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In case you missed it, a new trading app was just released recently, and it’s called Cryptotrixi software. This is a reliable piece of day trading software, one we have been waiting quite some time for. There was a lot of chatter about it, and here it finally is. We already did a small introductory review about it, as well as a review about the first trading session.

Mind you, we managed to make over 200 Euros in just a few minutes of trading, and we only placed 2 small Forex trades, both which turned out to be winners, for a solid 100% ITM rate. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the video we have embedded here today. At any rate, what we are actually here to talk about today are the main Cryptotrixi platform features which users have to work with, so let’s do that right now.


Main CryptoTrixi Features

As mentioned above, the main thing we want to discuss today are all of the features which this Cryptotrixi trading program comes with. When it comes down to it, we think that there are quite a few beneficial features included with this platform, ones that come in quite handy when it comes to winning trades and banking profits.


A Wide Variety Of Assets

One of the Cryptotrixi platform features you might appreciate is that it comes with a comprehensive list of trading assets that you have to trade with. As the name of the software implies, it is intended primarily for cryptocurrency trading, but it’s also a heck of a Forex trading powerhouse too.

All signals are located in the signals section, and you just have to open the drop down list to select the signal you want to work with. We do think it’s cool that you can trade both Forex and cryptocurrencies with this one app. Moreover, there has to be close to 100 different FX and cryptocurrency pairs to choose from. The variety here is pretty key as far as we are concerned.


A Comprehensive Market News Section

Another Cryptotrixi platform feature that comes in handy is the market news section panel. One thing you should always be doing when you are day trading is to examine the news, every day. Political, economic, and industrial news can all affect prices and price directions, and this goes for cryptocurrencies just like fiat currencies too.

If you want to trade properly, so you can actually make money, you do need to know what is going on in the world. With the market news section included with this day trading platform, you have direct and fast access to real time and up to date news developments from around the world.


A Great Market Analyzer With Signal Criteria

The next Cryptotrixi platform feature we would like to talk about, perhaps one of the best ones actually, is the market analyzer and signal criteria selector. The whole point of the market analyzer is so you can choose a specific Forex or cryptocurrency pairing, and then get the best signals for said pairing. Here you can choose whether to place long or short term trades, you can choose whether you would like a buy or sell signal (or both), and you can decide the risk level too.

The risk level decider is pretty cool because you can choose from low, medium, or high risk signals. The low risk signals have a high chance of winning, but fairly low returns, and the high risk signals don’t stand as good a chance of winning, but they also feature much larger profits. When it comes down to it, we think that this might just be the best Cryptotrixi feature, because it allows you to really customize and select the exact kind of signal you want to trade with.


A Fully Functional Charting Solution

Yet another thing which stands out about the Cryptotrixi system is that it comes with a fully functional charting solution. Yes, charts are an integral part of day trading, and this is true for Forex, CFD, cryptocurrency, and all forms of trading.

Now, you do need to know how to read and analyze charts to make full use of the charting solution here, but nonetheless, it’s a really important feature which all day traders should be able to appreciate.

Moreover, when we say a full charting solution, we mean full, totally functional, and it can do everything which you would expect any charting solution to do. It’s a really beneficial feature that should help you place lots of winning trades day in and day out.


Semi Automated Functionality

The other feature of this Cryptotrixi day trading app that needs to be mentioned has to do with the way you use it to trade. A lot of people are wondering whether this is a fully automated trading app or not, one that will simply place trades on the user’s behalf.

Unfortunately, no, this application is not a fully automated one, and it will not simply place trades for you. Personally, we prefer a semi automated trading system, because it allows us to select the exact signals to trade with. A high degree of control over exact trades is a good thing, well, at least if you know what you are doing!


Cryptotrixi Features Review – Final Thoughts

Folks, at this time, there are not many day trading applications out there which we would recommend for use. In fact, this Cryptotrixi software might just be the best one out there at this time. It’s very reliable, with accurate and up to date signals that are actually profitable.

We already managed to make some decent profits with it, and you can do the same. Signing up is fast, easy, and free, and once you do, you can take advantage of all Cryptotrixi platform features to start trading cryptocurrencies and Forex. It’s all about putting money in the bank and bread on the table!



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