A Look at OspreyFX Broker


If you are looking for a new broker, you might want to read this OspreyFX broker review. People say that it is a world class online broker, so let’s see if this is the case.

OspreyFX Assets & Features

This broker is known for being extremely versatile in nature, as it allows clients to train with many different assets and asset types. this broker allows clients to trade with over 55 different forex currency pairs, over 30 different cryptocurrency pairs, and over 100 different stocks. This broker also allows clients to trade with commodities. trading for beginners is great due to a minimum lot size of just 0.01, along with a minimum deposit of just $10. This broker a lot also allows for great leverage ratios.



News Updates

Something that you may appreciate about the OspreyFX broker is the fact that it provides clients with Daily News updates about all of the most important events around the world. All of the Daily News updates provided here are in regard to economics and trading. It is of course important to know what is going on around the world before you start trading on any given day. All news updates are well organized so you can really access them.



The Forex Calculators

The next thing that you may like about OspreyFX is the fact that it comes complete with many different Forex calculators. This broker comes complete with a number of different calculators including a currency converter, a margin calculator, a pip value calculator, and a currency converter. These are all tools that allow for the best possible risk management, and they also allow you to perform accurate evaluations of what could possibly be the most profitable trades for you to make.



OspreyFX Funded Accounts

One of the coolest things about this particular broker is the fact that he comes complete with funded trading accounts. In essence, this means that you get to trade with someone else’s money. It’s a big bonus for people who don’t have much money to spare, or just don’t want to trade with their own money. Here, you can trade with a funded account, and you will then be able to keep 70% of the profits that you make. Of course, do first have to prove that you are a profitable trader who knows what you are doing. However, after the initial evaluation phase, if he proved to be a profitable trader, you can use one of these climate trading accounts.


Trading Education

Something else that stands out about this particular broker is the fact that it comes complete with trading education period of course, as a newbie, you might not know how to trade profitably, or how to trade at all. Well, when it comes to making money, this is quite a problem period for this reason, the OspreyFX broker comes complete with a variety of educational resources. These educational resources are divided into their actions according to difficulty levels. There are a variety of educational resources for beginners, intermediate traders, and four seasoned veterans as well.



Using MetaTrader4

You will definitely appreciate the fact that the OspreyFX broker uses only MetaTrader 4 for trading. MetaTrader4 is of course one of the most popular trading platforms in the world. One reason for this is because it allows for three different trading modes, including social trading, automated trading, and manual trading. Moreover, it’s just extremely user friendly trading platform that is easy for everybody to use. It’s also an extremely reliable and safe trading platform.


OspreyFX Affiliate Program

Next, this particular broker also features an awesome affiliate program. This allows you to refer your friends and family to this broker. Whenever your friends or family trade with lot sizes larger than $10, you will be provided with a commission. Moreover, this is also a multi level program, which means that you will also earn commissions from the referrals of your referrals, and so on and so forth. It’s a really easy way to make a passive income without actually having to do any work.


Tier One Banking

What you also need to know about OspreyFX is the fact that it uses clear one banking. Its broker works in combination with the world’s top financial institutions, and the largest banks. This helps to ensure that there is a huge pool of liquidity available at all times, and it sure is great reliability. It’s all about making sure that deposits and withdrawals, as well as trades are executed flawlessly and with maximum security possible. This broker works with only the top banks around the world, and that makes a big difference.



Segregated Client Funds

What is also worth noting about this particular broker is the fact that you can choose how your funds are held once you deposit them. You can choose to have your funds in your own name and in your own bank account. However you can also have this broker hold onto your funds in a special bank account as well. All client funds are kept off balance, and they are not used to pay off creditors. Moreover, all funds of this broker, as well as your own funds are all separately tracked.



Risk Management

OspreyFX also utilizes the best risk management techniques in the world. It’s all about regularly and consistently pinpointing, analyzing, monitoring, and regulating every single aspect that is associated with the day-to-day off operations of this broker. All financial and capital requirements are covered at all times, and clients are kept as safe as possible.


OspreyFX ECN Connectivity

The other thing worth noting here is that this broker uses ECN connectivity in order to trade. The institutional great liquidity that you get with this broker makes it very easy to trade. Clients never have to deal with dealing desks, re quoting, or rate manipulation. When it comes to great spreads, flawless execution, and high trading volumes, this ECN connectivity is definitely something to keep an eye on.


OspreyFX Broker Review – The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, we think that this OspreyFX broker is one of the better ones out there. It is absolutely worth checking out.

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