Quantum Hybrid Trader Scam Review: BEWARE!

OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: QuantumHybridTrader.com

The Quantum Hybrid Trader is a new trading system that is meant to steal money from you. These crooks would have you believe that you can become a millionaire in just a couple months, but that just is not true. This is our Quantum Hybrid Trader scam review and you need to read it!


Quantum Hybrid Trader Scam



Quantum Hybrid Trader App – Fake Creation Date

The first thing that we noticed about this Quantum Hybrid Trader software is that it features a fake creation date on the website. The official website claims that this particular piece of automated trading software has been available and active for somewhere around 1 year now. They say that there are hundreds of people who have become millionaires over the last year by using this trading software.

However, this is just a lie to try and lend some credibility to this system where absolutely none is due. We looked up the creation date for the website and it is no later than last week. These guys are total liars and will do absolutely everything and anything to get their hands on your money. The Quantum Hybrid Trader system has only been around for a couple of days, not a whole year, thus proving that this is a cash grabbing scheme, not the real thing.


Quantum Hybrid Trader Scam


Quantum Hybrid Trader Software – A Fake Owner

During the presentation video, there is a man who goes by the name of Austin Morrison. He claims to the leader, owner, CEO, and creator of this trading app. Yes, he does not do a terrible job at reading the script he is given, but it does not change the fact that he is reading a script. After years and years of dealing with crypto scams and other trading scams, we know what a phony looks like, and this Austin guy is definitely a phony.

Besides his relation to this Quantum Hybrid Trader scam, he has absolutely no online presence, well, except for his actor for hire profiles. Yes, that is right, this man is nothing more than a crappy second rate paid actor. His name is not Austin, he did not create this system, and he is not the one in charge. He is a fictitious personality that is being used as a scapegoat to protect the real scammers behind this Quantum Hybrid Trader trading system.

The only reason for a crypto or BO trading app like this one to remain anonymous is because it is fraudulent and operating illegally. This is painfully obvious. If this app were the real deal, the owners would not try to keep their identities a secret. However, they know that this Quantum Hybrid Trader software is illegal and they don’t want to get arrested for it. These are criminals, they are trying to steal your money, and therefore they are doing their best to remain hidden in a shroud of anonymity.


Quantum Hybrid Trader Scam


Quantum Hybrid Trader System – Limited Spots Gag

Another red flag that quickly came to our attention about this crypto and BO trading scam is that they use the whole limited spots gag to try and pressure people into signing up for the system. TV advertisements and internet advertisements always do this, even though it is considered illegal and false advertising. These crooks claim that there are only so many spots left to sign up with Quantum Hybrid Trader software for free. After those spots are gone, the story goes that we will have to pay to use this system.

However, this is just not true, not in the least. You can keep going back to the website and the number always stays the same, the spots never fill up, and the limited spots message always reads the same. There are an unlimited amount of spots. Just think about it. These criminals want to steal money from you, from everybody, so they obviously are not going to limit the amount of people they try and screw out of their hard earned money.

Quantum Hybrid Trader App – Fake User Testimonials

Yet another indication that this Quantum Hybrid Trader app is a scam, has to do with the user testimonials shown on the website. There are a bunch of testimonials which claim that this system is the best in the world. The so called people who left these testimonials have no faces, they are not real, and they are not to be trusted.

There is no way of confirming that these people are telling the truth or even that they are genuine people. What we do know is that these people claim to have become filthy rich using this Quantum Hybrid Trader system before it actually existed. This is solid proof that this is a total rip off. These user testimonials are totally bogus.


Quantum Hybrid Trader Scam


Quantum Hybrid Trader Scam Software – NO PROFITS!

The bottom line here is that the Quantum Hybrid Trader system is not profitable in the least. First and foremost, we are never told how it works, not at all. Heck, we are technically never told what it actually trades, whether BO or crypto. At the same time, these crooks also never informed us of any trading strategies, indicators, analysis tools, or algorithms in use.

These guys literally don’t tell us a single thing in terms of how this Quantum Hybrid Trader trading app is supposed to work. Furthermore, telling us that this system can easily rake in over ten thousand dollars per day, every single day, is completely bogus and nonsensical. Even the best of the best trading systems out there cannot get anywhere close to that, especially not without a clearly defined trading strategy. It is all just a big load of crap and you will definitely never make any amount of profit with this complete rip off.


Quantum Hybrid Trader Scam


Quantum Hybrid Trader Review – Conclusion

The important thing to remember about this Quantum Hybrid Trader scam system is that it is a rip off of epic proportions. It is specifically designed to steal your money and it will do just that if you let it.



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