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The Forex Pro Island Bot was just released to the public a couple of weeks ago. It has already managed to make quite a large impact on the world of day trading. It is not very often that you come across a piece of day trading technology that is fully automated, reliable, and profitable, but here we are.

Simply put, the Forex Pro Island Bot is really the first of its kind, not only in the way that it functions, but how it manages to produce some great profits too.

Today we are here to do a comprehensive Forex Pro Island Bot review. We want to talk about exactly what this app is and how it works, how to install it, how to use it, and so much more. Let’s get right to it and find out what this revolutionary new FX autotrader can do for you.

Forex Pro Island Bot

What is the Forex Pro Island Bot?

The Forex Pro Island Bot is a fully automated piece of day trading software for FX currency pairs. This is a piece of software designed to trade currency pairs on your behalf. Yes, it is a totally automated piece of technology, which means that it does all of the work for you. You literally just have to download it, install it, turn it on, and watch as it trades on your behalf and puts money in your pocket.

This is a great way for people who don’t have the time or knowledge to trade FX to still make money. This is something that eliminates the need for research, analysis, or really skill of any sort.

The Forex Pro Island Bot performs all of the necessary market analysis to execute the best FX trades possible. When it comes to convenient pieces of trading tech that can put money in your account without you having to do anything, this is one of the best out there right now.


How to Use the Forex Pro Island Bot

The really cool part about this Forex Pro Island Bot is that using it is as easy as can be. As we mentioned before, it does all of the hard work for you. Before you get to using it, you do have to install it first. This involves downloading the file from the official website and then installing the software onto the MT4 platform.

At this time, MT4 or the MetaTrader 4 platform is the only day trading platform which this FX Pro Island Bot is compatible with. However, after you have installed it, there is really no work left for you to do but to turn the app on and let it run.

Forex Pro Island Bot

This software incorporates a highly advanced algorithm which performs a myriad of technical analyses, fundamental analyses, and news analysis to ensure that it trades with only the most reliable and profitable FX signals. What is also really cool about the Forex Pro Island Bot is that it comes with 6 different currency pair bots included.

In other words, there are technically 6 bots included here, each of which is designed to trade one of the most reliable and profitable FX currency pairs out there. You simply open the chart for the Forex Pro Island Bot and the corresponding currency pair, turn on the autotrading function in MT4, and watch as trades are placed. Yes folks, you can choose to run 1, 2, or all 6 of the bots at once. How you go about this is totally up to you.


How to Install the Forex Pro Island Bot

Quite admittedly, installing the Forex Pro Island Bot is the hardest part of all, much harder than actually using it, which we suppose is a good thing. Now, there are a total of 10 or more steps that you have to follow in order to properly install this automated trading app.

Here we have a link to a step by step installation tutorial which will lead you through all of the steps in an easy manner. There are some technical things that you will have to do on the MT4 platform in order to get this app to work properly, such as downloading the financial history for all currency pairs which the Forex Pro Island Bot will trade with. However, other than that, there is not much too it.

It’s not like installing this software is overly difficult, but it does need to be done right. If you expect this FX autotrader to function properly, all of the steps in the installation process must be followed exactly. Below we also have a video which helps to explain how to install, set up, and configure this works class autotrader. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED INSTALLATION GUIDE


Who Created the Forex Pro Island Bot?

Something which is always worth talking about when it comes to new automated trading software like the Forex Pro Island Bot is who actually created it. After all, there is no denying the fact that there are tons of Forex and trading scams out there, ones which claim to provide you with easy money, yet just steal cash from you. Well, folks, we can all be sure that this particular autotrader is not a scam, and this is because the man behind it is the real deal.

If you don’t already know him, the man behind this awesome automated trading app is Andrew. A. You have probably seen Andrew before, as he has a super popular YouTube channel known as Andrew’s Trading Channel. This same person also created Andrew’s Trading Channel on Telegram. Both of these channels are world class educational resources that aspiring day traders can use to learn how to trade, to get market updates, to view live trading, to copy profitable trades, and so much more.


Andrew’s Trading Channel

You may actually also know Andrew from the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. This is often regarded as being one of the very best day trading schools or course out there. It comes with over 55 full length trading tutorials that cover all of the basics and so much more. So far, there are hundreds of students of the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy who have gone on to be successful and profitable day traders. The main point here is that Andrew. A is a real person, he knows what he is doing, we trust him, and therefore we also trust the Forex Pro Island Bot.


Expected ITM Rate

Something which you would probably like to know about the Forex Pro Island Bot is how it actually performs. This is important to talk about because while there are some other legit FX autotraders out there, most of them just don’t perform very well. In fact, the majority of them actually end up losing money for traders.

However, this is definitely not the case with this particular automated trading application, as has been demonstrated by none other than Andrew himself. Andrew has done a couple of live trading sessions on video with this Forex Pro Island Bot, and the sessions have gone very well.

The very first trading session saw the Forex Pro Island Bot execute a total of 23 trades, with 18 of them being winners. Well, this equals an ITM or win rate of 79%. This is very impressive. Think about it, this app has the ability to win almost 8 out of every 10 trades which it places. In this first live trading session, Andrew managed to put around $1,00 in the bank, all in a single day. Let’s not forget that the advertised ITM rate on the official website is 74%. In other words, this software produces even better results than the makers themselves anticipated.


How Much does it Cost?

Something else you are probably interested in knowing is how exactly the Forex Pro Island Bot costs. The cost of this software is a flat fee of $299. Don’t worry because there are absolutely no other hidden costs, membership fees, or anything else of the sort. There is a onetime payment of $299 required and that is it. You will never pay another penny ever again.

This is a great price for a profitable piece of day trading tech. Based on what the profit potential is like here, the Forex Pro Island Bot will allow you to make up the initial cost with just a couple hours of automated trading. Folks, this software ends up paying for itself, and in record time too.

Forex Pro Island Bot


Forex Pro Island Bot Review – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, we do think that the Forex Pro Island Bot is the most reliable and profitable FX autotrader out there. Of course, not only is it reliable and profitable, but it is also extremely easy to use. As long as you take your time installing it properly, there is no other work that needs to be done. This automated trading app does all of the hard work for you. Install it, turn it on, and watch as it generates substantial profits on your behalf.

Forex Pro Island Signup

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