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The Cryptotrixi trading platform is one of the newest and best signals provider and autotraders out there. It has already made quite the statement in world of day trading, and we predict some good things to come. That said, people have had some questions about it, and it’s what todays Cryptotrixi Q&A is all about, so let’s get right to it.


What Does Cryptotrixi Software Trade?

Many people are wondering what exactly this Cryptotrixi app is designed to trade. Well, if you can read, which we assume you can since you are here right now, it’s probably pretty obvious that this application is designed for trading cryptocurrencies. Indeed, it provides you with top notch cryptocurrency signals, upon which you can then execute trades.

However, the reality here is that this software can also trade Forex pairings, and quite well at that. When it comes down to it, this day trading platform comes with hundreds of cryptocurrency and Forex signals which you can use to trade with, and yes, hopefully put some money in your pocket too. The selection of assets here is quite good, so you can pick and choose from the best Forex and cryptocurrency signals any day of the week.



Is The Cryptotrixi App Intended For Beginners?

Something which many people have been wondering is just how user friendly this Cryptotrixi system is, and whether or not it is ideal for beginners to use. Now, in terms of user friendliness, we would say that this day trading app is up there with the best of them. It has a very simple layout and an intuitive interface which makes trading about as easy as can be. When it comes to how much skill you have to possess in order to be successful with this app, you do need a little bit.

In all reality, this software will do most of the work for you, especially when it comes to providing you with the most profitable trading signals. However, it of course does help if you have some knowledge about day trading, such as how to read charts, how to interpret news developments, and that kind of thing. Beginners can easily use this day trading software to make profits, but that said, it always helps if you have some prior knowledge and experience.


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What Level Of Automation Does The Cryptotrixi Program Feature?

The Cryptotrixi trading platform does have a certain amount of automation to it. Yes, both Forex and cryptocurrency signals are provided to you through a highly sophisticated algorithm and selection routine. So, in this sense, in terms of signal provision, yes, it is automated. However, this is a manual or semi-automated trading app at its heart. In other words, while signals are generated for you, you do have to execute them manually.

This means that you have to manually and individually select the best signals you want to work with, and then actually place the trades, so in this sense, it is no automated. We find that semi-automated trading apps like this are best, because it allows for the selection of specific signals. With applications that just run and trade on your behalf, you cannot select specific signals or trades, something which most people really don’t like all that much.


How Do I Sign Up For The Cryptotrixi App?

Signing up for this trading software is very fast and easy. First off, just follow the links to the official Cryptotrixi website which we have provided here today, either at the top or bottom of this Q&A. Once you get to the official site, click on the registration link and fill out your personal information.

On a side note, do use real personal info, not fake names and email addresses, because that’s a great way to ensure that your account won’t work right, so don’t try using phony info.

Either way, once you have done this, you can then confirm your account and install the software. If you don’t already have an account with the assigned broker, you will then need to create your broker account, followed by depositing some trading capital. Now you are ready to start trading.


Is The Broker Automatically Assigned To Me?

Yes, when you sign up for Cryptotrixi account, a broker is automatically assigned to you. Here, you get the broker that is appropriate for your region. Some people are a bit disappointed that there is an inability to select a specific broker, and we get that. However, in all honesty, most autotraders out there don’t allow for this, so it’s not like this app is the first one to auto assign you a broker. Now, with that being said, what we can say is that all brokers associated with this app are 100% registered, licensed, and legit. There are no scamming brokers here.

What Is The Expected ITM Rate With The Cryptotrixi Platform?

We personally have already done some trading with the Cryptotrixi app, and yes, it went quite well. For our first live trading session, we placed 2 Forex trades, both of which turned out to be profitable winners. Yes, this translates to a 100% ITM rate. We know what we cannot expect a 100% win rate all the time, but the fact that both trades in our first session went well, it is a very good sign of even better things to come. Allowing for some margin of error here, we would estimate that this app can win at least 80% of trades placed with it, if not more. If you take a look at our video of the first live trading session, we were able to make over 200 Euros in profit in just a few minutes.


Cryptotrixi Q&A – Conclusion

When all is said and done, we definitely think that this Cryptotrixi app is worth trying out. As of late, it has been one of the most profitable cryptocurrency and Forex trading systems out there. It has certainly been able to put money in our pockets, and we know that it can do the same for you!



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