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The Nava Gates broker claims to be one of the best for CFD and Forex trading. We have our doubts! This is our Nava Gates review and we are here to shut this scam broker down once and for all!


Nava Gates


Nava Gates Leadership

One of the first scam factors which came to our attention here has to do with the leadership of the Nava Gates broker. The fact here is that there is no mention of company ownership or leadership present anywhere on the site. This complete lack of transparency is not a good sign, not in the least.

If this broker were the real deal, then the people behind it would not have to stay hidden from sight. Seeing as these people are clearly doing their best to stay anonymous, it absolutely indicates that there is something illegal going on here. If we are to trust with our money, then we want to know who’s hands that money is in.

Nava Gates Contact Information

Something else that stands out about this suspicious broker has to do with the contact info listed on the website. For one, the email address provided does not seem to function. We tried emailing these people a few times, but we never got a single response.

The same goes for the phone number. We tried calling several times, but of course, nobody ever picked up our call. What we also noticed is that the phone number provided is actually from the UK. This is suspicious in of itself.

The reason why this is suspicious is because claims to be based in the Dominican Republic. So, why exactly it has a UK phone number is beyond us. It appears to be a trick to make people think that6 this is a legit broker, not some kind of offshore scam broker, which of course it is. – Oracle Share LTD

Another issue which we have with this particular broker is that the company behind it, which claims to own it, Oracle Share LTD, also appears to be totally bogus. This company claims to be based in the Dominican Republic. The website even goes so far as to provide us with a Dominican business registration number.

First off, even if this were true, offshore brokers, such as from the Dominican Republic, are usually not monitored or regulated, which is bad in of itself. However, the real problem here is that the country of the Dominican Republic has no record of Oracle Share LTD existing. In other words, this company is not actually registered in the Dominican as is claimed. It’s not registered at all, and that’s a huge problem.

Nava Gates Licensing

Yet another big time red flag that came to our attention about the Nava Gates Forex broker is how it does not have any sort of licensing. The fact of the matter is that any such broker which provides financial investment services must be licensed by law.

However, when it comes to, there is no such licensing to speak of. There is not a single licensing agency or watchdog in the world which has granted these crooks a license. This means that is not authorized, it’s not licensed, it’s not registered, and it is in no way legal. This whole operation is 100% illegal.


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Nava Gates Accounts

Yet another thing which stands out about is how the accounts just don’t add up. There are 4 accounts to sign up for. Besides the first one, the minimum deposits are all way over the $250 industry standard. Moreover, some of the accounts require a $10,000 deposit to open them up. As you can see, this is well above the industry standard for deposit minimums, and it is very suspicious.

Also, there does not seem to be any kind of notable difference between any of the accounts. If there are no differences, why are there different accounts? It’s nothing more than smoke and mirrors, a trick to make it seem like there is selection available, when really it’s all the same garbage.


Nava Gates Trading Platform

The next scam factor that needs talking about here has to do with the trading platform which the Nava Gates broker offers to its users. Here we uncovered a massive lie. These crooks claim that they use the MT4 platform, otherwise known as MetaTrader 4. However, this is simply not true. We noticed this when looking at the platform.

They claim it is MT4, and yes, they plop an MT4 logo onto the platform, but it is not MT4. There are some noticeable differences. Most of all, it is clear that this particular platform has no security or encryption measures at all. It is specifically designed without real security measures to make it easier for the crooks running the show to steal your money. Withdrawals

What also came to our attention about is that it simply does not allow for withdrawals in any way, shape, or form. We have been contacted by a multitude of scam victims who have not been able to withdraw funds from the Nava Gates broker.

There are various error messages which people get when trying to make a withdrawal, plus people also have their accounts blocked without warning. Whatever the case may be, the end result is always the same. People are unable to withdraw any amount of money.


Nava Gates Partnership Program

The final Nava Gates broker scam factor that we need to mention has to do with the referral or partnership program. The story here is that you will get a commission or a bonus if you as a member can get others to also invest money.

In this way, it takes the form of a classic pyramid scheme. It’s an easy way for these crooks to widen their casting net. The problem is that they will steal from anybody and everybody, plus the bonuses are non-existent.

Nava Gates



Nava Gates Scam Review – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the only thing left to say about the Nava Gates broker is to stay away from it. The only purpose it serves is to steal money from its investors.


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