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Ok guys, the brand new BTrade Signal Pro app has just been released, and honestly we could not be any happier about it. This revolutionary new application comes to us from the same people who created the BTrade Automated app. This was a signals provider and autotrader from last year, one that was actually very successful and well received. Well, the old version was so popular, that the makers decided to upgrade it, remake it, and release a new and better version of it, the BTrade Signal Pro system.

Personally, we are very excited to take a really close look at this new BTrade Signal Pro autotrader and of course to test it out for ourselves. Yes, it has indeed been far too long since a signals provider and day trading application has been released, especially a good one that is actually usable. Sure, there have been other signals providers and autotraders released since the old version of BTrade Signal Pro software, but not many of them lived up to the hype.

Now, seeing as the older version of this app, from the same makers, was so successful, we do expect some really big things from this BTrade Signal Pro system, and it is indeed why we are making such a big fuss about its release. We are here today doing this first of many BTrade Signal Pro reviews to tell you all about it. We will be doing more in depth reviews of this new signals provider and autotrader in the future, but for now, let’s just go over some basic facts.

BTrade Signal Pro

BTrade Signal Pro Software – The Important Facts

Right now, we want to go over the basic and most important facts about the BTrade Signal Pro signals provider and autotrader. There are some impressive things about it that you should definitely be able to appreciate.

A High Quality Signals Provider

The first thing that you really need to know about this BTrade Signal Pro app is that it is indeed a very high quality signals provider. It comes with literally hundreds of signals for you to choose to trade with, which is already very impressive. What’s also pretty cool is the fact that you can use this software to trade both Forex and cryptocurrencies, so there’s another bonus for anybody who would like to trade with both of those things.

BTrade Signal Pro

It’s Semi Automated

Another important thing that you should know about this BTrade Signal Pro system is that it is a semi automated trading app. What this means is that it does automatically provide the user with Forex and cryptocurrency trading signals, but you can’t actually just turn it on and let it trade for you. You have to execute individual trades manually. We do actually think that this is a good thing, because it means that you get to choose and select exactly which signals to work with.

Super User Friendly

Something else that stands out about this BTrade Signal Pro software is the fact that it is very user friendly. Now, we are not going to go very in depth right now in terms of the platform itself, because we will be doing more reviews, specifically platform and functionality reviews in the near future. However, what we can say is that this day trading software is designed to be extremely user friendly. The point of it is so that anybody can easily use it to make consistent profits through Forex and crypto trading.


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It’s Available Worldwide

The next really beneficial aspect of this BTrade Signal Pro system is the fact that it is available for use worldwide. Now, there are tons of signals providers and trading apps out there, but the problem with the vast majority of them is that they are not eligible for use in many countries. Residents of the USA and Canada particularly often have trouble accessing most autotraders out there. However, this is not the case here, because this software accepts users from pretty much every country in the world, and that is going to benefit a heck of a lot of people.


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It’s Reliable & Profitable

What we do definitely know about the BTrade Signal Pro system is that it is said to be very reliable and quite profitable overall. Now, we are not the kind of people to take something like this at face value, so we are going to be doing some extensive testing in this regard. Yet, from what we have gathered so far, it is safe to say that this trading app should provide you with overall ITM or win rates anywhere from 70% to 90%, which is of course nothing to look down your nose at.

Signing Up Is Free

The final thing that we want to mention in today’s BTrade Signal Pro review is that signing up for it, and yes, using it, is actually totally free. For anybody who doesn’t want to pay a bunch of cash, just to trade with more money, it’s a definite benefit, and we would recommend checking it out for sure.

BTrade Signal Pro

BTrade Signal Pro Review – Final Thoughts

When all is said and done, we do think that this brand new BTrade Signal Pro signals provider and autotrader is indeed the real deal. If it is anything like the older version of this software, it’s definitely going to be a big deal in the day trading community. Remember folks, this software is intended to allow you to trade both Forex and cryptocurrencies by providing you with super reliable signals and an easy to use platform.

Of course, we do still want to test it out for ourselves, quite extensively, but the signs so far are very good to say the least. Remember guys, it does not cost anything to sign up for or to use this BTrade Signal Pro app, and people from virtually all countries worldwide can use it. We are super excited to see if this app is going to perform as well as we think it is.


BTrade Signal Pro

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