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The Crypto MasterBot is a fairly new autotrader for cryptocurrencies and Forex, and yes, it is one of the best ones out there. However, this is not to day that there were not some issues with it. Yet, the Crypto MasterBot has now been upgraded and improved in various ways to make trading easier and more profitable!

Crypto MasterBot


More Signals Added

One aspect of this Crypto MasterBot system which has been improved has to do with the amount of signals provided to the user. Now, in the beginning, when this autotrader was first released, it did already provide the user with a decent amount of signals. There were a couple dozen Forex signals provided, as well as a dozen or so cryptocurrency signals. Yes, this may seem like a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, the selection of available signals to trade with was not fantastic.

However, since his software was upgraded, the number of available trading signals to utilize has roughly doubled. Folks, this means that you now have a much greater selection of signals which you can trade with, and therefore the chances of being able to make healthy and consistent profits has also improved quite a bit. Simply put, we are happy with the fact that this Crypto MasterBot software now has a much larger selection of cryptocurrency and Forex signals for you to work with.


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A Higher Quality Algorithm

Yet another improvement or upgrade that has been made to this Crypto MasterBot software has to do with the algorithm which provides you with trading signals. If you have already used this software for trading, you probably know that it was already very accurate to begin with. Realistically, you could expect to win something like 8 out of 10 trades placed, or in other words, it featured an ITM rate of roughly 80%. Now, this is of course nothing to look down your nose at, and in all reality, it should have lead to some pretty decent and consistent profits.

Well, this has now all been improved. No, we are not going to get into the exact science of it, or explain exactly what has been done to the Crypto Masterbot algorithm. However, what we can say is that it has been modified, with more aspects added to it, as well as some more in depth coding to. The result here is that both the Forex and the cryptocurrency signals provided to the user are much more accurate than ever before. Now, with the recent improvements to the selection algorithm, you can expect an overall ITM rate of up to 95%, which is of course totally amazing.

More Countries Accepted

Yet another big Crypto MasterBot upgrade that was done over the weekend is that there are now more countries being accepted. In the beginning, one of the biggest cons or drawbacks to this software was that not all that many countries were being accepted in terms of users. Chances were pretty big that you lived in a country where this software was not available for use. Of course, this was unfortunate for many people, because this is a high class and high performing autotrader.

Well, this has now been changed, as the list of accepted countries for this Crypto MasterBot system has virtually doubled over the last week. Moreover, there are still more new countries being added to the list every single day. So, now, chances are that you do probably live in a country where the Crypto MasterBot app is accepted for use.

A New Free Demo

Yet another big time improvement or new addition to this Crypto MasterBot software is that there is now a free demo to test out. This is one of the biggest complaints which we were receiving in terms of this software. As is the case with new autotraders, people often want to test them out before having to invest in real capital trading. It is understandable of course, as people want to know that any piece of trading software is reliable.

Well, this is now not the case anymore, as there is no a free Crypto MasterBot demo version for anybody to test out. Keep in mind that this demo version is fully functional. It works exactly like the full and live version of the application, but you don’t have to risk real money to use it. Therefore, you can test the system out, see how it works, all without having to risk real money until you feel comfortable doing so.


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A More Reliable Probability Rating

The final big time improvement or upgrade made to this Crypto MasterBot system has to do with the displayed probability rating. If you don’t know what this is, each signal, whether Forex or Crypto, comes with a probability bar. This is a fairly precise indication of what the chances of winning a trade are with any provided signal. The better the probability rating is, the higher the chances of a trade being won.

The problem before the upgrade was that this probably rating had a fairly large margin of error, or in other words, it was not always that accurate. However, now, with the improvements, the margin of error for the probability rating has been greatly improved, and is therefore a much more reliable indication of the chances of a trade being won or lost with any given signal.

Crypto MasterBot Upgrades – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, we do think that this Crypto MasterBot trading application is one of the better ones out there at this time. Now, with all of the recent upgrades, additions, and improvements, it is even better than ever before. The probability rating is much more accurate now, as well as the quality of the signals too. Moreover, simply put, there are just a lot more signals to choose from now. The fact of the matter is also that there are way more countries accepted for use, and there is even a free demo too!

Crypto Masterbot

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