Hour Bit Club LTD Scam Review

OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: hourbit.club

The Hour Bit Club LTD program is a crypto investment system that promises great results and a huge hourly ROI. When you first go to the website, it does appear to be pretty legit. These guys obviously put a lot of work into creating a site that looks the part. However, as we know all too well from dealing with thousands of cryptocurrency scams, looks can and often are very deceiving. Sure, the Hour Bit Club LTD system promises awesome returns, and in fact guarantees them, but from what we have gathered, these clowns are all talk and no walk.

The Hour Bit Club LTD app does not provide any solid evidence that any people have ever made money here, or that this crypto investment program is legit at all. Yet, from all of the evidence which we have gathered, it is pretty obvious that there is something super shady going on here. From what we can tell, there are many different scam factors here which you need to watch out for. We are here today doing this Hour Bit Club LTD review for your benefit. We want to keep you and your financial security safe, which is not something that can happen if you get mixed up with this crypto scam.


Hour Bit Club LTD


Hour Bit Club LTD Program – FAKE PEOPLE!

One of the first signs that the Hour Bit Club LTD system is fake has to do with the alleged leadership team. We are not even going to name the people we are shown because they are phonies anyway. We are shown pictures of the supposed leadership team, but it is totally obvious that these are stolen or purchased stock images from other websites.

The names which have been given to these people are fictitious. We looked each of them up and came up totally empty. The conclusion here is that the Hour Bit Club LTD app is totally anonymous and faceless. We do not actually know who is in charge here. Guys, if you do not know whose hands your money is in, you cannot possibly trust Hour Bit Club LTD software at all. You just cannot every trust any kind of anonymous crypto investment program like this. It is bound to be a scam if the real owners are too spineless to reveal their true identities.


Hour Bit Club LTD


Speaking of fake people, the Hour Bit Club LTD user testimonials which are featured on the website are also bogus. The people we see are also stolen stock images combined with random names. These people have no online presence and as far as we can tell, they do not exist at all. Heck, the people seen here probably do not even know that their pictures have been used for these fake Hour Bit Club LTD user testimonials.


Hour Bit Club LTD


On that same note, the company itself is not real either. We looked up Hour Bit Club LTD in the UK and across the whole world. Nowhere is it registered as an official company. So, this system only exists on the internet, but is not an official business entity. This also means that this crypto scam is not licensed at all. In other words, it is not legally allowed to accept investments from people. Yes, they will take your money, but they are just stealing it, not investing it.


Hour Bit Club LTD



Hour Bit Club LTD System – NOT PROFITABLE!

One thing that we know for sure about this Hour Bit Club LTD app is that it is not profitable at all. First and foremost, we are told that our ROI will be generated through the use of a high powered crypto trading platform. Apparently, this platform is so good that it never ever loses trades, only wins them, and it uses some awesome algorithm to do so. Excuse us, but this is not nearly good enough to convince us that the Hour Bit Club LTD system has any merit or is profitable in the least. We want a real and concise explanation of how this crypto trading app is supposed to work.

Next, the amount of money we are told that this Hour Bit Club LTD system can generate is truly ludicrous. We are told that it can generate revenues of 18% per hour off of a small $800 investment. This would mean that you can invest $800 and end up with hundreds of thousands of dollars by the end of the week. This is so insanely stupid that we do not know whether to laugh or cry. As we always said, if making this kind of cash for doing no work at all was possible, world poverty and hunger issues would not be a thing. We have talked to tons of people out there that have already been taken to the cleaners by this scam. They all say the same thing. They invest the money and then it just disappears altogether.


Hour Bit Club LTD


Finally, we also need to mention that this is indeed a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme. Promising huge returns without anything actually materializing is what a Ponzi scheme is. Next, these guys also have an affiliate referral system, which means that if you get your friends and family to invest money into the Hour Bit Club LTD crypto system, you can get up to 10% of their investment. However, of course, this is simply not true. Sure, the crooks running the show here will happily take the money, but you will never actually get any kind of commission from it.


Hour Bit Club LTD


Hour Bit Club LTD Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only reasonable thing that we can say about this Hour Bit Club LTD software is that it is indeed a rip off. It serves one purpose, which is to defraud innocent people like you out of your hard earned money. Please folks, whatever you do, just stay very far away from this cryptocurrency trading scam.




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