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Many people have been left with empty trading accounts and sour tastes in their mouths after getting involved with the Capitaria broker. The reason why this is the case is because this is an illegal, shady, and thieving Forex broker that has no business handling anybody’s money. This is our Capitaria scam review and we are here to shut this Forex scam down once and for all.

Capitaria Forex Broker


Capitaria Trading Scam – Leadership Info

First and foremost, the scam factor which stood out right away has to do with the company itself, both in terms of leadership and the information provided in regards to the location. To start off, if we go to the about us section of the website, we are graced with the faces of the people who supposedly run, own, and operate this Forex broker.

Well, we were not quite convinced that these people were legit, so we decided to do a bit of snooping around. Now, as far as we can tell, not a single person displayed on the company website actuallyu has anything to do with this Capitaria Forex broker. Not only that, but the people we see are not real at all. They are merely characters in a story. The people consist of fake names and stock images of random men. These are not real people and they certainly are not the ones in charge of this Forex scam.

In other words, this Capitaria Forex broker is faceless and anonymous, or in other words, the real crooks behind it have hidden themselves within a shroud of anonymity. We have no idea who is actually in charge here, but it certainly is not the fake people displayed on the website. This is definitely a very strong indication that something illegal is going on here. Why else would the owners of a Forex broker not reveal their true identities?

Capitaria Forex Broker

Capitaria Forex Broker – A Bogus Company

The next Capitaria scam factor which came to our attention has to do with the company, its whereabouts, and its legal status. So, we are told that this is a South American based broker, specifically in Chile, although there are allegedly offices in the British Virgin Islands, Peru, and Uruguay as well.

The addresses are listed on the website, but from what we can tell, these addresses are bogus. Now, the addresses do technically exist on a map, but they are absolutely not owned by this Capitaria company. It’s just a bunch of fake information to trick people into thinking that this is a legit company.

Moreover, we tried contacting the people behind this Capitaria broker. We tried emailing them and calling them using the provided contact information. It was no surprise when nobody picked up the phone or emailed us back.

Speaking of the status of the company, it’s also non-existent. We checked the respective countries where this company is supposedly located. Of course, not a single country on the list has any record of this Capitaria broker existing. We have a very strong suspicion that this broker is located in some unregulated country or area of the world. This lack of regulation and official company registration is not a good sign, and it gets worse yet.

A brokerage like this needs to be properly licensed with the necessary authorities, which this Capitaria broker is certainly not. Not a single FX or broker regulatory body has ever awarded these crooks any sort of license. Folks, the whole company is technically non-existent, it has no legal status, and no business handling anybody’s money.

Capitaria Forex Broker

Fake Capitaria User Testimonials

The next scam factor that came to our attention has to do with the obviously fake Capitaria user testimonials. The website features a set of testimonials which consist of a few words along with the name of the person who allegedly wrote said testimonial.

Well folks, these testimonials were written by the very same crooks trying to steal your money, the same criminals running this bogus Forex brokerage. There is no way to confirm that any of the people who wrote these testimonials are real, which is exactly what the scammers here are going for.

Capitaria Forex Broker

Capitaria Broker – A Tricky Demo

Yet another red flag that came to our attention has to do with the so called Capitaria demo account. Here, we are told that we can test out the trading software free of cost. In other words, the demo allows people to test the software and see how it performs without having to trade with real money.

Well, this Capitaria demo is totally bogus and 100% rigged. It is designed to only win trades, to trick people into getting the full version, and therefore tricking people into depositing money. This money will then be stolen. The demo account is nothing more than a dirty trick.


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Capitaria Broker is a Thief!

The final thing which you need to know about this Capitaria scam broker is that it simply steals money from people. The fact of the matter is that nobody has ever been able to make a profit or withdraw any money from this shady Forex broker. We have received literally hundreds of complaints from angry scam victims around the world, and the story is always the same. People deposit trading funds only to have them disappear moments later. This whole thing is nothing more than an exercise in highway robbery!



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Capitaria Scam Review – Conclusion

When all has been said and done, it is evident that this Capitaria broker is a shady and illegal Forex scam broker. The real owners are nowhere to be found and the company as a whole has no legal status whatsoever. This scam comes complete with bogus user testimonials and a fake demo account. To top it all off, this Capitaria scam is known for draining accounts and stealing money. Folks, there are plenty of good Forex brokers out there, but this is certainly not one of them.


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