FineCoin ICO: Massive Opportunity


The FineCoin ICO is in the midst of happening right now as we speak. If you want to make money in the world of cryptocurrencies, we would definitely recommend taking a closer look at this new FineCoin cryptocurrency. It has not been officially release yet, but is currently in the initial coin offering stage. The time to invest in the FineCoin currency is now, before the price of the ICO goes up more and definitely before the official launch happens.

FineCoin is currently hailed as Europe’s biggest and best cryptocurrency to come. It is said that it is going to skyrocket in value over the coming months and years, which is true for several different reasons. We are here today doing a FineCoin review to tell you all about this brand new crypto money making opportunity. This is an awesome decentralized cryptocurrency that allows for financial freedom and massive gains in the form of returns on your investment, plus so much more.





The FineCoin ICO

The most important thing that you need to know about right now is that the FineCoin ICO is going on right now. The latest round literally just ended, but there is a new one set for tomorrow and many days to come.

Of course, the reason why investing during the initial coin offering is so financially beneficial is because the FineCoin price is going to be at an all-time low. You will never ever again be able to buy this new cryptocurrency at such a low price. The benefit here is of course that you will be able to make a huge profit simply by investing in this coin during this ICO stage.



The initial coin offering round that happened today took the world by surprise. It is ridiculous to think that a full 250,000 coins were bought in as little as 4 minutes, but that is exactly what happened today with FineCoin tokens. There are a total of 20 rounds to this initial coin offering, 8 of which have already been completed, but there are still 12 more rounds to go, which bodes well for any potential investors.

The FineCoin price during tomorrow’s ICO round is going to 80 cents, there are 250,000 coins up for grabs, you have to buy at least 50 coins, with a maximum buy of 400. In fact, there will be 250,000 FineCoin tokens up for grabs on each of the 12 remaining days. However, as the ICO goes on, the price is going rise. By the end of the ICO, the last day of which is on February 13, the price will rise to $1.20 per coin, with a minimum buy of 50 and a max of 200.



It is needless to say that the time to invest in this currency is right now, before the price goes up. It really is a great opportunity to say the least. On a side note, we like how investors have the ability to perform Ethereum and Bitcoin withdrawals during the ICO, this providing investors with absolute 100% control over their money.


FineCoin Roadmap

We are very confident in the fact that the FineCoin price is going to rise drastically once the actual cryptocurrency is officially launched. The FineCoin whitepaper and the roadmap lay out a detailed plan which will serve to pay investors’ money, expand the currency, and make it more profitable than any other cryptocurrency which Europe has even seen. Let’s just go over the most important parts of the FineCoin roadmap right now.

  • The most important thing to know is that the launch of this new cryptocurrency is going to be right after the ICO and the initial price of it is going to be $15. So, just imagine that you invest during the ICO for 80 cents per coin. You stand to make close to 16 times your money back simply by investing before the official launch happens. Heck, even if you invest when the price is at $1.20, you will still make a whole lot of money.
  • In February, the first FineCoin lending program is going to start with an initial lending price of $25.
  • During the month of February there is also going to be the launch of a FineCoin Android wallet and Windows wallet. Once March comes around, the IOS, Linux, and Mac wallets will also be launched.
  • Near the end of March, this currency will be listed on external changes and open for mass trading. It will also be listed on CoinMarketCap with a value of $70.




Ways Of Making Money With FineCoin

The really neat part about this brand new cryptocurrency is that there will be multiple ways for you to make a huge profit. Yes, simply by investing in the ICO you will be able to make several times your money back once the official launch happens. However, there are also other great money making opportunities here as well.




  • Perhaps the biggest and best way of making money with FineCoin is through lending. This will be possible once the lending platform is ready to go next month. Through this lending program you stand to make as much as 0.35% in daily interest, with the best plans giving you your capital back after just 99 days.



  • You will also be able to profit with FineCoin simply by staking it. By just keeping the coins in your wallet untouched, you can make money as the price of them increases, as well, you will receive large interest payments for simply keeping the coins in your wallet without using them in any way.
  • The next cash making opportunity here is through the affiliate program. Yes, FineCoin wants you to get your friends to sign up and invest, but there is a big bonus involved. There are various affiliate commission levels you can be a part of. You can make as much as 10% in affiliate commissions simply by getting people you know to invest.



FineCoin Review – Conclusion

Seriously folks, if you want to start taking advantage of the cryptocurrency world, you should invest in FineCoin, especially during the ICO. The next round starts tomorrow at 16:00 GMT, with another round happening each day for the next 12 days.

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