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If you have not already heard about FineCoin, you definitely want to read this FineCoin review. FineCoin currency is a brand new cryptocurrency that is currently in the initial coin offering stage. It has already been going on for a few days, but luckily for you there are still a few days left. In fact, there is a new ICO round starting every single day from now until February 13th. Each round starts at 16:00 PM GMT, so be prepared to scoop up some coins.

Beware folks, each round up until now has sold out in the first five minutes, so you do need to be quick. The fact of the matter is that this new FineCoin cryptocurrency is set to be one of the biggest this year. All of the experts are hailing it, saying that it is going to explode in value. So, if you want to make a healthy profit in the world of cryptocurrencies, this new ICO is a perfect opportunity to do so!


FineCoin Initial Coin Offering

Investing in new cryptocurrencies is a great way of putting cash in your pocket, both in the short term and long term. However, even better is if you invest in these new upcoming cryptocurrencies during their initial coin offerings. In terms of the FineCoin cryptocurrency, the initial coin offering is happening right now. It started 9 days ago, so a lot of coins have already been sold, but there are still 11 more days to go. Each day, from now until the 13th of February, there will be a total of 250,000 tokens for sale each and every single day.

Just to put this in perspective, both ICO rounds from yesterday and today sold out in under 5 minutes. This goes to show just how promising this cryptocurrency is, plus it also means that you need to be really quick if you want to get your hands on some ICO sale tokens. One thing that you need to be aware of is that the current initial coin offering FineCoin price is 80 cents. However, this price is not going to stay so low. The FineCoin price is set to rise to $1.20 for the final few rounds of the initial coin offering, so the best time to invest is as soon as you can.

There is no doubt about the fact that FineCoin is going to be a huge money maker. Experts are predicting that the price will rise to $200 or even $300 per coin by just the end of the year. As you can see, buying a few hundred coins during the ICO for 80 cents per token will result in thousands and thousands of dollars in profit. There is no telling just how high the FineCoin value will rise, but one thing is for sure, which is that the price is going to rise, and very quickly too.


Profiting With FineCoin

The really neat part about this new cryptocurrency, FineCoin, is the fact that it will allow you to make a healthy profit in very many different ways. Sure, we always like a good money making method, but we love when a cryptocurrency like this offers us with multiple roads, all of which lead to money. After all, the whole reason we are in this game is to make money, and lots of it. We assume that you want to do the same! Let’s talk about the various ways in which you will be able to increase your investment simply by investing in FineCoin.


  • The ICO – The first and most obvious way that you can make a profit with FineCoin is by investing in it during the ICO. There are currently 11 days left in the initial coin offering, so you definitely want to get a move and invest as soon as humanly possible. The current price for a single coin during the  ICO is a very low 80 cents. This is absolutely astounding. However, upon the initial release, the price of FineCoin is going to be around $15. Therefore, even if you sell all of your coins as soon as the official launch happens, you will have made a whole lot of money.

  • An Increase In Value – It is predicted that the FineCoin price is going to rise by several hundred dollars by the end of this year alone. Of course, this is extremely impressive and it offers you the opportunity to make a huge profit. Simply by buying a few FineCoin tokens, especially during the ICO, you can make several hundred times your money back simply by waiting for the value to increase.
  • Staking – Another way in which you will be able to create a profit for yourself is by staking FineCoin. Staking is a little complicated, but in simplest terms, you simply promise to leave the coins in your wallet without touching them. The point of this is to help the FineCoin value increase by holding them in your wallet. FineCoin will provide you with fairly large monthly interest payments simply for staking. In other words, it is a relatively risk free way to get a great return on your investment.
  • Lending – Yet another way in which you will be able to profit through FineCoin is through lending. First of all, the lending price is going to be set at around $25, so if you bought them for 80 cents apiece, you are already making a ton of money back. However, what is even better is that you will be getting big interest payments on a daily basis for lending. You will get 0.35% interest per day, which is absolutely amazing.

  • Affiliate Program – The final money making opportunity which comes your way courtesy of FineCoin is the affiliate program. Simply put, if you get your friends to sign up and invest during the ICO, you will be awarded bonus commissions. There are 3 separate affiliate commission tiers. This means that you can make up to 10% in bonus commissions just when your friends invest during the FineCoin initial coin offering.

FineCoin ICO Update – Conclusion

Hurry folks because the next round starts every single day at 16:00 PM GMT, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to scoop up as many FineCoin tokens as you can. The fact of the matter is that it is going to provide you with a great many money making opportunities.

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