AirBit Club Scam Review Update: DANGER!


The AirBit Club scam system has been around for over a month now. This is not a good thing, not in the least. There are literally thousands of people that have been scammed out of money by this malicious and dangerous cryptocurrency scheme. We had done an Airbit Club review previously, when it first came out, but for one reason or another, it managed to hang on stick around. We are not at all happy about this, and neither are the people who have had their money stolen.

Literally millions of dollars have been stolen from countless people, all of the victims who were unlucky enough to come into contact with this AirBit Club investment scam. Yes, while the Airbit Club HYIP might seem like an attractive offer at a glance, if you investigate further, it becomes painfully apparent that the whole thing is one massive rip off. We are told that this is a high yield investment program for cryptocurrencies.

Apparently, the small amount of money we invest will turn into daily ROIs of several thousand percentage points. We are told that the money is made through cryptocurrency trading and mining, but this is just not true at all. We are here today doing another Airbit Club scam review with the hopes that this one sticks. We need people to be aware of the fact that this is an epic rip off and its only purpose is to get at your wallet.



AirBit Club & Bitclub Advantage System – SAME SCAMS!

One of the things that has recently came to our attention is the fact that there are currently multiple scams making their rounds through the internet, multiple scams that are actually the same. We discovered that the AirBit Club scam system and the Bitclub Advantage scam are really the same thing. They have the exact same properties, a similar look, and all of the same scam factors.

Both of these systems are way too similar for it to be a coincidence. We are convinced without a shadow of a doubt that the Bitclub Advantage scam and the AirBit Club scam come to us courtesy of the same group of criminals. Both of these cryptocurrency automated trading and mining scams have cost tons of people way too much money and they both need to be put out of business once and for all.

AirBit Club Scam App – COMPLAINTS!

Perhaps the biggest giveaway that this Airbit Club system is a scam is the fact that we are receiving non-stop complaints about it. Both us and our sister site, Binary Options Army, have been getting email after email complaining about this terrible cryptocurrency mining and trading software. Every single person we have come into contact with so far says the exact same thing.

Anybody who has come into contact with this ludicrous crypto scam has had their money stolen. They get suckered in by the promise of massive guaranteed profits, they invest some money, and it disappears before their eyes. This has happened to thousands of people who have had the misfortune of using the AirBit Club app, and it has also happened to many people who have used the Bitclub Advantage system.



Airbit Club Software – IT IS A PONZI SCHEME!

What many people do not seem to realize about this Airbit Club software is that it is in fact nothing more than a really bad Ponzi scheme. It has all of the classic scam factors that can be seen with every single last Ponzi scheme out there.

These crooks are extremely vague about what they do, they only ask for a bit of money, they promise massive returns, and they guarantee that you will always get profits no matter what. This is exactly what the Airbit Club system does and it is exactly why it is a Ponzi scheme. At the same time, the affiliate referral bonus system that these crooks have in place also proves that this is a pyramid scheme. Unfortunately, is seems as though the referral program worked for these crooks, because there are lots of people who managed to get their friends and family to sign up.

Oh, but guess what, not a single person has ever gotten any kind of bonus for getting their friends to sign up. Not only is this a pyramid scheme, but it is a pyramid scheme that does not give referral payouts as promised, nor does it provide any kind of return whatsoever. The Airbit Club program was a scam when it was first released and nothing about that has changed.



Airbit Club Scam Company – Fake & Anonymous

We feel the need to stress the fact that the Airbit Club company is totally fake and anonymous. The contact details provided on the website are false, the company is not registered anywhere, and we are never told who is in charge of it. We literally do not have a single clue in regards to the leadership behind this cryptocurrency mining and trading scam. Folks, you can never trust any kind of anonymous crypto trading or mining system.

These crooks are remaining hidden from our eyes on purpose, so they don’t go to prison once people catch on that the Airbit Club app is a scam. The bottom line is that these crooks are doing their best to stay anonymous so they can steal your money without facing any legal consequences. On a side note, we also know for a fact that this whole thing is not licensed. These fools are not licensed to do anything they advertise, including providing financial advice, taking investments from you, or making investments on your behalf. This Airbit Club scam system is not legally sanctioned by any means.

Airbit Club Scam Review Update – Conclusion

The only thing that you need to know about this Airbit Club software is that it is just not worth the trouble. If you invest any amount of money with these crooks, it will go missing and there will not be a darn thing that you can do about it!




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