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The Ethereum Code is a brand new BTC and cryptocurrency trading platform, one that is said to generate $5,000 per day. Well, we have done a lot of research and are here to do an Ethereum Code scam review. You will not believe all of the horrifying and disturbing evidence that we found about it!




Ethereum Code Software – Tax Free?

One of the most obvious and clearly false claims made by the crooks behind the Ethereum Code app is that all of the profits derived from using it are exempt from taxes. This would mean that you could make a whole lot of income through BTC and crypto trading, without ever having to pay any taxes on those profits. This is simply not true in any way, shape, or form. Pretty much every single country in the world classifies the profits made from cryptocurrency trading as income. Well, income is definitely taxable, so we have no idea why the criminals behind Ethereum Code software would try to pull the wool over our eyes like this.

Any sane minded person knows that income taxes are a fact of life. Just like a famous man once said, the only two things that certain in life are death and taxes. This is nothing more than a cheap marketing ploy meant to make you think that you can earn nearly unlimited money with this Ethereum Code system. Rest assured folks, you will have to pay income taxes on the profits! However, this is kind of beside the point, because you will never ever make a profit using this BTC trading system, so paying taxes becomes quite a minute detail.




The Ethereum Code App & Fabricated Testimonials

Another aspect of the Ethereum Code app which reveals this app to be a total scam is how all of the user testimonials are totally fake and made up out of thin air. Sure, we all love to see user testimonials which tell us the truth about any given product or application. However, when it comes to the Ethereum Code system, you can rest assured that all of the reviews and testimonials are not real in any way, shape, or form.

The fact of the matter is that the user testimonials consist of stolen stock images combined with little blurbs written by the very same people trying to sell us this junk. Outside of the Ethereum Code website, there is not a single person with anything good to say about this trading system. This clearly illustrates how this program is fraudulent. If this were a credible, trustworthy, and effective trading system, there would be other positive reviews outside of the main website.

How Does Ethereum Code Software Work?

This is a question that we always want an answer to when it comes to any trading system. We need to know how a program works in order to judge its value. We want to be informed of things such as trading strategies, indicators, market analysis, and the underlying and overlying algorithms which are in place to dictate which trades are to be executed. Well, when it comes to the Ethereum Code app, there is no such explanation present.

All we are ever told is that the Ethereum Code system uses some really good strategies, performs accurate market analysis, and has a comprehensive trading algorithm. Now, these things would all be great if they were true. The way you can tell that this is all a total lie is because the people behind Ethereum Code software never tell us what these strategies are and what the algorithms do. We strongly suspect that the Ethereum Code app never performs any trades at all. If it did actually trade, there would be more info available about the process itself.




How Much Money Can Ethereum Code Software Generate?

Another highly questionable aspect of the Ethereum Code app is that it claims to generate over $5,000 per day, every single day. This would of course be awesome if it were true, but alas, it is not true at all. First off, since there is a total lack of explanation regarding the inner workings of this app we can hardly trust the crooks behind it when they claim these kinds of profits. The bottom line is that even the best trading systems in the world cannot generate that kind of cash in a single day.

It simply is not possible to do! You might be able to rake in around $1,000 per day with a good cryptocurrency trading system, but no more than that, maybe $1,250 if you are really lucky. The point is that this is just an empty promise meant to lure people into the trap which is the Ethereum Code scam.




Who Runs The Ethereum Code Scam?

The final telltale sign which clearly indicates that a scam is afoot here is that we really have no clue who is in charge of it all. Not once, not on the website or during the video, are we ever told the name of a company or the person at the helm of this operation. This is a surefire way of knowing that this is a scam. The only reason to keep dainties hidden is to stop themselves from going to jail. These crooks don’t want to go to prison because of their fraudulent program, so they are choosing to remain anonymous.

Closely related to this is the fact that cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading apps require licensing. However, since there is no one credible in charge here, it cannot possible be licensed to engage in crypto trading in a legal manner. This is also true for the brokers. A reliable broker that won’t steal your money will only be present with a legit trading system. The Ethereum Code app is not legitimate and therefore you can rest assured that any broker involved here is a total scam broker.





Ethereum Code Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the Ethereum Code is a total rip off. This is a pile of trash that has the nerve to call itself a reputable crypto trading app. It is nothing of the sort! In case you are also interested in binary options, Forex, and other types of online trading, check out our sister site, for all of the latest news and scam reports! if you would like to find out more about cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency trading, go to our Cryptocurrency Explained section!




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