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The FinancePrime Inc system is allegedly a high yield investment program for Forex and crypto investors. The claims to fame here are definitely quite grandiose and 100% absurd. Claiming to be in operation since 2013, this FinancePrime Inc program also claims to provide investors with massive returns of up to 400% in less than 3 weeks. Sure, this absolutely sounds like a great deal, but it also sounds like an empty promise.

The reason we are so suspicious of this shady Forex and crypto investment program is not only due to these absurd claims of massive profits, but due to a plethora of reasons. We did a lot of digging around here, and we found a multitude of factors and red flags which indicate the something super illegal is going on. We are here today doing this FinancePrime Inc scam review to find out exactly what is going on with this suspicious HYIP.

FinancePrime Inc Scam Alert

FinancePrime Inc Scam Factors Aplenty

The fact of the matter is that there are tons of red flags and other scam factors which came to our attention in regards to this FinancePrime Inc Forex and crypto HYIP. Let’s take a look at all of the reasons as to why this HYIP cannot be trusted.


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Bogus Owners

The first reason why this FinancePrime Inc HYIP cannot be trusted is because the owners and managers displayed on the official site are totally bogus. There are about a dozen people displayed in the about us section, each with a different position. Well, when we looked these people up, we noticed that none of them have any sort of online presence. What we did notice was that they all look like stock images combined with fake names. In other words, the real leaders of this operation are anonymous, and purposely so.

FinancePrime Inc Scam Alert

Bogus Company Info

Another FinancePrime Inc scam factor that came to our attention has to do with the address and phone number provided. Simply put, for one, we tried emailing and calling these people, and of course, nobody ever responded to us. That is a very bad sign right from the get go. Moreover, the provided address, while it is technically a real address in Panama, is not actually registered to FinancePrime Inc. Moreover, Panama is one of those countries where every Joe Shmoe can register a bogus company without batting an eyelash, which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence either.

FinancePrime Inc Scam Alert


Perhaps one of the biggest issues that came to our attention here has to do with licensing. Folks, the FinancePrime Inc company is supposed to provide financial investment services. This means that it would have to be registered with and licensed by the FCA and a myriad of other regulatory agencies. To absolutely no one’s surprise, this company is not on record and is not licensed in any way. This means that it has no legal standing, it’s not technically allowed to handle investments, and it certainly is not authorized to do anything at all. This is very concerning to say the least.


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An Untested and Unverified Trading Platform

What also does not sit right here is that the FinancePrime Inc system claims to use their own trading platform to make money for investors. Apparently it can trade crypto and Forex. However, this is a custom trading platform created by these guys, it’s not tested by outside sources, and it’s not verified either. What we do know about it is that the platform here has absolutely no security or encryption, which is why it’s so easy for these crooks to steal your money.

FinancePrime Inc HYIP – Unreal ROI

The next aspect of this FinancePrime Inc scam which gives it away as a bogus investment program is that it claims to provide investors with up to 400% ROI in just 20 days. People, this is very unrealistic to say the least. There is no investment program in the world which can provide such massive returns in such a limited amount of time. Sure, it’s an attractive offer, one that is sure to sucker in many new victims, but the fact of the matter is that ROIs like this only exist in dreams.

FinancePrime Inc Scam Alert

No Withdrawals

Another telling red flag about this FinancePrime Inc scam is how it is literally impossible to withdraw any money. This is the main thing which we have received complaints about, hundreds of complaints in fact, and they all go the same way. Apparently, people invest money, and then the account balance increases due to alleged profits. Some people choose to invest more money because it looks as though the program is successful, and others just want the balance to continue growing. Either way, when users go to withdraw any amount of money, their accounts get locked and deactivated. In other words, whoever is running the show here simply steals all of the money.

FinancePrime Inc Scam Alert

A Fake Affiliate Program

The FinancePrime Inc affiliate program, which promises a 6% bonus on all referrals is not real either. We know for a fact that nobody has ever gotten that 6% bonus. That said, if you refer your sweet old grandma to invest money, these thieves will be more than happy to rob her blind.

FinancePrime Inc Scam Alert

FinancePrime Inc Scam Review – Final Thoughts

The only thing left for us to say here is that you need to stay away from this FinancePrime Inc scam at all costs. The website is filled up the brim with nothing but lies and false claims. The company itself is totally bogus and the owners have chosen to try and hide themselves. The company is not even really a company at all, seeing as it has absolutely no legal standing.

The trading platform being used is untested and unsecure. The advertised returns are totally bogus, the affiliate program is a lie, and we know for a fact that withdrawing any amount of money is simply impossible. The one and only purpose which this bogus HYIP serves is to steal money from anybody and everybody which it comes into contact with.


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