q4 – Increase marketing, gain 10,000 new users per month
  • 2019 Q1 – Increase and build infrastructure for the autonomous platform
  • 2019 Q2 – Roll out premium features, content, and the marketplace
  • 2019 Q3 – Open the developer platform to third party contributions
  • 2019 Q4 – Add 1 million new users per month, optimize platform to the proper scale
  • 2020 Q1 – Extend the token use to other websites, tokenize user data
  • 2020 Q2 – Goal of adding 10 million new users per month




The Sapien ICO, Allocation, & Distribution

When it comes to the Sapien ICO itself, the presale has already occurred, but the crowd sale is still set to happen. The crowd sale for the SPN token is set to last from March 20 to April 3. You will have to use ETH (Ethereum) in order to buy these tokens. The hard carp is set to be 30,000 ETH. Just so you know, 1 ETH is going to equal 6,000 SPN during the crowd sale. All of the new tokens are going to be distributed accordingly to anyone who creates value. There is a bonus structure for the crowd sale as follows:

March 20 – March 21: +15%

March 22 – March 23: +12%

March 24 – March 25: +9%

March 26 – March 27: +6%

March 28 – March 29: +3%

March 30 – April 3: no bonuses



When it comes to distribution, 45% will be given to public contributors, 30% for a platform reserve, 20% to the team, and 5% for reward bounties. In terms of the allocation of funds, 55% is for development, 10% for security audits, 5% for legal, 15% for marketing, and 15% for administrative costs.


If you are interested in stopping fake news, want to contribute to a great social news platform, and want to make money doing so, you should definitely keep an eye on this Sapien ICO and the platform that is going to be built around it.






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