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The investment program claims to be able to generate massive profits for its investors through crypto trading. Yes, cryptocurrencies can lead to a lot of profits when traded the right way. However, trading crypto for big profits is much easier said than done. This particular investment program claims to do all of the hard work for you. Apparently, you just have to invest some money and watch as the profits accumulate.

Sure, the HYIP absolutely sounds like a great deal for anybody looking to make easy money without having to do any work at all. However, we are not very confident in this particular crypto investment program. The reason for this is because after a lot of research, we realized that more or less everything said on the website is totally bogus.

Yes, there are a lot of promised made on the official website, but none of them have any proof or evidence to back them up. On the other hand, all of the evidence we have found points in the direction of a scam. There are definitely a lot of scam factors which came to our attention here. This is our scam review and we are here to shut this horrible cryptocurrency scam down once and for all. Scam Alert Scam Factors

There are quite a few different scam factors worth talking about here, so let’s get right to it and find out why exactly you should not trust this cryptocurrency scam.


Right off the bat, we noticed that there is no mention of company ownership or leadership on the website. This is what we would call an anonymous and faceless scam. The owners of this crypto trading system are purposely staying hidden from sight.

What you need to beware of is that a legit trading or investment program would have no worries about showing who owns in. The fact that these crooks are staying hidden in a shroud of anonymity is not a good sign to say the least.

Contact Info

Something else that stands out about this scam has to do with the company contact details. We are told that this company is based in London, UK. There is an address provided.

We looked the address up, and while it does technically exist on a map, it does not belong to this company. Moreover, we tried contacting these crooks through the provided phone number and email address, and of course, nobody ever responded in any way, shape, or form. Scam Alert

Registration & Licensing

The next scam factor you need to know about is that this company is not actually registered at all. We looked it up in the UK Companies House, and we found nothing. It claims to be registered as an official company in the UK, but this simply is not true.

On that same note, we also know for a fact that this crypto investment system is not licensed to perform any sort of financial or investment activities at all. In other words, this is a completely bogus and illegal company that has absolutely no right handling anybody’s money.



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Yet another big time scam factor here has to do with the accounts. The highest account level claims to provide investors with a 1,000% ROI every hour for 10 hours. Folks, this would equal an ROI of 10,000%.

Do you really think that this is possible? Any real investor, as well as anybody with half a brain can tell that this number is a lie. There is not a single investment system in the world that can produce profits like this. It just cannot be done. Scam Alert


The website does claim that nearly a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of profit has been withdrawn by happy clients. However, this is also not true. We personally have received nearly 100 complaints about this scam. Every single victim who got scammed says the same thing.

They all deposited money accordingly, only to have it disappear in front of their eyes. Folks, this cryptocurrency investment system is nothing more than a way to steal money from you! You won’t ever make a profit here and you won’t break even either. You will lose every last penny invested. User Testimonials

The website also features a load of user testimonials. Yes, they are all super positive and of course, they’re all bogus too. The fact of the matter is that not a single one of the so called people who have left these user testimonials are real. They are fictitious characters, nothing more than random stock images combined with fake names. These user testimonials are not be trusted in the least. Scam Alert

Referral Program

The referral program is equally bogus as everything else featured on the site. The claim is that you can get a referral bonus of up to 20% by referring others to invest money here. Well, this is just an easy way for the anonymous crooks running the show to get you to do the heavy lifting. Scam Alert Scam Review – The Verdict

Let’s just recap everything we have talked about here today. Ok, so for one, there is no leadership in sight. Such a lack of transparency in terms of ownership is never a good sign. Let’s not forget that the contact details here are bogus, not to mention that the company itself is not actually registered or licensed at all.

Any and all user testimonials seen on the site are not legit at all. Moreover, there’s also the fact that these crooks claims to provide investors with some truly massive profits, when in reality they just steal any investments made for themselves.

Top it all of with a bogus affiliate referral program, and you have one of the biggest cryptocurrency scams of the year. Please folks, whatever you do, stay as far away from this scam as humanly possible. It will take all of the money you invest and you’ll never see it again.


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