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The Forex Pro Island autotrader is brand new and has already made a massive impact on the Forex market. Simply put, this is an automated trading bot that executes profitable trades on your behalf. A lot of people have been asking us questions, which is what this Forex Pro Island Q&A is all about. Let’s answer all of your most pressing questions right here and now!

Forex Pro Island Auto Bot

Are Stop Loss Levels Set Automatically?

Yes, this is one of the things which this particular automated trading bot for FX will do for you. People, this system does all of the work for you, and yes, this includes automatically setting the best stop loss levels. These stop loss levels are based on the analysis performed by the advanced algorithm which the Forex Pro Island Bot is built around. This helps to ensure that in the event that a trade goes south, you will be able to save a good deal of your investment before it all gets lost.


Should You Run 6 Bots At The Same Time?

Yes, this is something else that you can do. Now, what needs to be made clear here is that this software comes complete with 6 different bots. Each of the bots here is designed to trade with one specific FX currency pair, so EUR/USD for example. Therefore, if you want to trade with a specific currency pair, you first need to turn on the bot for that specific currency pair. So, if you want to trade all 6 currency pairs at the same time, and you have sufficient funds to cover all investments, then yes, allow all 6 Forex Pro Island bots to run at once.

Forex Pro Island Auto Bot


What Is the Minimum Recommended Balance for Forex Pro Island?

Yes, you do need money to trade of course. What is important to know here is that you should start off with a minimum recommended balance of $500 to $1,000. This is if you are trading at high volumes. Although, with that being said, for lower risk trading, you can start with as little as $150 in your trading account. Remember, the more you deposit from the get go, the riskier you can trade, and at higher volumes too.


When Should I Let The Forex Pro Island Bot Run?

What is also important to know is when and how often you should let the Forex Pro Island Automated Trading Bot run. Well, weekends are automatically off limits, simply because there is no FX trading on the weekends. However, you can turn this bot on 24/5, or in other words, let it run all day and night during the week, but turn it off on the weekends. If you want to minimize risk and maximize profits as much as possible, you can also consider only running the bot between Tuesday and Thursday, as Monday and Friday can both be a bit risky.


Can I Close Trades Before Take Profit Is Reached?

Yes, if for whatever reason you feel the need or desire to turn the FX Pro Island Bot off before a certain trade reaches its take profit level, you can do this. When using this software, you have the power to turn the bot off whenever you see fit, and this includes before take profit levels have been reached. Remember that each trade executed by this software will come with a variety of stop loss levels.

Forex Pro Island Auto Bot


Will Forex Pro Island Software Close Trades Automatically?

Yes, this is the beauty of the Forex Pro Island app, that it closes trades on its own. All trades come complete with stop loss levels and take profit levels. Therefore, if the trade is in the money, once a certain take profit level is reached, the trade will close on its own, and yes, you can select which take profit level the trade should close at. At the same time, the trades also come with stop loss levels, so if a certain amount of money is lost, of the trade goes south, the app will automatically close the trade before more money is lost.

Forex Pro Island Auto Bot


Can You Use MetaTrader 5?

The Forex Pro Island MT4 Trading Bot is designed to be used exclusively with the MetaTrader 4 platform, simply known as MT4. In other words, no, you cannot use this particular auto trading bot with the MT5 or MetaTrader 5 platform.


What Devices & Operating Systems Does The Forex Pro Island App Run On?

Luckily for you, this particular piece of automated trading software runs on virtually all devices and operating systems. This software can be used on desktops and laptops, on Microsoft and Mac computers, it can also be used on tablets and smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. Simply put, the Forex Pro Island app can be used on both major operating systems on computer and on mobile devices. Therefore, you can use this application to trade at home and on the go alike.


Is The Forex Pro Island Bot Available In My Country?

Something that is nice about the Forex Pro Island MT4 Trading Bot is that it is most likely avaiualbe in your country. This is a very widespread bot that is available in many places including USA, UK, EU countries, Canada, Australia, Singapore, as well as Asian, African and Middle East countries, and all other countries too.


How Much Does It Cost?

This particular autotrader is going to cost you a flat fee of $299 to use. This is a onetime payment with no additional or hidden fees or costs of any type.

Forex Pro Island Q&A

We hope that between this Forex Pro Island Q&A, and the FAQ we did a couple of days ago, that we have managed to answer all of your most pressing questions about it. Remember folks, this is a very advanced and high quality automated trading bot for Forex.

This means that it does all of the heavy lifting for you and has the ability to put substantial profits in your pockets on a consistent basis. It’s definitely something worth checking out if you finally want to make some money in the world of Forex trading.

Forex Pro Island Signup

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