Crypto World Company Review: TRADING SCAM?


The Crypto World Company system self-advertises as being the most profitable and reliable cryptocurrency investment solution in the world. Sure, this sounds great, but it is true? We are here today doing this Crypto World Company review to find out whether or not this cryptocurrency venture is worth investing money in.


Crypto World Company


Crypto World Company System – Anonymous!

The first thing that came to our attention about this Crypto World Company system is that it appears to be totally anonymous. At no point are we ever informed of who owns or leads this company. This is indeed a very troubling issue. How are we supposed to trust this cryptocurrency trading system with our hard earned money when they refuse to tell us who they are?

The only reason why these crooks would ever purposely choose to keep their identities a secret is because they are doing shady and illegal things. In this case, they are stealing money from people by promising big returns, but simply pocketing the cash. Folks, there is never a good reason for a legal and legit cryptocurrency investment system to be anonymous.


Crypto World Company



Crypto World Company App – Not A Real Company!

The next red flag that came to our attention about this Crypto World Company app is that it does not appear to be a real company in the least. Yes, these guys provide us with an address, contact details, and they even claim to be registered in the UK. However, none of these things are true or reliable in the least. Both the address and provided contact details are completely bogus.

We tried contacting these crooks and no one ever got back to us, plus the listed address simply does not belong to them. Moreover, if you go to look the Crypto World Company up in the UK business registry, it just does not exist. The only place where this company exists is on the website. It is not a real or legal business entity and it has no authority whatsoever.


Crypto World Company



Crypto World Company Program – Not Licensed!

The next scam factor that we noticed here flows nicely from the first two points we made. You see, a business that takes investments, provides an ROI, and engages in crypto trading needs to have proper licensing. Well, a company needs to be real, it needs to be registered, and it needs to have total transparency to acquire a license such as this.

Seeing as the Crypto World Company system does not qualify for any of those things, it is safe to assume that it has no license whatsoever. This means that it is taking investments from people illegally. They have no authority or legal right to do so. Yes, these clowns will take your cash, but they are not using it for cryptocurrency trading or investment. They simply steal it from you and they don’t think twice about it.


How Does The Crypto World Company Trading App Work?

One of the really odd aspects of the Crypto World Company trading app is how it claims to work. Even on the website, there seems to be confusion about whether this is a semi-automated or fully automated cryptocurrency trading app.

At one point we are told that the bots do all of the work for us. At another point we are told that there are experts to advise us on trading. These are contradictory statements and the whole thing just does not make any sense. Moreover, we are never really told how the trading works here. All we are informed of is that the Crypto World Company trading app buys low and sells high. Don’t get us wrong, it makes sense, but it is just too quick, easy, and simple to be true.

These guys use the most basic explanation, combined with some fancy words, to try and make this whole thing seem legit. Guys, they say that if you invest $20,000, you will get over 1,000 separate trading bots. They think that they can entice investors with numbers, or in other words quantity, when we all know that quality always comes before quantity.


Crypto World Company



Crypto World Company Software – Unrealistic Profits & Packages!

Something that really stands out about this Crypto World Company program is that it is very expensive to join, and the advertised profits really do not seem to fit the price. There are 10 different package levels to choose from, starting at $20 and topping off at $20,000. However, for each package, the advertised returns are the same, a slid 2.4% daily ROI. Now, the 2.4% ROI is not totally unrealistic, as the number is not huge.


Crypto World Company


However, what is unrealistic, for one, is guaranteeing these returns, and two, that these returns will continue for years to come. When it comes to the world of cryptocurrency trading, there is no such thing as a guarantee of returns. Also, why would the returns be 2.4% for both the top and bottom level packages? It just doesn’t make a lick of sense. We know for a fact that so far nobody has profited here. The internet is rife with complaints about these clowns and how all investors so far have been ripped off. Oh, did we forget to mention that this is also a Ponzi and a pyramid scheme?


Crypto World Company



Crypto World Company Scam – A Bogus Seminar!

The website for the Crypto World Company app advertises that it is hosting a seminar in Ghana for cryptocurrency trading. Is this not odd? Why would a company based in the UK only do seminars in some random African country? It just does not make sense. Sure, they show a video with an alleged seminar being prepared and taking place. Yet, there is just no proof that this is real at all. It all just seems really odd, weird, and completely bogus.


Crypto World Company



Crypto World Company Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the Crypto World Company is a complete scam. It’s a rip off and it will steal your money. Please guys, just stay away from it because investing your hard earned money here will achieve nothing but total loss.




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