AiMiner Scam Review: CRYPTO SCAM?


The AiMiner program claims to be a high powered automated crypto trading tool. Apparently it can make big profits in very little time. However, we have our doubts, which is why we are here today doing this AiMiner review.


AiMiner Scam Alert


AiMiner Scam App – A CONFUSING NAME!

For one, this AiMiner System has a super confusing name that just does not make sense. The system is called an artificial intelligence miner. This would indicate that this software is supposed to mine for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, according to the website, this is actually an automated crypto trading application. Folks, these guys cannot even get the name of their scam right, so how do you expect to trust them with your hard earned money. It is apparent that the people behind this cryptocurrency trading scam are about as brainless as a bag of rocks.


AiMiner Crypto Trader – FREE DEMO TRICK!

The next red flag which came to our attention about this AiMiner software is that they use the classic free demo trick. This is something that tons of Bitcoin trading apps do to try and convince people that their programs actually work. You can sign up for a free demo, which then shows you how awesome the program is. When it comes to the AiMiner demo, it shows all winning trades and it makes this software appear super awesome.

However, this is simply not the case. The demo is rigged like a carnival game, except it is rigged to win, not to lose. This tricks people into thinking that this crypto trading platform actually works, and really well at that. Yet this is just not so. The demo is a trick and it has no bearing on what trading with the full version of this app is like. It is meant to instill a false sense of trust so you hand over your money to these guys, just so they can end up stealing it from you.


AiMiner Scam Alert



AiMiner System – NO LEADERSHIP!

The next telltale sign that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the leadership of the AiMiner System scam app, or the lack of it we should say. Not once are we provided with any valuable information in regards to who owns or leads this Bitcoin trading software. This is a very bad sign if we do say so ourselves. From our experience with this kind of thing, there has never been a trading app for cryptocurrencies that is both anonymous and legit.

Unless there is something illegal going on here, there is simply no good reason for the owners to keep their identities a secret. It is really obvious that these criminals are stealing money from people, which is why they are choosing to stay out of the public’s eye. Guys, whenever you come across an anonymous and faceless crypto trading app like this, you can be sure that it is a total rip off and that it will steal your money.



Something that we know for a fact about this AiMiner trading scam is that it is not registered at all, nor is it even a real company. Automated crypto trading systems need to be monitored and registered. This is the law, and without proper monitoring, oversight, and registration, any automated Bitcoin trading app is not legal.

This particular system is not registered anywhere in the world, nor is it licensed. The only conclusion here is that the AiMiner system operates outside of the boundaries of the law. It is a trading scam and it is meant to rip you off. It is obvious that it is not registered, because the owners behind it would then have to reveal their true identities, which of course they definitely do not want to do.



The next thing that came to our attention here is that we are provided with bogus contact information for this AiMiner system. We are provided with phone numbers and an email address, but both are just completely fake.

We tried contacting these crooks in every way possible and we were either stonewalled or we just never heard back. It is clear that these criminals do not want anybody contacting them. Think about it guys, if these people are stealing money from innocent traders, obviously they are not about to provide real contact details.


AiMiner Scam Alert



AiMiner Software – HOW DOES IT WORK?

Well, when it comes down to it, the AiMiner app does not work at all. Sure, these crooks talk about world leading algorithms and a bunch of other nonsense, but that is exactly what it is, a bunch of nonsense.


AiMiner Trading Scam – NOT PROFITABLE!

We know for a fact that nobody has ever made a penny in profits using this AiMiner trading scam. Sure, these crooks talk a big game, but it is all hot air, smoke, and mirrors. From what we have gathered, it is simply not possible to make any money here. As soon as you go to deposit any money into your trading account, it instantly disappears into thin air, never to be seen again. Guys, the one and only purpose which this software serves is to steal money from innocent folks such as you.


AiMiner Scam Alert



AiMiner Trading Software – ONLY BAD WORDS!

When it comes to online third party reviews, there has not been a single website, blog, or forum out there which has had a single positive thing to say about this AiMiner app. Every single person that has ever seen it, come into contact with it, and who has been thieved from, only has had bad things to say. Based on what everybody is saying, there is no choice but to label this is a crypto trading scam.

AiMiner Review – Conclusion

The AiMiner system is a scam. It is an anonymous crypto trading app with no clear leadership, it is not registered, it has a confusing name, and people everywhere are being taken to the cleaners by it. Please guys, just stay away from it.




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