Nucleus Vision ICO Review: BIG OPPORTUNITY!


If you are on the hunt to invest in a new cryptocurrency, you will want to keep an eye on this Nucleus Vision ICO. This Nucleus Vision ICO is a really exciting new cryptocurrency project that is showing a whole lot of opportunity. Nucleus Vision is a great project which aims to help retailers know everything about their customers. It is a way for business owners of all sorts to know exactly who comes into their stores or onto their premises, with the aim of catering more towards the needs of customers.



At its most basic, the Nucleus Vision project is a way for retailers and business of all kinds to increase their market knowledge and profits. At the same time, it is a way for investors to make good money and for customers to gain rewards too. At any rate, this Nucleus Vision ICO is showing itself to be extremely promising, both for the short and long term. The Nucleus Vision cryptocurrency project has the ability to help everybody make a profit. This is why we are here today, doing a Nucleus Vision ICO review. You definitely want to know about this cryptocurrency project, especially if you are looking for a new cryptocurrency to invest in.



What Is Nucleus Vision?

At its core, the Nucleus Vision project is a service aimed at helping retailers better identify their customers and serve the needs of the customers. In short, they deploy these special high tech ION sensors which have the power to identify people with the aim of helping retailers. The main goal here is to find out who buys what, who goes to which stores, demographics of shoppers, and all of that other fun stuff.



In short, it is a way for retailers and business of all kinds to find out exactly who shops or services their locations and what the preferences of those people are. This is what the Nucleus Vision Project is all about. The really cool part about Nucleus Vision is that it does not require any special applications, there are no physical barriers to its implementation, and it does not require any Bluetooth, GPS, or WIFI connections. At the same time, Nucleus Vision works with all phones (which is how retailers/ION sensors get the info), plus it provides anonymous intelligence, so it is not comprising your personal security or info.




The Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency: nCash

Of course, the cryptocurrency which supports this product was already launched quite a while ago. The symbol for the cryptocurrency which supports Nucleus Vision is nCash. This is an ERC20 token, which means that it is safe, secure, and reliable. It has a hard cap of $40 million and a soft cap of $15 million. There are 10 billion nCash tokens in supply. Now, the presale and crowdsale has already happened, but you can buy nCash from the Binance Exchange.



In fact, the Binance exchange is currently the only place where you can buy Nucleus Vision nCash tokens. The price is currently at 0.02 cents per token, but the price is set to rise soon. Like we said, nCash and Nucleus Vision looks very promising for many different reasons, so the nCash value is going to rise drastically and it will happen soon. Follow this link to Binance to buy into Nucleus Vision.


The nCash Token Ecosystem

What you probably want to know is how this Nucleus Vision nCash token can help you make a profit, or just how it can help you in general. Let us tell you how.

  • nCash tokens are rewarded to customers who go to stores involved in the Nucleus Vision program.
  • nCash tokens are rewarded to customers who buy things from the retailer as loyalty points.
  • Retailers can ask customers for info like shopping preferences, location, and other personal info, in exchange for nCash token rewards.
  • Retailers will reward data providers, mainly telecom companies, for info about the customers.
  • Retailers can exchange customer info with each other, with the customer whose info is being shared being rewarded with nCash tokens.
  • nCash tokens can be redeemed by customers with various nCash partners. It’s a currency that can be used for making purchases.




The Nucleus Vision Roadmap – PROMISING!

One of the things that really stands out about the Nucleus Vision project is that the roadmap is very clear and concise. In other words, the roadmap has some very realistic and achievable milestones that don’t seem too farfetched. At any rate, let’s tell you all about the future plans for this Nucleus Vision cryptocurrency venture. Now, there is a lot to say in this roadmap, so for now we are only going to talk about 2018 and 2019, but the roadmap does extend as far as 2022, so for more information on this, visit the main website.



  • 2018
    • Q1 – Tech deployed at 25 stores
    • Q1 – 50 ION sensors deplotyed
    • Q1 – 4 Telecom Partnerships
    • Q1 – Launch of Coalition Loyalty Program
    • Q1 – Identify 100K users
  • Q2 – Grow TelCo partnerships
  • Q2 – Deploys 250 – ION sensors
  • Q2 – 6 Telecom Partnerships
  • Q2 – Neuron Dynamic Pricing
  • Q2 – 250K users identified
  • Q3 – Scale products to India
  • Q3 – 2,000 ION Sensors Deployed
  • Q3 – 9 Telecom Partnerships
  • Q3 – Neural Network Persona
  • Q3 – Identify 1 million users
  • Q4 – Scale Across South East Asia
  • Q4 – 5,000 ION sensors deployed
  • Q4 – 14 Telecom Partnerships
  • Q4 – Dynamic Campaign Platform
  • Q4 – 4 million users identified
  • 2019
    • Q1 – Launch in North America
    • Q1 – 23 Telecom Partnerships
    • Q1 – Cross Brand Alliances
    • Q1 – 15 Million users identified
  • Q2 – Scale Retail
  • Q2 – 55K ION Sensors deployed
  • Q2 – 26 Telecom Partnerships
  • Q2 – Neuron 020 Atrribution
  • Q2 – 33 million users identified
  • Q3 – Physical Security
  • Q3 – 85K ION sensors deployed
  • Q3 – 40 Telecom Partnerships
  • Q3 – Directive Controls
  • Q3 – Identify 54 million users
  • Q4 – implementation of preventative controls
  • Q4 – 130K ION sensors deployes
  • Q4 – 45 Telecom Partnerships
  • Q4 – Preventative control upgrades
  • Q4 – 90 million users identified



Nucleus Vision Review: Conclusion

If you have not already given it some thought, we would definitely recommend taking a really close look at this neat Nucleus Vision cryptocurrency project. The project itself is cool and the token or the cryptocurrency itself, nCash, is set to rise in value any day now.




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