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The Cash Mining crypto cloud miner claims to be the most profitable investment program of its kind out there right now. Yes, the mining of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be somewhat profitable. However, with the current condition of the market, it’s really not that profitable anymore. Therefore, when claims to be able to provide investors with massive daily returns, we are a little bit suspicious.

Sure, the website looks legit enough. There was clearly a good amount of work put into making the site look like the real deal. However, as you probably know by now, looks can be very deceiving. We definitely think that this is the case here.

The Cash Mining crypto cloud miner looks like the real deal at a glance. However, things quickly start to fall apart upon closer inspection. We did a lot of research into, and we came across quite a few red flags which are indicative of a shady and illegal scam. This is our Cash Mining scam review and we are here to shut this horrible cryptocurrency mining scam down once and for all!

Cash Mining Scam

Cash Mining Company Info

First off, is completely anonymous and faceless. There is not a single mention of who might be in charge here. This kind of anonymity and lack of transparency is always indicative of a scam.

Next, we also found out that the phone number and the email address provided are both false. We tried contacting these crooks through both methods, but no response.

Cash Mining Scam

Also, claims to be owned by Bitcoin MiningCo LTD, which is allegedly registered in the UK. The site even shows a registration document with a registration number.

Well, we looked the HG up, and the address does not belong to Bitcoin MiningCo LTD or to Cash Mining. It’s just a random address. Moreover, we also checked with the UK Companies House, and of course, there is no record of this company being officially registered.


A Lack of Licensing

What we also noticed about the Cash Mining system is that there is a lack of official licensing. This is supposed to be an investment company providing financial services to its investors, and it claims to do so worldwide.

Therefore, would have to be licensed by no less than a dozen different regulatory bodies. Well, we do some research, and from what we can tell, there is not a single license present. In other words, this Cash Mining system is not licensed, thus it’s not legal, and therefore has no authority to be accepting investments from people or to handle money.


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Cash Mining Investment Accounts

Something else which stands out here, another big time red flag, has to do with the ridiculous amount of profits promised by this cryptocurrency cloud miner. Let’s use the highest investment account as an example. We are told that for 0.71911947 BTC we can buy the highest investment plan, so roughly $6,618 USD.

This investment package will generate a return of 0.004983 BTC ($46 USD) per day, or 0.14949 BTC ($1,376 USD) per month. These investment packages last for the duration of a full year, so if we do the math, the returns here would be about $16,512, subtracting the initial investment of $6,618, and the final return would equal $9,894 USD.

Folks, this is completely ridiculous. The fact of the matter is that Bitcoin and altcoin mining is just not that profitable, especially right now. Moreover, we are also provided with zero information about the mining software or the location of the farms. The bottom line is that these promised profits are bogus. It cannot be done.

Cash Mining Scam



One of the most telling scam factors which we came across here has to do with the alleged payouts which the miner provides people with. The website features a payouts section which displays withdrawals made by investors. Well, these are simply fake, just made up out of thin air. There is absolutely no way to confirm that these payouts are legit.

There certainly is not enough info present. However, what we do know is what we have learned from no less than 50 different people. We have gotten a multitude of complaints from disgruntled scam victims, and they all say the exact same thing.

Everybody who has attempted to make a withdrawal has failed. People receive error messages, people are asked to deposit more money, and people’s accounts get shut down. Whatever the case may be, the Cash Mining crypto miner does not allow its investors to withdraw any amount of money.

Cash Mining Referral Program

The final thing that we want to mention about this bogus crypto miner is that the referral program is clearly bogus. With the highest account level, we are told that we will receive a 25% bonus on the amount of money which our referrals invest. Folks, 25% is a whole lot of money. D

o you really think that these thieves are willing to part with 25% of the money that they plan to steal from your referrals? Of course not! These criminals are not going to give away a single penny.

Make no mistake about it, because the people behind will steal money from whomever you refer. This much is true, but you won’t ever see any kind of bonus or commission.

Cash Mining Scam Review – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the only thing left to say about this investment system is that it is undoubtedly a huge cryptocurrency scam. The fact of the matter is that this company is totally anonymous and faceless, it features fake company and contact info, and it’s not even registered in the UK as is claimed on the site.

Moreover, these criminals have no kind of licensing, and are therefore operating illegally. The promises of such massive profits are unrealistic, the referral program is bogus, and there is not a single investor who has ever been able to make a withdrawal from This whole thing is one massive exercise in highway robbery, and you need to stay away from it as far as humanly possible.


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