Crypto Currency Codex Scam Review


The Crypto Currency Codex app is supposedly the best current crypto trading and investment app that you can use. We are not sure exactly what this software does, but we are promised that it can turn a measly $20 into a whopping $100,000 in just 3 months. Yes, trading in cryptocurrencies like BTC and other ICOs can definitely be a profitable venture. After all, many different digital currencies such as BTC, Ethereum, and NEO have been on a steady rise. Bitcoin has managed to hit an all-time high of $8,000 for a single BTC.

However being able to make good money is definitely not the case when you use a scam program like Crypto Currency Codex software. Besides being an obvious Ponzi scheme, there are various other aspects of the Crypto Currency Codex app which are very alarming. There is no doubt in our minds that this is a very harmful, dangerous, and thieving crypto trading app. Beware folks, this system will leave you penniless and will undoubtedly never provide you with any returns. We’re here doing a Crypto Currency Codex review and it is to give you fair warning about this clearly fraudulent and bogus BTC and crypto trading service.




Who Is In Charge Of Crypto Currency Codex Software?

Knowing who the person, the people, and/or the company at the head of any cryptocurrency trading program is essential when it comes to gaining our trust. Simply put, you cannot put your faith in any kind of trading app when you have no idea who the people in charge are. When it comes to the Crypto Currency Codex app, we are not provided with the names of and people or companies who are leading the charge, in control, or even funding this operation. We are also never told where the company headquarters is located, nor are we provided with any contact details whatsoever.

This automatically peaks our suspicions in terms of the Crypto Currency Codex app. Not knowing who is in charge is a surefire way to get ripped off. You see, the only reason for the crooks to hide their identities is because they are stealing from you and they know it is illegal. They choose to stay hidden behind a shroud of anonymity in order to protect themselves and prevent them from going to prison after they inevitably rob you of your investment and more.



Crypto Currency Codex App – Licensing & Brokers

Something which is closely related to the Crypto Currency Codex app being anonymous is the fact that it obviously does not have the necessary licensing and regulation required to do any kind of BTC or crypto trading and/or mining. Licenses are only distributed to the most legitimate, credible, and reputable of people and programs. Since the Crypto Currency Codex app is totally anonymous, there is not a single chance that it could have ever acquired any kind of licensing. In other words, if this program does actually trade or mine coins, it is doing so without any legal consent of any kind.

However, this is quite obviously a ludicrous Ponzi scheme, which means that it probably never performs any kind of trading, investment, or mining at all. The only investment going on here is in the form of you investing money into the next meal and hotel room of the scammers behind Crypto Currency Codex scam software. Closely related to this is the fact that there is no reliable broker involved here. Reliable brokers that won’t rip you off will only associate themselves with trading apps that are equally as credible. Since Crypto Currency Codex software is about as fraudulent as it gets, you can rest assured that any broker involved here is just as bad.






How Does Crypto Currency Codex Software Work?

Another telltale sign that there is a scam afoot here is that we have no clue how this software works or what it does. Yes, we are told that Crypto Currency Codex software takes advantage of some kind of cryptocurrency loophole in order to turn $20 into $100,000 in just 3 months. However, what exactly this loophole is we are never told. In fact, loopholes are virtually always illegal and therefore, if this app does take advantage of a loophole, it does so illegally. Moreover, we are never told what kinds of trading strategies and algorithms are in place to decide on which trades are the best to make.

In fact, we don’t even know if this is supposed to be a trading app at all. It could be an initial coin offering, a BTC mining program, or a trading app. However, the one thing that we do know for sure is that this is a Ponzi scheme. There is also the fact that turning $20 into $100,000 in 90 days is wholly impossible even for the very best trading programs in existence today. How are we supposed to trust Crypto Currency Codex software when we are never really informed of what it does or how it does it? This is more than enough to scare us off and send us running for the hills. Rest assured folks, there is not a single trading system in the world that can accomplish this feat.




Crypto Currency Codex Software – The Ponzi Scheme

The final thing that needs to be mentioned here is that the Crypto Currency Codex app is clearly a Ponzi scheme. In other words, these crooks ask you to pay $47 for their software, plus you need to invest money to use it, money that is then immediately stolen. There is never any kind of trading or mining going on here. The crooks in charge simply take your investment and keep it for themselves, which is what a classic Ponzi scheme is.


Crypto Currency Codex Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that Crypto Currency Codex software is a scam. It is run by anonymous scumbags, it has no licensing, and it is designed for the specific purpose of stealing your money!




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